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Monster Island: Escape from Monster Island PDF


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Tokyo, London, Paris, New York, and the other great cities of the Earth tremble as the giant monsters vent their fury in this thrilling Monster Island sequel!

Freed from their island prison, titanic creatures are on a worldwide rampage. Can the military and UN Science Alert Corps defend humanity against their rage? This sourcebook provides simple expansion rules for stomping or defending cities, covering everything from conventional military forces to the flying tanks, laser cannons, and wonder weapons of the UN Science Alert Corps. Featuring a cover and interior art by Michael Bowden, this book also contains new monster powers, scenarios, even more monster movie quotes, and a printable sheet of color military counters.

You must have Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat to use this book.

Written by David L. Pulver and Patrick Sweeney

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1. Monster Island: Escape from Monster Island PDF

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