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Side Treks in the Underdark

Dungeon Magazine General Discussion

My PCs will soon find themselves in a city in the underdark inhabited mostly by Dwarves and Gnomes. I wanted to find a side trek I could run there, just a little distraction.

I found "Rock and a Hard Place" from #91, I like that, but its too short, I'm looking for maybe some complications in town, or a nearby dungeon crawl they could do.

any suggestions?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Of course I do not know which dungeon issues you have, and what level you group are, but here is a list of adventures and sidetreks in or near Underdark:

Home under the range, dungeon 134
The witch's fiddle, dungeon 54
Cloaked in fear, dungeon 57
Swing shot! dungeon 66
Shades of darkness, dungeon 47
The bigger they are.., dungeon 56
Dragon's delve, dungeon 62
The crypt of istaris, dungeon 09
The amulet and the underdark, dungeon 75
Uzagly of the underdark, dungeon 67
Lord of the scarlet tide, dungeon 85
Spiral of Manzessine, dungeon 94
To cure a kingdom, dungeon 57
Shards of the day, dungeon 60
The ship of night, dungeon 20
Thunder under needlespire, dungeon 24
Divisions of the mind, dungeon 81
Khazefryn, dungeon 81
Kingdom of the ghouls, dungeon 70

I have a fairly large collection
They are ECL17, but level doesn't matter much since I'm only looking for ideas.

Thanks a lot! I will go through and read those later

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