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Tiers for Open Call submissions

Scenario Submission Talk


On the Pathfinder Society Open Call page, under "What Pathfinder Society is Currently Seeking," it states that you're looking for Tier 1-7 Scenarios. In the Guide To Organized Play 4.1, we have Tiers 1-5 and 3-7. Could someone from the staff either confirm that you are still looking for 1-7, or update us on what you want to see for the open call?

Many thanks.

Paizo Employee ** Developer

Open Call submissions should be for either Tier 1–5 or Tier 3–7.

Shadow Lodge **

Mark Moreland wrote:
Open Call submissions should be for either Tier 1–5 or Tier 3–7.

Does that mean submissions for other tiers will be automatically rejected or simply give them a far less chance of being considered?


Based on some of the comments that are written around RPG Superstar, and also based upon an old response that Mark wrote about how he uses the submission to 'open call' in part to determine an author's writing ability, I would suspect they'd get rejected automatically based on the submitter's inability (or reluctance, or whatever) to follow instructions.

I speak with absolutely no authority whatsoever, though, so you should wait to see Mark's response before accepting mine at face value.


Thank you, Mark!

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