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So I just moved to Kentucky

Gamer Connection

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As the title says I just moved to Kentucky, specifically the downtown Louisville area, and I'm in some dire need of gaming. I'm looking for either a home campaign group or some PFS action. Sadly, there currently is no Venture Captain or Venture Lieutenant to point me in the right direction. So, I came here to the helpful and friendly, most of the time, Paizo boards! Hopefully someone will be able to help me out. I haven't been able to get to the local game store, which nice enough is only 2 miles away, but thought I'd check here first to find out. Please, if you're in the area let me know. Feel free to either PM or reply here. Thanks!

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Grand Lodge

no one?

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I'm just south of Lexington. I feel your pain. There are several PFS games going on at ForgeCon next month, hoping to get something going from that.

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I'm in Lexington with a group looking for a few new players

You might have some luck here. I gamed with a few of these folks when I lived in Louisville, but that was before Pathfinder was released.

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tumbler wrote:
I'm in Lexington with a group looking for a few new players

Where and when do you play? I also have a friend that is looking. We will be at ForgeCon next month trying some PFS games.

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Alzared, we play three Fridays a month from 6 to 11, at my house in Southwest Lexington. We've been together almost ten years, but a few of our players have reasons to be gone somewhat frequently lately, and we lost one to a move. If that sounds interesting, I think you can private message me.

Hello all! I moved here from Tennessee a little more than a year ago. I was gaming every Sunday, and honestly miss it greatly. I was asked by a couple at work if I would be running a game. I agreed that it was time to game again and I am now looking for players.

So, here's the deal... I live in Jeffersonville, IN (Right across the river from Louisville) and based on the schedules of those which currently want to play in my game, I am looking to run a game for either Sunday or Saturday afternoon/evenings. The catch is that if a day is chosen, a work schedule change may cause a shift to another one of those two days. I prefer a game to be about a 4 to 5 hour sessions starting around 4pm-5pm on either of those days. The game can start later if it ends up on Saturday, but I prefer to run it starting out on Sundays. I can run a game any time between 7pm on Friday until 10pm on Sundays. It really depends on the player's availability. I am able to travel or host the game, either is acceptable. This can be decided upon later.

A little about my game: I am creative and I enjoy spinning a good yarn. As such, there are a lot of times in my game where player jaws drop from a really good twist or a good amount of laughter for a funny quip from an NPC. The best part of gaming isn't always combat, but I do try to include a bit of action. Overall, my sessions try to be 50/50 action/story. All of it is player involved. I have created and developed a world for about 5 years now, which has been played in twice! Both times, the players were able to find elements they liked and elements they didn't. The world is low-magic overall. There are only certain places which items over certain costs can be acquired. This makes sense both in an economic view as well as a skill view. Plus it makes rewards that much better when an item is found.

So, if anyone would like to discuss being a player in my game, please let me know. I will check the forum here as well as my email to see if anyone gives a response. I hope to hear from some of you all soon.

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