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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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How many times have you needed an underwater encounter map and lacked the high quality map symbols you need. The search is over! This set contains 50 photo-realistic undersea symbols of ocean fish, invertibrates, corals and sea plants. Many of these symbols were created in 3D and digitally painted to match their real world examples. Some creatures like the jelly fish are partially transparent like they should be! Have the collection you will be using again and again for all your undersea maps.

These symbols are ready to use in your favorite graphics program or virtual tabletop application.

This set contains:

  • 13 Ocean Fish - from clown and puffer fish to shark and stingray
  • 2 Sea Mammals - dolphin and humpback whale
  • 15 Invertebrates - from clams and sea urchins to octopus and crabs
  • 14 Coral Species - from brain coral to fan in every color
  • 6 Sea Plants - from sea grass to kelp

Format: all images are PNG files with Alpha channel, most scaled at 4 x 4 inches at 100 dpi. The images are contained in ZIP file.

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