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Hidden Object Games Converted into Adventures ala Ravenhearst etc


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Anybody here played Hidden Object Games?Especially ones from Big Fish? I've been thinking that some of them would make great stand alone solo adventures or even demos,converted into Pathfinder or D&D.

I'm hoping to have any feedback and opinions on this--and feel free to list your personal favorites.Mine are Haunted Legends,with a recurring villain known as S.G. the Evil Dwarf,Mystery Legends which covered The Headless Horseman,Phantom of the Opera,and Beauty and the Beast(where you fight a giant spider and her young with a sword and shotgun),Mystery Trackers,and Dark Parables which covered Sleeping Beauty,Snow White,and the Frog Prince.

The new specialist classes of the bard such as Detective also inspired me,as they fit the role perfectly along with the Pathfinder Society,with a way to impress its members by unraveling a profound mystery.

Liberty's Edge

I've played Return to Ravenhearst and Fate, there's also a version of Clue on Pogo that's a hidden object game. Love them. Also love the idea that they'd be converted into a PF game. Sort of like a dark scavenger hunt for clues about who killed the princess style, and since there's ghosts, evil scientists, and crazy murderous gypsies in those first two games, it wouldn't be hard to impliment something along those lines.

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