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Vexed (rejected 43) Critique welcome

Scenario Submission Talk

Another failed submission looking for critiques. I will try to respond in kind.


In a lava tunnel left from one of Droskar’s Crag’s old eruptions, magma mephits and vexgits fight over a set of inscribed Dwarven slates. The mephits want to use the slate instructions to perfect underwater travel and escape the river boundaries. The vexgits want to distort the writings, or if that fails, to destroy the slates completely. Then a felled tree cracks open the tunnel roof and the battle spills out into the outside world. Loggers cheer the mephits on as the Lumber consortium tries to take control of the slates for themselves.

Venture Captain Chanas Hargreave pays his cousin Jafe to send regular reports from the Sitting Duck. When a second report deadline was missed, Hargreave decided to send a small group of pathfinders to get the missing information, find the missing cousin and firmly remind him of his duty to send his reports.

Scene 1: The Ferry
As the party reaches the ferry across the river, their paths cross that of a group of vexgits, who are mostly interested in dismantling the ferry itself. If the party drives them off in time, the ferry reaches the other side intact. If not, the ferry falls apart, dumping the party and everyone else into the river.
Tiers: 1-2 = 3 Vexgits (PF19); 3-4 = 6 Vexgits; 6-7 = 6 advanced Vexgits

Scene 2: Tavern brawl
In Hargreave’s list of likely places to look for both Jafe and info, the Sitting Duck comes top. Unfortunately, feelings run high around the vexgit-mephit conflict. Verbal taunts and bickering quickly and easily deteriorate into an all-inclusive brawl. However, the party can glean information on the conflict and on Jafe’s whereabouts from the various taunts (diplomacy) or by intimidating the brawlers into revealing it.
Tiers: 1-2 = 5 human expert 1; 3-4 = 7 human expert 1; 6-7 = 7 human expert 3

Scene 3: Lumber camp
Jafe was last seen heading towards the lumber camp where the tree fell. Several fallen trees remain on the ground and the magma mephits living here use them as cover for sniping. The mephits also planted an assassin vine as a static defence that the Vexgits can’t dismantle and retreat to its protection if necessary.
Tiers: 1-2 = 1 magma mephit, 1 seedling assassin vine (Med size); 3-4 = 2 magma mephitis, 1 assassin vine; 6-7 = 4 magma mephitis, 1 assassin vine

Scene 4: Log Cabin (Optional)
When the mephitis took over the camp, the vexgits took over the cabin in it. They have since used it and its contents to stave off boredom with the result that everything about it is dangerously unstable. Jafe took temporary refuge here when he was investigating the tunnel. A careful search can find his lost notes under the bed, revealing that the Consortium plans to steal the slates from both the sides.
Trap: Collapsing Cabin CR4 (all tiers)

Scene 5: Lava tunnel
The hole in the lava tunnel shows signs of recent use and a trail of broken undergrowth leads from the hole towards Falcon’s Hollow. The Consortium men bribed Jafe to show the way, then stole the slates and fled for the supposed safety of the Consortium headquarters. They left Jafe to the mercy of the vexgits and mephits. Luckily for Jafe, both sides were more interested in getting the slates back than in killing him. He remains badly mauled but alive, left as bait in a vexgit trap.
Trap: Rain of obsidian spikes CR 1/3/6

Scene 6: HQ
The Consortium HQ is the scene of a showdown between mephits and vexgits, while the party needs to race to grab the dwarven slates and escape before one side or the other destroys the slates.
Tiers: 1-2 = 2 magma mephits, 3 vexgits; 3-4 = 3 magma mephits, 6 vexgits; 6-7 = 4 magma mephits, 6 advanced vexgits

If the party succeeds in retrieving the slates, the mephits and vexgits drift away with nothing much to fight about. If the party also decides to help either the vexgits or mephits in scene 6, then that faction finds each member enough darkwood to create either 1 weapon or 1 shield. If the party neither retrieves the slates nor assists a side in the showdown, the vexgits eventually beat the mephits, destroy the slates and gradually spread to other lumber camps, making life harder for the consortium but not impossible.

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