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[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Expanded: Hidden Intentions Now Available!

Product Discussion

Dreamscarred Press

Get sneaky with this final serialized release in the Psionics Expanded product line!

Psionics Expanded: Hidden Intentions is 50 pages of new material for new and existing psionic characters. With new psion advanced discipline, new psychic warrior paths, new wilder surge options, archetypes for every psionic class and even core classes, new psionic feats, psionic powers, and psionic items, there is something for virtually any character with a psychometabolism focus!

Get it now for only $4.99 from Dreamscarred Press, Paizo, RPGNow, and DriveThruRPG!

Do you want the entire Psionics Expanded series and not just this serialized release? You can subscribe and get it all for only $9.95 here! You even get the final combined PDF!

Silver Crusade

Wow! $9.95 is an amazing deal. How did I miss this?


I think I'm in love/hate with Ectoplasmic Grapnel. Thats got to be the longest power/spell ever written. Only you guys could make something that's so much more complex than grappling that it even includes grappling in its rules text. It's more than a page long and does so much. DM's everywhere will groan when their players say

Player: "I manifest Ectoplasmic Grapple"
DM: "ok which effect would you like to use"
Player: "Ummmm... hold on let me check the book"
DM: "...."
Player "Holy crap i forgot how long this entry is give me a second"
DM: "..."
10 minutes pass
DM: "any clue yet"
Player: "I'm like half a page in still haven't found the effect i wanted"
DM: "too bad rocks fall, you die. Ok jim your next in initiative"
Jim: "I manifest ectoplasmic Grapnel on the rocks that killed player"

Seriously though that power is great. I love the idea of pulling a dogpile of grapplers across the map, or doing any one of the sweet effects, or like 8 augments. So nice.

Dreamscarred Press

Winter_Born wrote:

Wow! $9.95 is an amazing deal. How did I miss this?


I'm not sure - I've been posting about it on at least a weekly basis for the past year ;) Enjoy!


Metaconcert is actually longer in write-up than Ectoplasmic Grapnel. ;) But I'd say that if you don't know how it works, you don't get to use it. At least, that's how my GM plays. We had to go a bit verbose with the text, because otherwise you inevitably get "what about with this scenario." It's a bit too cool of an effect to just leave it up to interpretation, because that would just be even more headaches.

By far, it's my favorite power in Psionics Expanded, even if it is rather complex.

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