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1001 Spells: Inquisitor's Spell Lists—Free Preview (PFRPG) PDF

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Never Cast the Same Spell Twice!

This product gives you the spell list for the advanced base class known as the Inquistor as derived from the 101 Spells series. These books and this list will help you realize the vision you've had for your Inquisitor's spellcasting.

From spells that are cast as swift and immediate actions to a spell that lets you force the truth to be written out in the guilty party's own hand, or excommunicate heritics from your religion. The 1001 Spell series brings a host of new possiblities to your character's spellbook.

Wholly compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, The Inquisitor's Spell Lists adds new agonizing choices to the creation of your character's spell list and their advancement without breaking the game.

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Product Discussion (7)

Thanks Liz

Dark Archive

Very cool been waiting on these since you started the series. Hope the Witch, Summoner and Alchemist is soon to follow. :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I second the hope for the Witch to follow soon. I've just started running one in Serpent's Skull; she's the primary arcane caster for the party and the GM has pre-approved spells from "1001" list.

Dark Archive

Yeah I have been hoping for the rest too, but with it being so long now. I have kinda given up on it.

Grand Lodge

I was very surprised, and almost disappointed, that there were no 0th level spells for the Inquisitor. There doesn't seem to be any love for that level for the class. Any chance for a revision to add those in?

My personal opinion is that all the 0th level spells listed for the Cleric/Oracle spells in 1001 spells are available to the Inquisitor

Grand Lodge

Rite Publishing wrote:
My personal opinion is that all the 0th level spells listed for the Cleric/Oracle spells in 1001 spells are available to the Inquisitor

I am very okay with that response.

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