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Whispering Cairn - logical error?

Age of Worms Adventure Path

hi Guys,

there is something i dont understand while i'm preparing the first adventure of the AP.
in the Cairn, there is this big room with the laterns which opens the way to the true tomb.

first: there is this guy, Alastor Land, who is in the room right in front of the true tomb, behind the face-trap. he says he died there 30years ago. (page 33)

second: there are the remains of Ulavants seeker band, who tried to get through the tomb, and died. that was 60y ago (page 31)

ok, now the logic. to get past the face-trap, you need to lit torches in all of the colored laterns, which are spread out through the dungeon where the seeker band left them 60years ago. noone has touched them since then. but alastor got past the trap without doing this 30years ago.

how did he manage to get to the room behind the trap?

HERE could be the answer you are looking for.

Spacelard wrote:
HERE could be the answer you are looking for.

thank you :)

Lanfear wrote:

hi Guys,


how did he manage to get to the room behind the trap?

Hi! One easy way to solve this conondrum (which I used) is to rule that the fallen skeleton at the bottom of the blue lantern corridor is Land's, and make the ones buried in the (ceramic, not iron) balls much older, from previous explorers.

Alastor TRIED to pass the mouth, got killed by the trap, THEN, as a ghost, went further to explore, as was his fate.

Also, I intend to make him the last of a long line of flannae custodians, tasked with watching over the region for any sign of the prophesied return of Kyuss. Of course, he is unaware of it, even in undeath, and just knows that he had something important to do before leaving this world. I intend to make him 'give' his fate to the PCs to thank them for their help in burying his bones, making them the new heroes of the prophecy. Sort of.

Keep looking on the threads her, and don't forget to search the archives sing varioous keywords.

One easy fix is to just say the seekers went in 15 years ago instead of 60 so when Alastor explored the Cairn all of the lanterns were there.

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