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I miss them...

Dungeon Magazine General Discussion

Liberty's Edge

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I just finished browsing my Dungeon and Dragon magazine collection, reading Scale mail and the editorials. Some articles and adventures, because I was searching stuff for my RotRL campaign.
After I put the magazines back on my shelve I realized howhard I miss them both!
I love to get Pathfinder every month, but its not the same. The kobold Quarterly is out there and great (and I have every issue by now), but its not my Dungeon or Dragon magazine.
I miss my fan-zine, harder than I thought!

Well, maybe I am just a bit on the drama-side of life...

You're not alone, I miss 'em too.

I was fanatically dedicated to Dragon while it was in print. From #200, each and every month I'd buy my copy off the newstand, never missing an issue. I'm pretty proud of my collection ;).

I was extremely upset by the cancelation of the print mags. Still, I eventually decided to give WotC's D&D Insider a try. I like what I've seen so far; it's not quite the same as print however.

For one thing: I'm more inclined to read in-depth with printed material and more likely to skim with on-screen text (a subtle drawback for me). If I really like an article, I'll print it out but that gets expensive quick, so not so often. Also, a bunch of PDF files on my computer is not exactly what I would call a collection ;).

D&D Insider also (currently) offers a Rules Compendium, a set of Bonus Tools and a (beta) Character Builder; I've no real interest in the latter two online features, though I do plan on making liberal use of the Compendium.

My one beef with Insider is that subscribers must agree to auto-renew (there's no choice). If yo want cancel auto-renew, you must rely on customer service (that is, cancelation is not instantaneous and requires human interaction). The service detracts from what would otherwise be a fine effort (the articles).

Given a choice, I'd take the print magazines back.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

me too...

and I stopped looking at the Wotc stuff after it went 4th cause 4th makes me want to gouge my eyes out

so Paizo, your AP's are my only hope...


I'm still studying over my ressurection scrolls...

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