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Twenty Crafty, Creative, Cunning Kobolds!

Get the latest issue of Kobold Quarterly!

If you're yearning for new reading material covering multiple game systems, the latest delivery from Open Design has arrived in our warehouse!

Hot off the presses, Kobold Quarterly #20 dives right into Pathfinder material with a new base class: the elven archer! This classic archetype of fantasy literature gives you the bond with nature that you'd expect from these fleet-footed, eagle-eyed snipers, as well as the ability to boost their bows with magical abilities. Perfect for outfitting your elven archer, "Arrows of the Arbonesse" details some of the magical items you might find in the forested canopies of the Midgard Campaign Setting.

Far from the light of the surface, the insane derro perform strange experiments, and "Derro Ooze Magic" gives you equally strange new options for your arcane caster! Wizards now have the option to select the Ooze school (complete with ooze form at 8th level and ooze familiars), new spells, a bloodline—great new choices for either a villain or your next PC!

Summoning monsters from another realm of existence should be more than just stating an action during play. After all, with the planar ally spells, you're paying a high price for their services—shouldn't they get more than just a page reference from the Bestiary? "Servants from Beyond" gives you four examples of allies, such as the penance-seeking ghost paladin or the greedy fire mephit, that you can add to your game and give summoning creatures an extra bit of excitement!

Articles by Monte Cook, a Pathfinder adventure by Christina Stiles, new monsters like the dire naked mole rat (really!), special Pathfinder feats for middle-aged characters, new character options for the AGE system, and racial utility powers for 4th edition—just a taste of what awaits you in Kobold Quarterly #20!

Check out all of Kobold Quarterly's back issues here and the rest of Open Design's books here!

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The Exchange Kobold Press

First review is up and it is five stars, and I have to think the elven archer is a big part of that. The derro had an Ecology about them in Kobold Quarterly #1, and they're back in this issue with Ooze Magic, which is disgusting, yet vile.

So, what do people like in this issue?

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