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Fighting the Aspect of Zotzilaha

Savage Tide Adventure Path

Just curious if anyone had their players engaged in battle against it? If so, what was the result?

I imagine I could browse the thread dedicated to honouring the fallen pcs of the Savage Tide but at over 700 postings, it will take too long. ;)

CB Out.

There is a thread around here were the DM and the PCs actually made up a song/poem for Zotzilaha. I actually wish I could find the thread because it was just that funny.

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I'm playing Savage Tide right now and when we ecountered Zotzilaha my character instigated a fight by trying to throw the idol (which Zot wanted returned) into the lava pool. Carnage resulted with one party member dying and a disorganized retreat only made successful by a well placed solid fog and a teleport. My group stood no chance against Zot.

Moralistically, my character couldn't justify returning an idol that may have made the "god" even stronger than he already was. He also didn't believe Zot was really a god...I mean what god hangs out in a volcano for centuries and won't even go looking for his missing idol?

That's not a god, that's an Aspect, there's a difference.

My PC's fought it, but had a very tough time and eventually pulled the idol out and gave it to him to end the fight. He would have killed one or two of them almost certainly if they had kept the fight going. He's a toughie.

My PCs fought Zotzilaha and if I recall correctly they defeated him with no casualties.

Primary reason why I ask is because my group did not bother to even investigate the area. They knew beforehand, from asking the chief of the Tanaroa village, where the idol belonged in the shrine. As soon as they saw the shrine, they literally ran to the shrine and placed the idol back in place as the aspect showed up.

My group harboured no notion of starting a fight with the aspect. However, once they knew that they could take some of the treasure, some of the players started contemplating stealing some extras. At that point, the other half of the group is like "Are you crazy? He will see it! More to the point, we're in a freaking volcanoe and he's the one that is making it shake like an eel in a bunghole." I couldn't believe that the group actually split in half arguing whether or not they should steal from the aspect. It was an entertaining night for me, :)

Ultimately, common sense stayed greed at hand and they exited the volcanoe with their lives intact. Pity, I did want to see some mayhem by the aspect, ;) If only to teach them respect for the gods, :)

CB Out.

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