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Tons of Questions

PaizoCon General Discussion

So I've never been to PaizoCon before and have a bunch of questions.

When on Friday do things start and when on Sunday do they end? This information will be useful in booking flights/hotel etc.

Speaking of booking Hotel how do I get the PaizoCon rate at the hotel?

Also where/when do I sign up for PFS events?

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Things start early Friday (early for me at least.) They end in the afternoon on Sunday officially but there is still stuff going on into the night.

Call the hotel and tell them you want the PaizoCon rate.

Events will be available for sign up when they are posted. They probably wont be posted for a couple more months. Keep an eye on the site and you should do well.

I encourage you to run a game if you are a GM. Running a game is a great way to introduce yourself and show people who you are. The lottery always needs more games, so when a call goes out for those don't hesitate to sign up to run a game.

"early" and "afternoon" are unfortunately not particularly useful units of time when choosing which flights to book.

Is there a previous year PaizoCon schedule I can look at anywhere?


Early = Around 8 to 9 am.

Last year, the convention "officially" shut down at 2pm.

My advice is that when going to a convention, always arrive a day early, and leave the day after.

Thank you Liz.

Sovereign Court

There are also the unofficial events as well. The Thursday Meet and Greet is a prime example (though it sounds like it may have to span multiple locations this year) and there has been a fair amount of post con gaming as well on Sunday afternoon/evening.

In 2009 and 2010, I flew in Thursday night and flew out Monday morning (though I will be flying in on Wednesday night this year ... hoping to catch the fireworks from above ;) ).

I’m considering doing a photo shoot with a professional model to promote a third party publisher’s books. She is not a gamer so I don’t want to do pictures in the convention. Who should I talk to get permission to take pictures at the hotel?

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