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Using Harrow Deck in Carrion Crown - Need a How To

Carrion Crown

Scarab Sages

In the Player's Guide it gives only a basic idea of how to use the cards and refers to the AP itself. I search the first module and didn't find anything on uses, is it in another module? I am currently prepping to run this AP and I like what I have read so far with the 6 suits and 9 alignments, but how do players gain them etc.

Sovereign Court

From what I've read, and see, it seems like the players get one new card per AP, and then if they do specific things the adventure will tell you to give them a specific card. It doesn't sound like they are supposed to get very many at all so they have to decide when to use them.

Scarab Sages

Hmm I might have to increase that to one per session that they would have to return. We normally have 6hr+ sessions and then have them return card at end...except for the ones given by AP itself.

RPG Superstar 2011 Top 16

There's two card-draw mechanics in the AP:

- at the start of each BOOK (ie 6 times total, ever), each PC draws a card randomly from the deck. These cards can be used on one of two ways: either my suit, or by alignment. These rules are in the PG.

- once within each book, there is a special quest to do to earn a "party draw." This is a specifically named card, and you only get it if you complete the special quest. This card has a very specific proscribed use (that is entirely different from the suit/alignment), and the whole party must agree to its use. In every book except for book 1, this is located in a sidebar roughly halfway through the module. For scheduling/editorial reasons, the card for book 1 ended up in the Foreward to book 2.

In my home campaign (starting today, woo!), I'm using the following rules for how my PCs draw cards, but these are entirely houserule and have no official source other than my whimsy:

- If you submit a 500 word backstory, you can get a card draw. Each PC only eligable 1 each, but does not count against below.
- If you ever voluntarily fail a Will save (before knowing the effect/DC), or otherwise act out being in a state of extreme horror such that there are mechanical effects (ie dropping your weapon in combat, taking AoOs, etc), then you get a card draw. Limit 2x per book.

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