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A quick question about the submission writing.

Do you have a problem with writers using Grand Master Torch in a submission? Specifically, a follow on to #14, and the "favor" owed to him by the PFS? Curious, considering that you apparently planned on using him in #45.


That favor is part of the plot to #45. :-)

I don't mind folks wanting to use established NPCs, though.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Subscriber
Joshua J. Frost wrote:

That favor is part of the plot to #45. :-)

I don't mind folks wanting to use established NPCs, though.

Hmm... gonna have to rewrite that part of my submission then. If I'd only thought of this idea a few weeks ago. Ah well. Thanks for the info.

Another question, if you don't mind, about general submissions, since I didn't see it covered anywhere (might be blind, but hey, I looked twice).

Maps? Want 'em with the submission? Don't want 'em? Detailed? Not detailed? Format?

Just curious. I made a quick and dirty one to help me picture my submission in my head, and didn't know if I should send it along.

If you're sending in a full submission, you better send along your maps too. :-)

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