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[Super Genius Games] Power Word Spells: Lore of the First Language

Product Discussion

Paizo Employee Developer

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The second Super Genius Presents book is now available: Power Word Spells: Lore of the First Language. This product explores what makes power word spells (power word blind, power word stun, and power word kill) different from other spells, and presents the idea of a First Language, a potent ur-tongue from which all other language eventually evolved.

The product includes:
What Makes Power Words Different?
A discussion of how power words work, and what that means about their nature.
The First Language
Introduction of a new element for a campaign, the mythic First Language, from which power word spells come.
New Feats
New feats focused on power words and mastery of The First Language
First Language Syntax
Greater First Language Syntax
Heighten Power Word
Lore of the First Language
Master of the First Language
Speaker of the First Language
Split Word
New Power Word Spells
1st-Level Spells
Power Word Dazzle
Power Word Fascinate
Power Word Hesitate

2nd-Level Spells
Power Word Combust
Power Word Decelerate
Power Word Trip

3rd-Level Spells
Power Word Bleed
Power Word Inspire
Power Word Sicken

4th-Level Spells
Power Word Burden
Power Word Frighten
Power Word Mute

5th-Level Spells
Power Word Beguile
Power Word Deafen
Power Word Weary

6th-Level Spells
Power Word Stagger
Power Word Surprise

7th-Level Spells
Power Word Daze
8th-Level Spells
Power Word Confuse
9th-Level Spells
Power Word Nauseate

This would be great for a Skyrim-inspired character. I like it.

YES! Love the power word system, and it really needed some love.

Paizo Employee Developer

Borthos Brewhammer wrote:
This would be great for a Skyrim-inspired character. I like it.

Because I haven't played the game myself, I hadn't thought of that. But from conversations with friends who do play you're right, it might match some of those ideas quite well.

I think power word trip and power word bleed might be better switched. 2nd level might a bit much for auto-tripping, but as I do not have the pdf, I couldn't really pass judgment yet.

Paizo Employee Developer

Borthos Brewhammer wrote:
I think power word trip and power word bleed might be better switched. 2nd level might a bit much for auto-tripping, but as I do not have the pdf, I couldn't really pass judgment yet.

In addition to the effect (tripping someone is tactically useful, but it's not on par with stunning, staggering, or blinding them), the lower-level power word spells have much lower-level hp caps. In fact, there's a sidebar discussing the tricky task of balancing how power words work, vs how normal spells work.

If power word trip were higher level it would also suddenly be more useful even as the character reaches *much* higher levels. As it is, without taking feats to expand the spell hp limits (which takes up feat slots that could allow other nasty combinations), power word trip is normally only going to be useful against flunkies, and major foes already close to being brought down.

Paizo Employee Developer

I thought people might want to see this, even if they are following this thread rather than the product discussion board thread.

Cheapy wrote:
So...Power Word bloodline? :D

That's a GREAT idea!

How about this?

True Speaker Bloodline
A powerful user of Power Words, and master of the First Language, existed somewhere in your ancestry. So great was his mastery of the power words of the First Language that mystic echoes of his superior use of power words reverberate still, in your arcane powers.
Class Skill: Linguistics
Bonus Spells: power word dazzle* (3rd), power word decelerate* (5th), power word sicken* (7th), power word burden* (9th), power word deafen* (11th), power word stagger* (13th), power word blind (15th), power word stun (17th), power word kill (19th).
*Indicates a new spell presented in Super Genius Presents: Power Word Spells, Lore of the First Language
Bonus Feats: First Language Syntax*, Greater First Language Syntax*, Heighten Power Word*, Lore of the First Language*, Master of the First Language*, Speaker of the First Language*, Split Word*.
*Indicates a new feat presented in Super Genius Presents: Power Word Spells, Lore of the First Language
[b]Bloodline Arcana:[b] Whenever you cast a spell with Verbal components, and no other components, you add your Charisma bonus to your caster level when determining the spell's range.
Life Sense (Su): Your strong ties to the lifeforce-targeting abilities of power word spells allows you to easily judge a creature's remaining hit points. As a move action you can make a Heal or Perception check against any creature you can see to determine its remaining hit points. The DC of this check is 10 + (creature's CR). This check is rolled in secret by the GM. If you miss the check by 5 or more, there is a 25% chance you seriously misjudge the creature's hit points, gaining an answer that is 50% too low, or 100% too high.
Polyglot (Su): At 3rd level, you can understand any form of speech or writing with a successful DC 15 Linguistics check, and may speak or write in any language with a DC 20 Linguistics check.
Arcane Word (Su): At ninth level, your mastery of the magic of words expands you spellcasting options. Select one 1st-level bard, cleric, or witch spell than is language dependent. You gain this as a bonus spell known, and treat it as a sorcerer spell. You may select an additional spell of this type that is 1st or 2nd level at 13th level, and one that is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at 17th level.
Echoing Word (Su): At 15th level, once per day when you target a creature with a power word spell, and the spell has no affect at all on the target, you may select a new target for the spell as a swift action.
One With the Word (Su): At 20th level you become one with the first Language. You gain telepathy that allows you to communicate with any creature with an Int of 1 or higher within 100 feet. Your language-dependent spells function on any creature with an Int of 1 or higher. You are also forevermore treated as an outsider rather than as a humanoid (or whatever the your type was) for the purpose of spells and magical effects.

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