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Dragonlance conversion to Pathfinder


Shadow Lodge

Has anyone attempted a homebrew conversion?

there is 3.5 stuff to base off. my question is what age would you run? it all seems so...done. i would love to play or run DL but i feel im just following in footsteps way too big for me.

Shadow Lodge

I have the 3.5 campaign guide. I was thinking something rather loosely based. My players are completely unfamiliar with the setting so I could change things around. I would definately do pre-"War of Souls" era.

Shadow Lodge

There is a lot of material hidden around in the DLNexus

Sadly, I posted a lot of links some time ago with pretty much each bit I had found throughout the web, but I have absolutely no idea where that might be. :(
Here is a few, though:


All Kinds of Stuff

Spellcasting Is for the Beta version, but isn't far from core for the most part

Sonic Domain Final core rules

Some Classes mixed, I think, mostly beta.

Shadow Lodge

Some interesting thins about DL and PF.

With the introduction of the Cavalier class, that changes things up slightly with the various Knighthoods. Also, Clerics are less warriory in PF which doesn't necisarily fit Dragonlance. The Crusader and Mendevian Priest archtypes (with some different flavor) works really well for this.

Also, something I've concidered but never really written down is to transplant some of the PF and Golarion faction into their DL equivalents. Andoran, Taldo, and the Silver Crusade mixed are sort of the Knights of Solomnia, for example.

Its all flavor. Tweak halflings to kender (they already have the staffsling/hoopack). Give them an insane bonus to sleight of hand. Gnomes are all obsessed with impractical technology. The 3.5 Draconians I am sure are out there and would work absolutly fine.

Liberty's Edge

anyone do the write ups for the medium sized minotaurs?


Liberty's Edge

xorial thanks

In all reality, I find "current" Dragonlance to be kind of interesting. It got a little weird for a while, but the current situation on Krynn is pretty interesting.

For anyone who hasn't followed:

Elves have reunified and have no homeland. Qualinesti is a giant lake, Silvanost is owned by minotaurs. The elves are nomads.

Takhesis is dead, Paladine renounced his godhood to help lead the elves, and to balance out the good/evil spectrum, since they killed Takhesis.

The evil gods are now at war with each other over who will be the next prime evil god.

There's other stuff but I can't remember, it's been a while

Shadow Lodge

No one is sure what is going to happen now between Wizards and Sorcerers, and Clerics\Druids and Mystics. The deities have returned, (again), but this is reslly the first time godly and ambient magic have both existed side by side.

There are untold numbers of semi-vampire-like monsters about, invulnerable except to the touch of an innocent child, but that seems to kill both. There is a new deity in existance and active, Paladines daughter, who is a dualistic personality and actually making the Neutral pantheon out of balance.

The Knights of Solomnia are finally in a position of great strength to rebuild and retake all they have lost in the last 500ish years, while the Knights of Neraka (Takhisis) are now the weakest they have ever been, and may not survive much longer. The Legeon of Steele is basically no longer needed, and must find a way to keep going or fade away.

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