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Druid magic items


Liberty's Edge

Low level druid 5th or less; I don't see a lot of stuff for them past a +1 sickle or a potion of barkskin.
What's some cool magic items to dole out for them?

* (Eternal) Wand of (Acid-Substituted) Produce Flame (CL 5)
* (Eternal) Wand of Summon Swarm (CL 3)
* Rust Bag of Tricks
* Perapt of Wisdom +2 (duh)
* Dragonscale/leafweave armor (+1)
* Pearl(s) of Power

These are all in the MIC

Assassin Whip: vines entangle and do damage 5,000gp

Amber Amulet of Vermin: summon vermin 1/day 500-1,200gp depending on which you have.

Goodberry Bracelet: grants goodberrys and add wis bonus to healing 2,000p

Hand of the Oak Father: gives 6 druid spells 1/day 5,000gp

Horned Helm: get horns to make gore attacks 8,000gp

Lightning Gauntlets: lightning attack based on charges that renew 1,000g

Ring of Mystic Lightning: like the gauntlet but stronger 7,500gp

Wyrmfang Amulet: natural weapons overcome damage reduction 1,350gp

Bag of Boulders: throw pebbles that turn into boulders via charges that renew 1,400gp

Thorn Pouch: get plant spells via charges that renew 4,400gp

Wilding Clasp: let you use a worn item in wild shape 4,000gp

There is also an item set in the MIC that is made for a druid its pieces range from 4,000g to 50,000gp

In The Quintessential Druid

Wooden Sword: wooden short sword that can burst into flames for flaming ability. It burns the sword then you put it in the ground to make it whole. 5,000gp

The Quintessential Druid has some other nice stuff but the "living" weapons, armor, items. Ex Cobra Whip it's a poisonous whip but ALIVE so it's super expensive

I've also realized the druid, ranger, and barbarian get screwed in items

Hope this helps


Liberty's Edge

Right on...thanx!

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