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Ruby Phoenix Tournament Campaign

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Any thoughts on how to string together scenarios and modules to make a Ruby Phoenix campaign, keeping all of it Pathfinder Society legal? My first thoughts

Level 1: First Steps scenario

Level 2: Quest for Perfection trilogy

Level 3: Feast of Ravenmoor (maybe the missing tax collector is a Pathfinder, change the village to be in Tian Xia?)


Level 11: Ruby Phoenix Tournament
Somewhere in there is:
Ghenett Manor Gauntlet (level 5-9)
The Kortos Envoy (7-11)
Tide of Twilight (1-5)
Wonders in the Weave 1 & 2 (5-9) (Not clear if this module is pre- or post- tournament)

Grand Lodge

Wonders in the Weave is post-tournament.

Grand Lodge

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Underpants gnomes are the worst type of gnomes.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Just putting Season 3 in order, * next to the Ruby Phoenix Modules:

Tier 1-5
Frostfur Captives
Tide of Twilight*
Echoes of the Overwatched
Quest for Perfection 1, 2, 3*

Tier 3-7
Sewer Dragons of Absalom
Song of the Sea Witch
Among the Gods
Midnight Mauler

Tier 5-9
Ghenett Manor Gauntlet*
Immortal Conundrum
Wonders in the Weaves 1, 2*
Haunting of Hinojai

Tier 7-11
Kortos Envoy*

Hmmm, going to have a hard time getting from 6th level or so to level 11.

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