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New Savage Worlds RPGs release!

Three brand new volumes of Savage Tales of Horror, for the Savage Worlds RPG are ready for your gaming pleasure... in both Softcover and Limited Edition Hardcover formats!

Volume 1: Dare to wander the Black Forest in search of witches foul, where you may lose your soul—to the Face Snatchers! Brave the bitter northern chill, where brain freeze is the least of your worries. At least someone will keep those beautiful looks of yours in Cold Storage! Relax for a lakeside Spring Break at The Retreat if you can ignore the scratching at the door, and the deadly smiles of the townsfolk! Investigate by gaslight the ghostly hauntings of the magnificent Manor of Blood. It's very inviting, but doesn't want you to leave! And, the suspicious death of an old friend drives you to find answers somewhere in the Moonshine Blues of New Orleans, where mobsters and magic mingle!

Volume 2: In Love on a Mountain, the heart can be just as deadly as a gunslinger, and more tragic than a shot to the gut! Missing livestock is blamed on wolves, but what is that sound at night, creeping from within the cracks... something that Skitters! As part of an elite team sent to protect staff at an enigmatic Ice Hotel, there's something evil lurking in the frozen wastes, ancient and wanting... for Blood on Ice. As players in a roleplaying game you love to fight demons and monsters as wizards and warriors. But what about when the LARP of Horror becomes all too real? And, when the terraforming colony of Rosewood loses contact, your specialist team is sent to investigate. But what is this strange, creeping flora grown by the elusive colonists, and what is their dark secret?

Volume 3: Your unit is stranded on an Isle of Death, where Nazis don't just come for you—they don't stay dead! The shards of a Witch's soul is written in The Final Page of an ancient tome of evil. Who else can stop this terror but you, the Accursed, those who are witchmarked themselves! A deep space distress call reignites a bitter eonsold war between two deadly adversaries, intent on drawing you into their conflict, or to just Hear You Scream! Hotel 96 is waiting for you. It promises fine music, great food, and a release for the soul. But, it has a burning desire to make you stay for good! And, ghastly aspirations roam old London town, while a dancing craze causes death by euphoric exhaustion. Who will survive The Dance of the Dead?

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