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PFS Inquisitor of Gozreh...Velociraptor can Dance?

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion


So I am starting up a new PFS character for the up coming KublaCon in San Fran. I chose this character, like all my new characters, by finding a cool mini and making up a back story.
My Inquisitor of Gozreh is kind of a jack of all trades type with the animal domain. I am planing to take a Velociraptor animal companion because they don't get too big, Medium at the largest.
I think this will work well with the Inquisitor when the raptor can take team work feats (after getting Int 3) but my real question is about skills.
Can I take Perform (dance) with the skill points my animal companion gets? Also, can I use these as a Day job?
Hmm... or maybe Juggling instead. I would pay to see that, IRL.

Let me know what you think!


Shadow Lodge ****

You can take perform dance when your critter gets an int of 3. I believe Day job checks are made solely by the characters.

Boon companion feat at 5th is almost a must.

You need an int of 3 for the teamwork skills. I highly recommend "Eye for talent", a first level human ability that replaces your human feat. It lets you add +2 to one of a critters (familiar or animal companion) stats, in this case intelligence, so he can get that rank in perform and the teamwork feats right off the bat.

Grand Lodge ****

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The day job needs to be taken by the character, not the companion, otherwise all the Summoners would take skill speciality with their Eidolons and be raking in the Day Job rolls.

Oh, and one last thing:

...clever girl.

Lantern Lodge ** Venture-Agent, Maryland—East aka SirGeshko

Open the door, get on the floor...

... Boom Boom Shakalakalaka Boom!

The Exchange ****

if your day job is Perform Animal Dance team you might be able to ... heck that wont work either. This is to good to miss, there has to be a way to get it.

The Exchange

Yes I would pay to see a Dinosaur doing anything in real life. Also the inquisitor has solo team work so it's not needed, but is cool, for the pet to get the feats so the pet can use them.

I like your take on this...


My other idea was to take Perform (Ventriloquist) and train my animal companion to mimic speech...

Shadow Lodge ****

AceMcGrudy wrote:

My other idea was to take Perform (Ventriloquist) and train my animal companion to mimic speech...

Perform (DC 15): The animal performs a variety of simple tricks, such as sitting up, rolling over, roaring or barking, and so on.

Just be VERY careful where you put your hand in that puppet.


Lol! Good Point.

Now for a serious question, how important is Handle Animal for a Druid animal companion?

In most home games no one has made a big deal about it, but I want to be ready for Society Play.

Inquisitors, however, don't get handle animal as a class skill. I don't have any problem being 'adopted by gnomes' (trait) to gain handle animal, though. That actually sounds funny.

- Ace

Shadow Lodge ****

Depends on the DM. The ones I've had have been trusting me to either honestly judge how the raptor would react, or to make the handle animal check. I think it helps that my druids velociraptor will occasionally tell the druid off.

You're getting a VERY powerful ability. You should be putting the points into handle animal in order to use it.

The magic number to hit with handle animal is +11. Once you get that high, even a roll of a 1 will get you the 12 you need to get the animal to do any trick it knows on a roll of a 1 even while the animal is injured, and you can effectively stop rolling to tell it what to do unless you're sickened, have a negative level or whatnot.

The good news is that Link comes with the animal companion,not the druid class, so right out of the gate you've got a +4 bonus with your raptor. If you're adopted by gnomes and spend one skill point you're at +8.

Link (Ex): A druid can handle her animal companion as a free action, or push it as a move action, even if she doesn't have any ranks in the Handle Animal skill. The druid gains a +4 circumstance bonus on all wild empathy checks and Handle Animal checks made regarding an animal companion.

Its also very important to remember to get the attack trick twice, or else the raptor won't attack anything undead and some other creepy stuff.

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