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Fiendish Baboon

tocath's page

Goblin Squad Member. 208 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 3 aliases.

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Hard Cider and Manhattans.

Cider - I spent a month in England this year, and loved how every pub would have cider on tap. Really most anything will scratch the itch, dry or sweet. Samuel Smith's, Hornsby, even Woodchuck.

Manhattans. I am currently barrel aging my own mix with local-to-me Stranahan Colorado whisky, equal parts sweet and dry vermouth, and Fee Bros. Rhubarb bitters. It's been aging about a month now, and comes out so smooth.

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UltraFennec wrote:

Yes, they focus on the Rebellion era. Is that such a problem? Really?

Yes, the first release focuses on fringe worlds and "scum of the galaxy." The Rebellion+Empire and Jedi books are coming. Is that so bad to wait awhile?

+1. FFG's release plan has a nice synergy with the films.

A New Hope starts with fringers and scoundrels. Tatooine, the cantina, Greedo, scavenger Jawas, an introduction to Jabba, etc. To paraphrase Luke, if there's a bright center to the universe, ANH kicks off on the planet that it's farthest from. To me that's also the perfect place to start dabbling around with a new set of rules.

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This claims Episode VII will be an "original story" and not the Thrawn books.

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Stoner Sense - You know where the nearest bodega is and where the last Funyun fell.

Spelling Bane - Target is unable to remember if it's i before e or the other way around.

Sappy Master - You are skilled at composing treacly sweet and sentimental sayings.

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Back, and with Wondrous Items!

Apparatus of the Imitation Crab - Enchanted food processor transforms 1 pound of Alaskan Pollock into "crab" spread. All creatures who see the spread must make a will save or spend 1d4 rounds helping themselves to "just one more cracker."

Bag of Withholding - Gold put into the Bag of Withholding is deducted from your Wealth by Level, allowing you to complain to the GM that you are underpowered.

Efficient Quivering in Your Boots - Magical boots make fear more efficient. -2 to all fear based will saves, but any fear effects only last for one round and can be dismissed with a move action.

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Telekinetic Charge of the Light Brigade - You may launch up to 600 allies into battle at a distance of half a league. Most of them will probably die, though.

Feather Fallout - Infuse one tiny or diminutive object with nuclear radiation. The object gains a nuclear aura of 15 feet and deals 1d6 negative energy damage per round to anyone within that aura.

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heliopolix wrote:

Freedom of Bowel Movement needs no explanation.

Handy for wizards who are getting on in years!

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Intercontinental Ballistic Misdirection - While this spell is active, if you would be affected by a spell or spelllike effect and the caster does not have line of sight to you, the spell is instead redirected to your nearest foe.

Word of Recall Me Maybe - A somewhat less effective version of the popular teleportation spell. On a percentile roll of 25%, the caster is instead transported to a teenybopper concert.

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St. Elmo's Fireball - You point your finger and unleash a howling ball of Emilio Estevez which deals 1d6 contractual damage. For every added caster level, you may add to the ball an additional brat pack actor or actress from the cast of Breakfast Club or St. Elmo's Fire for an additional 1d6 of damage.

Shield of Faith no More - You are surrounded by 1d4 axe wielding musicians who act as meat shields.

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I introduce the cousin to the comically mispelled spell:


1. Take a spell.
2. Mash it together with something else, portmanteau style.
3. Profit?

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/revive thread.

The Wheel of Time is done (ish).

Brandon has finished the final revision of A Memory of Light. Thank goodness. Now he can get cracking on Stormlight 2 :)

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Axe Cop?

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True, it does drive up the cost of labor, but that doesn't have to mean those jobs go away. I love the suggestion I read somewhere of creating a sort of "Fair Trade" brand for online shipping.

If we had a choice between online retailer A who slowly sucks the souls out of their shipping staff and retailer B who provides a decent job with benefits (and charges more for shipping) a good number of people would choose retailer B. Not all, but enough to make it worthwhile.

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Journey to the Center of Golarion. An AP that has the characters spend the majority of the books underground. I think this could be a powerful “escape” story. Instead of a “man vs man” type conflict, which is what you have for most of all of the APs, the theme in the beginning would be “man vs. nature.”

Characters start off as slaves, having been hauled into the ground to work the remainder of their miserable lives as miners. One cataclysmic earthquake later, the characters are deeper than any surface dweller has ever been with a mile of solid rock between them and the surface.

At first, their goal is simply to escape and find some way to the world above. Along the way, they discover Impending Doom™, a disaster being helped along by a race of elementals.

In their race to stop Ensuing Chaos™, they encounter underground ruins, utopias with mutant dinosaurs, vast oceans of magma, a svirfneblin civil war, and unlikely romances (just for kicks and giggles).

All ™s are firmly tongue in cheek ;) I hope someone steals this and makes it!

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Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
Ike and Tina do the best rock band the United States ever produced.

I feel a cover chain coming on...

CCR does Little Richard - Good Golly Miss Molly
Little Richard does the Stones - Brown Sugar
The Rolling Stones do Marvin Gaye - Can I get a witness

I should stop now.

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