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Iowa in August

Local Play

Shadow Lodge *****

So I've finally found my way to Iowa and I've found Warhorn for IGA in Des Moines and Fellowship of the Blade in Iowa City and I'm signed up for the IGA yahoo group. Fellowship of the Blade seems to have a facebook page but there doesn't really seem to be any action there.

Anything else I bookmark/signup for?

Also currently I'm signed up to play at IGA on the 20th of August which should in theory be the same say Fellowship has their day. However I can't find any info about what Fellowship is running in August...

Looking forward to passing on hearts and bunnies from previous local yahoo Painlord to specified new local yahoos.

The Exchange ***** Venture-Captain, Tennessee—East Tenessee


The 20th should be the appropriate day for the IC group to meet. The reasoning behind nothing posted for our August offers is that our coordinator (Todd Morgan) was at GenCon getting his 5th star.

I would stay tuned as there should be offerings up soon. If you've signed up on the warhorn site then you'll get an email once the site is updated..

Making sure you have the appropriate warhorn site

Shadow Lodge *****

Yup I've got that, thanks.
btw: you're top of the list.

The Exchange ***** Venture-Captain, Tennessee—East Tenessee

AxeMurder0 wrote:

Yup I've got that, thanks.

btw: you're top of the list.


Awesome -- let me know what if there is anything I can do to sway you lol

Dark Archive ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Midwest

Hello AxeMurder,

August Game Day has been posted on Warhorn so pop on over and see what we are offering!

Shadow Lodge *****

Well August is up on the fellowship site and Todd finally emailed me back. Of course the fellowship Warhorn is still locked but I'm sure that'll work its self out eventually.

Shadow Lodge *****

Well I see a bunch of other people signed up... There is still no signup button for me :(

Dark Archive ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Midwest

Did you register for the warhorn site? you need to log in before the sign up for games button appears

Shadow Lodge *****

Yup I'm logged in. Here's a Screen Shot

No Sign Up button :(

Dark Archive ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Midwest

Hmmm, sorry about that, all new registrants should be cleared to play automatically. Fixed

Shadow Lodge *****

There we go.

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