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Pathfinder Player Companion: Divine Anthology (PFRPG)

***½( ) (based on 3 ratings)
Pathfinder Player Companion: Divine Anthology (PFRPG)
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Your Prayers Are Answered!

Those who devote their lives to the gods receive potent gifts from their patrons. Pathfinder Player Companion: Divine Anthology presents many of these powers, both sacred and profane, along with the holy books in which they're found. The secrets revealed in these pages are not limited to those who can cast divine magic, though—faith in the appropriate religion is the only requirement for using many of the revelations and ancient techniques hidden away in the prayer books detailed within.

Inside this book, you'll find:

  • Several new magic items, traits, feats, and spells, including a new category of magic: meditative spells.
  • A wealth of new options for characters from arcanists to bards and from clerics to paladins, including the mysteries of apocryphal subdomains and new paladin oaths.
  • New archetypes, new fighting styles, and additional information about a wide range of faiths and religions.

This Pathfinder Player Companion is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, but can easily be incorporated into any fantasy world.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-894-6

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Player Companion Subscription.

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Product Reviews (3)

Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 3 ratings)

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Really good one


This book has a lot of great Traits, Archetypes, Domains, and to my surprise, Paladin Codes.
Solid flavor and structure throughout, so even if you ditch the mechanics in the book, it can give great ideas.

Addition: combine the Medicine Sub-Domain (presented in this book) with Heal Skill Unlock Feat and the Battlefield Surgeon Trait, tons o fun.

*( )( )( )( )

It just doesn't live up to the Arcane Anthology. From premise to fluff to crunch I think that the authors just really missed the point. Almost the entire book revolves around what to me feels like a very lackluster in-setting manual with a heavy snowflaky sort of backstory. I didn't really check, but I'm pretty sure that the setting material used here is mainly something just made up rather than using existing material.

I was hoping more for either A.) some sort of Divine/religious themed artifacts or tomes or B.) maybe something like the religious teachings of the Godclaw, combining a few deity's tenets together. I don't know, I was hoping for a Divine version of Arcane Anthology, and this is nothing like it. While it does have some good stuff in it, I also feel like there is way too much that should have been put in other books, like the Paladin Codes, especially when the Patron's are not even otherwise touched on in any meaningful way. Perhaps I had my hopes up too much, but this one just doesn't really do much for me.

Great Addition to Religious Classes

****( )

Full disclosure, I purchase all Pathfinder books relating to the gods or religions as a matter of habit, and I'm a bit predisposed to like them.

When this book was first announced on the blog, the description led me to the impression this book would have actual quotes and excerpts from the holy books of the Inner Sea region, perhaps on interstitial pages. This is decidedly not the case, and while I was initially crestfallen this book really turned things around on my first read-through.

GMs interested in building a realistic world through inclusion of unique treasures will find a lot to love in the early sections of the book, which detail noteworthy theological texts outside the standard holy books (some of which are quite rare, or circulate in different editions with different uses). Plenty of related magic items are found there that would also make good crafting quests or unique gifts from servitor's of one's god.

Overall the flavor of the book, and the detail it adds to the setting, is tantalizing; so many new offshoots of major religions are introduced, as well as new points of contention among major sects. These 32 pages have made me want to play followers of deities I previously found uninteresting, thanks primarily to the apocryphal subdomains that help clerics specialize in a certain tradition of worship that might set them apart from the crowd.

Which leads me to my favorite thing about this book... NEW PALADIN CODES FOR EMPYREAL LORDS! I was over the moon about this, Chronicle of the Righteous is a top-5 book for me and this really compliments it in a great way. Dwarven gods and gods of the Dragon Empires also feature here in smaller share. In less than 5 pages the Paizo staff has here considerably opened up options for paladins, including some long-overdue codes (e.g., Ragathiel's). Additional details on who might become a paldin for these deities and how will help give players good backstory ideas.

The two best additions to the game in this book are the sheer number and variety of traits (many of which could be used quite creatively by players), and the new archetypes related to the obedience feats. Ever since Paizo introduced boons and obediences I've always been on the lookout for new ways to use them other than prestiging, and this book delivers on that. If you're looking to snag some boons without prestiging, you need this book!

Now, for the downsides. Pharasma does not feature in this book, so those looking to find new options for her worshippers will be dissapointed. However, given the number of empyreal lords and lesser deities featured, I think it's to be expected one of the main pantheon wasn't going to make the cut, and Pharasma has plenty of mechanical support already. Secondly, meditative spells (while interesting) are somewhat limited in their utility, and probably won't become a universal feature in people's games in the short term. I like these spells, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't buy the book just for them.

Overall, not what I expected, but still a real treat! This book is crammed full of great tools and inspiration, and makes a great addition to the Pathfinder line. Gift Certificates
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