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Deep Blues: Victorian House PDF

***** (based on 1 rating)

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The Victorian House is the classic 1837-1901 four-story house. It can be used with a wide range of RPGs in several different settings. Perfect for Lovecraftian horror it also suits well modern horror for adventurers wanting to explore an old and creepy house.

This Deep Blues Blueprint features six floorplans including cellar, ground floor, first, second, third floor and a rooftop map. It also features a side elevation and an overview map of the house and the surrounding park.


  • Rule the Dungeon.
  • Enhanced customization (choose which features are visible)
  • Alternative hexagonal grid
  • Alternative Metric Scale (New!)
  • "North" mark available and orientable
  • Master Control Panel allows you to control all the maps at once
  • Buttons for printing only blue maps or black and white maps

WARNING: you must use Adobe Acrobat Reader 6+ in order to use all the features of this product.

The Deep Blues Blueprints
While in the standard Blueprints you will find a classic fantasy adventure location, the Deep Blues Blueprints cover a broader range of locations themes like Lovecraftian horror, modern, steampunk, victorian, western, oriental, superhero, pulp, science fiction and so on.
You can use these map as reference to build your own adventures or simply take them at hand in case your players go in an unexpected direction during the campaign.

The “Blue” version of these map does not resemble old D&D maps, it would not make any sense, instead, they appear as old technical blueprints (white ink on blue background), allowing you to produce cool handouts for your players or simply use a nice-looking map while running your own adventures.
While offering you the best quality, these products are really inexpensive.

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 1 rating)

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An RPG Resource Review


Here is a magnificent Victorian-style house, standing in its own grounds, and presented in exquisite detail. It's up to you whether it is as creepy as the Addams Family home or warm and welcoming...

In this product, 0one Games have taken their customary mastery of PDF technology and used it to present a mapset that is easy to customise to your needs. Working at individual page level or via the 'Rule the Dungeon' feature to customise the entire mapset at one go, there are a lot of things that you can change. There is a choice of hex grid, square grid, metric grid or none at all. You can decide which way is North, and whether or not you want it to be shown. You can have furnished or bare rooms... and of course you can decide whether you want 'blueprints' (white lines on a blue background like a classic technical drawing) or black lines on white.

The house itself is three stories high, and has a driveway leading up to it as well as a quite extensive garden. As well as a view of each level, including extensive cellars and the rooftop, there is a plan view that shows the house in its grounds including an outbuilding (probably, in the terminology of the day, a 'motor-house') and a 'front view' (or 'elevation' in architect's parlance). There are also several pages you can use to make notes about the various locations within the house and grounds. US players will note the European nomenclature: we have a ground floor, first floor and second floor. It's not difficult to see what is what, though.

Overall, it's a delightful house and I'd be happy to live there... until, that is, you populate it with ghosts and other unspeakable things appropriate to a horror game! Gift Certificates
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