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Description for Endless Terrain

Gamer Printshop

Endless Terrain map tiles is a 5-map set of full-color, double-sided 11" x 17" map tiles with a unique terrain on every map face - so no two are the same. Featuring "geomorphic" edges, where graphics lineup from one map to the next.

The graphics on the edge of each tile match perfectly with the next tile. So you can rotate any map 180 degrees or flip it upside down, your terrain tile has changed, yet the terrains still matches perfectly.

Endless Terrain map tiles were created to provide GMs with a tool to "fill in that BLANK area" between the players home-base and the destination encounter created by the GM. Why worry about drawing the countryside or dungeon? Instead pull out your Endless Terrain tiles and create a custom path as you need it!

Note: These map tiles are laminated by hand and may contain cosmetic defects (such as wrinkles in the laminate). These are sold as-is and no exchanges or refunds will be given.

Our Price: $24.95


Our Price: $24.95


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