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Questions for using Scenario 2-01 “The Bloodcove Disguise” outside of PFS [Spoilers Ahoy!]

GM Discussion

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

Ms. Frasier,

Since you wrote this adventure (admittedly 2 years ago), I have some questions about using the adventure (and its sequel) outside of the context of the Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Levels would be equivalent to Tier 3-4, with purpose created characters.

Any thoughts on what supplies the PCs need to acquire while in Bloodcove (or at least what the combined mass of the supplies is)?

Would slowing down awareness gain and allowing the PCs to rent lodgings in the city make the scenario more realistic?

Would you even bother with the Factions? Do they add to the adventure?

  • If so, what would be a good replacement for “Prestige Awards”?
  • Qadira Mission what are the trade goods that would be in surplus next season?

    The Sanguine Pit (pages 17-21): Would it be worth it to rebuild Lura Ichon and Bellu as APG legal? (As I believe that this encounter has provided the most controversy?)

    Any thoughts on these that you (or other posters) could supply would be most helpful

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