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The Dark Eye (TDE) has enthralled players across Europe, and soon you will have a chance to see why. The world of Aventuria allows you to play every style of fantasy: epic high fantasy, medieval intrigue, barbaric adventures in the wilderness, or a classic pirate’s tale, just to name a few....

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The Dark Eye is Germany’s premiere fantasy role-playing game, in continuous publication for more than 30 years, now in English in this exciting new edition. ... You and your friends play the leading roles at the center of heroic action. Travel the land as a virtuous knight, elven ranger, or...

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Explore the many facets of The Dark Eye with the Aventuria Almanac, your guide to the official setting for the fantasy role playing game. Immerse yourself in this exciting world and learn why the fantastic continent of Aventuria is like no other. ... This indispensable guide is designed both for...

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Horrifying and deadly monsters lurk in the forests, swamps, and jungles of Aventuria. To creatures such as these, heroes are little more than food, and the unwary may fall prey to venomous fangs, razor-sharp claws, or worse. ... The Aventurian Bestiary TDE Card Pack includes handy reference cards...

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Your days of searching through large tomes are over! ... The Game Master's Screen puts all of The Dark Eye's important tables and charts right at your fingertips. This four-panel GM screen provides detailed summaries of skill use, combat, magic, and miracles, which means less time looking for...

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This new map set brings Aventuria to life on your gaming table in a big way! Whether for GM reference or handing out to players, these detailed maps of Aventuria will help make your game nights a success. ... Designed to be compatible with the Aventuria Almanac, these maps offer an exciting...