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[Nosfecatu Publishing] Tikbalang: Guardians of Kalikasan PF released!

Product Discussion

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(Conversion of the 2009 product of the same name into the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.)

The Buan Campaign Setting starts here! Explore Kalupaan with the Tikbalang, one of the most iconic creatures of Philippine Mythology. These feyborn creatures bear an affinity with the winds, and they protect the gateways leading to the fey realms with the subtlety of the breeze and the fury of the cyclone.

Tikbalang: Guardians of Kalikasan presents the players with a new character race - their motivations and culture, as well as the myths other races have regarding them. Game masters are likewise presented with three new tikbalang monsters, as well as a few guidelines that can make for a memorable tikbalang encounter.

This 17-page product includes the following:

  • A fully playable character race that favors impulsive action and that blends physical and magical might
  • Eight tikbalang feats
  • Two racial prestige classes
  • Three new monsters
  • Two new incantations that are thematically linked with the tikbalang race

While it is designed for the upcoming Buan Campaign Setting, this product can be adapted seamlessly to games that use the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules.

Alzrius did the mechanical conversions for this product, while the fluff part is part of my initial design for that other game system. We are both eager for feedback, so do check it out! :D

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

A quick bump to mention that the file has been updated to correct a small point of errata (changing "points of rage" to "rounds of rage" in the Razormane Rampager PrC).

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