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Spontaneous Death! Or how to end it with a bang anyway?

Age of Worms Adventure Path

Hi Paizo community, I need your collected creative pool. I will move at the end of the month and am looking for a possibility to end my campaign with a big bang. I tried to speed it up (as discussed in another thread), but holidays, a business trip and other things messed up the schedule. I have about two to three sessions left (maybe I could squeeze in a long session somewhere. The PCs are in the Spires of Long Shadows, I made all monsters on the entrance level frozen in time and the harbinger teasing the PCs as his "guests", while they had the visions. They now entered the lower level and the harbinger told them, that the monsters in the lower level will be alive and await the PCs.
That's where I am now, I could call it a day and just have the PCs level to 19 or 21 and fight against Dragotha or Kyuss himself, but would be much happier, if this would end now in a more organic way. I am thinking hard, but have no idea how to stop the AoW at this time in a decent way and hope that anyone has a good idea.

Okay - this is a hard one, but here goes:

In the adventure as written, Dragotha stole the spire a long time ago. Change that part, so that the spire is still there (maybe hidden in some collapsed ruins?). While the PCs are there, fighting the Harbinger, he comes to take it - transistion into fight with Dragotha. During this fight, Lashona shows up, and releases Kyuss from inside the spire -- transition into fight with Kyuss. A fight with Lashona can be thrown in as a bonus.

Now - if the goal is to kill all the PCs - this should do it.
However, that may be a downer, since they failed to stop the AoW. So here's a way out with a "good" ending: have one of the corrupted eladrins (or archons) contain some small spark of goodness left in them. In an effort to redeem themselves, they tell the PCs about an artifact hidden in the ruins powerful enough to stop Kyuss - the "Horn of Doom", for example (he previously stashed it away so no one else could use it against him). So they have to hunt the item while fighting everyone (no pressure). The catch is that activating the weapon (blowing the horn) will destroy *everything* - including the PCs - in a 5 mile radius. So they will have to choose to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to take out the bad guys. (end of pcs, end of bad guys, end of campaign, etc.)


I'm tired just thinking about it!

Some good ideas, thanks, I think the helping hand could be the harbinger, giving them an artifact, which weakens Kyuss, when he emerges, maybe making him a standard Worm that Walks, but then will still have to give the PCs something...and Dragotha could be something, when there is still time.

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