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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Hellknight!


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New Pathfinder Miniatures from Reaper!

Better keep your heretical comments quiet around the latest Pathfinder Miniatures from Reaper!

The powerful hand of the Law has a name in Cheliax, and that name is Hellknight. Their adherence to order makes them a power to be reckoned with, and this month we have not one, but two representatives from the Hellknights! First, the Order of the Pyre Hellknight stands ready with her polearm to smash her way through all her opponents, especially cultists and followers of blasphemous powers. Secondly, the Hellknight Captain, better known as Ivo Elliendo from the Hell's Pawns short story by Dave Gross, stands ready to cast his unfeeling judgement on criminals both heinous and petty. Scaled for your tabletop roleplaying game, these two miniatures are great for both player characters and opponents!

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