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Suggested Deities for Oracles

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

Grand Lodge

I've noticed in some of the later supplements that give additional mysteries for oracles, they will give the patron deities of those mysteries. However, I can't find this information for the original mysteries described in the APG. Is this information out there somewhere? Can someone tell me where to find it?

Specifically, what are the patron deities in Golarion for the original APG oracle mysteries (such as life, flame, heavens, etc.).

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Oracles do not have patron deities.

They have suggested pantheons of deities.

An oracle can worship as many or as few (or zero) deities as she wants.

Grand Lodge

Thanks for the reply! I see I mis-spoke. I didn't mean patron deities, rather suggested deities.

My character is a life oracle. I'm just curious where his powers are coming from. For instance, in the Ultimate Magic book, it lists the suggested deities of Erastil, Irori, and Pharasma for the Ancestor mystery. I was wondering if there are similar lists somewhere for the mysteries presented in the Advanced Players Guide.

My character is not a fan of the gods. He wasn't much of a fan of them before he was "blessed"/cursed by them. So he definitely doesn't have a patron deity. I was just curious what deities were responsible for his new path in life. :)

I'm also curious if my character would have any idea who the deities were, or if that would be limited to GM/player knowledge.

Deities are (so far) not responsible for oracles in any meaningful (or controlled) way from what I understand. The kalistrade religion for example is led by an oracle, and the iconic oracle has no connection to any deity either (in fact seems to still spurn them).

Liberty's Edge

Uh...the APG has such lists. The one for Life is: Gozreh, Irori, Pharasma, and Sarenrae.

But that doesn't necessarily matter. The Oracle might blame all, one, or none of these for his situation and might be right or wrong regardless.

The force empowering an Oracle might be a God, or it might not, and nobody (not even the Oracle) knows for sure.

Grand Lodge I need to get my eyes checked. Thanks for helping me find that. lol I see it now.

I was thinking my character would despise those gods even more than the rest, but if he doesn't even know which ones are responsible, he'll just hate them all equally. :D

Thanks again!

Dark Archive

If I were to pick a deity for an oracle, it would be one whom the person would never worship anyway ('cause, otherwise, they'd be a cleric, right?).

A good oracle of life who was 'gifted' with oracular abilities by Lamashtu, for instance, or an amoral person trapped in a bleak colorless existence who was dragged out of their seemingly hopeless life by visions sent from Shelyn.

Liberty's Edge

I could also definitely see a guy who was gifted by a God that was very appropriate to him, but he'd never really been a follower of before. Like a classic CG swashbuckling mercenary, drinker, and ladies' man who suddenly gets visions and powers as an Oracle of Battle from Cayden Cailean. I mean, that's clearly an appropriate God for him...he was just never the praying type before except for the odd shout-out to Gorum in the midst of battle.

I could also see an ordinary guy suddenly sent powers he's pretty sure are from a particular God he has no real objection to suddenly becoming very devout. People who think a God has blessed them in real life crtainly often have this response.

James Jacobs wrote:
An oracle can worship as many or as few (or zero) deities as she wants.

I like the zero idea best

The way I see it is a cleric chooses the god. An oracle, the god(s) choose you. Now, since you are asking for the power as a cleric you can have it taken away. An oracle didn't ask for it, might not even want it, so no amount of worship or not worship is going to take it away.

So, to me that means an oracle can worship zero, one, all or any # in between. The only reason I see to worship a single deity as an oracle is two reasons.

1. It fits the concept. Ex. I am playing a Black-Blooded Battle Oracle of Besmara in a Skull and Shackles campaign. She has no idea if her power comes from Besmara or not, just that she identifies with Besmara as she has the campaign trait of "Besmara's Blessing"

2. Since oracles do not have their own spell list and just use the cleric spell list, I myself allow oracles with a patron to have deity specific spells. You do NOT get all of a pantheon's spells, you must pick ONE deity, so like my above example, my oracle can pick from the Besmara only cleric spells, as she has chose to accept her power and devote it to Besmara. This means though that she must carry herself in the proper way of a Besmaran cleric/priest or Besmara will do bad things to her. Of course, I have no idea if this is FAW/RAI or not, it's just the way I like to do it.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I know that this may not be RAW (nor necessarily on-topic), but I agree with Absolut above in the thinking that Oracles are chosen/cursed by the gods and you just have to deal with it.

I have an Oracle of Life that worships Lamashtu in my Carrion Crown campaign right now. We have a flavor idea that when he heals someone, they get a temporary cosmetic mutation. He has also took it upon himself to visit every brothel he can find and create as many half-gnome children as possible.

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