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Renegade Rules for PDF Publishing: #1—The Short PDF: Revolution to Evolution PDF

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From the company that brought you the RPG Publishing Gauntlet series comes the next evolution of the PDF publisher resource and development. Renegade Rules for PDF Publishing are ideas and concepts that will put you on the "bleeding edge" of RPG Publishing development and marketing. Many of the ideas and concepts in Renegade Rules for PDF Publishing are the unorthodox and unconventional techniques that the largest and most successful PDF publishers know and use to keep themselves on top, and now you can have them for yourself!

Each issue of Renegade Rules for PDF Publishing covers a specific facet of doing business as a next-generation PDF publisher. Renegade Rules for PDF Publishing will cover various topics in RPG PDF creation and development from how to start a PDF RPG publishing business to how to get into the top 5% of PDF publishers in the world.

In this issue, The Short PDF: Revolution to Evolution, Louis Porter Jr redefines the concept of PDF that run 20 pages or less, better known as the short PDF. The last time this topic was covered was over three years ago, but the PDF market has changed and evolved so much that now that information is virtually useless. This issue covers all the changes with short PDFs in the PDF RPG Market and how you can use them to your advantage in today’s ever-changing marketplace. This issue also covers the topics: How Do I Make Money Writing PDFs, The Pricing and Size of a Short PDF, What Type of Small PDF Products Sells the Best, Required Reading and Using Short PDFs in Offensive/Defensive Marketing Strategies.

In addition, each issue of Renegade Rules for PDF Publishing will come with PDF forms and detailed information sheets that you can use to help execute your plans.

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