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In 1999, Cheapass Games produced three in-house expansions, several rare buttons, and licensed several third-party expansions and promotions. ... All of those Button Men are collected in this 11 x 17 full-color poster, which also has a full-sized Y2K rare, Gordo, in the upper lefthand corner....

Our Price: $4.50


Bluff can not be described by a flippant sound bite. She likes Crusher, bobsled racing, and beating people up. ... Strik becomes more accustomed to his new lifestyle with each passing day. He likes quiet walks in the moonlight, bashing things with his head, and beating people up. ... Bluff: ps6...

Our Price: $4.50


Reaver takes unparalleled pleasure in bringing joy to her fellow beings. She enjoys surprise gift giving, platonic love, and beating people up. ... Jellybean is a prominent patent attorney who can think with his spines. He likes collie-spaniel crosses, red ink, and beating people up. ... Reaver:...

Our Price: $4.50


Button Men: Freaks showcases nearly every die type from previous Cheapass expansions, including Twin Dice, Shadow Dice, Poison Dice and Turbo Swings, plus a new die type: Queer Dice. Queer Dice are Shadow Dice if they are odd, and normal dice if they are even. Sound dangerous? Not compared to...

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