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I am currently working on a submission for you. I find myself having a few questions and concerns (I don't want to see my submission rejected because of one of those things).

I wish to write a Tier 5 Qadira adventure you are asking for. So I've been combing Qadira, Gateway to the East for ideas and something fun that would be adapted to low-level PCs. I think I have something that works and that fits what I believe to be what you want for PFS. My proposal takes place in and around Katheer and features NPC with local flavor.

My questions are about the venture captain in the adventure. QGttE says nothing about the Society.

Do you have a VC stationed in Katheer? Alternatively, is it okay to leave the description of that NPC open so that you can create or define him? How critical is it do define the NPC for the proposal?
Is there a PFS adventure that takes place in Qadira?


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