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Posted two cards to twitter last week that I mocked up from Pillars of Eternity - Deadfire.

Thought I might as well share them here too.

Fried Ugly - a dish of deep fried hagfish

Three Bells Through - an arquebus with serious penetration

I've been wanting my loot cards in S&S to feel more unique - more like rare and valuable items in my character's hands.

So, I've created a template that I can use to recreate all of my loot cards:

Skull and Shackles Loot Template

I'll probably take the artwork from the originals, add them to this, and then print this out and sleeve it just over top the original.

If folks are interested, I may throw the Adobe Illustrator template up on boardgamegeek.

Hey folks, I'm playing around with the idea of an upgradeable stronghold or base for Skull & Shackles. This would be a group asset that would be upgradeable over time.

Here are the two hideouts I've come up with:

Hidden Grotto (front)
Hidden Grotto (back)

Orphan's Den (front)
Orphan's Den (back)

Hideouts function as a special kind of Location.

  • Hideouts are set out at the start of a scenario like other locations.
  • Hideouts have their own deck.
  • Players can move to hideouts, and can explore the deck at a hideout.
  • Hideouts start the scenario permanently closed and remain so. Villains may not flee to hideouts.

Each Hideout has 5 upgrade boxes.
Upgrade Path:

  • Plunder and Peril - add The group chooses a hideout to the rewards for Sunken Treasures
  • The Wormwood Mutiny- add The group gains a hideout feat to the rewards for The Grindylow and the Whale
  • Raiders of the Fever Sea- add The group gains a hideout feat to the rewards for The Lady's Favor
  • Tempest Rising- add The group gains a hideout feat to the rewards for The Brine Banshee's Grave
  • Island of Empty Eyes- add The group gains a hideout feat to the rewards for Red Rum
  • The Price of Infamy- add The group gains a hideout feat to the rewards for The Battle of Empty Eyes

    OR, I also debated instead of just giving them the feat, making it a choice between getting a new class of ship or getting a hideout upgrade. So anywhere a Scenario gives a ship as a reward, they may choose a new ship or a new hideout feat.

    I'd love some feedback! What do you think? Are the choices balanced enough?

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    I introduce the cousin to the comically mispelled spell:


    1. Take a spell.
    2. Mash it together with something else, portmanteau style.
    3. Profit?

    Please tell me the folks who lovingly send me copies of the APG or Gamemastery cards have it better than this.

    And not just that they don't have to ship out sex toys.

    Hey Folks,

    Here is a map I put together for the Serpent Isles.


    Thanks again to Jason for putting together a great adventure!

    Did anyone take James Jacobs' advice from The Jackals Price and build some unique Katapeshi Merchant stores with limited stocks instead of just letting them go buy whatever they wanted?

    Wondering if anyone has created a shop that they would be willing to share?

    Has anyone picked this up? I enjoyed the first two for basic hack and slash RPGing, and thinking it might be a nice romp after having finished Dragon Age 2 off.


    Hey folks!

    My Legacy of Fire campaign is heading back to Katapesh next month, and as a part of one character's story, I find myself looking for a prison break type adventure to modify.

    Briefly: The character has an important contact who has been imprisoned. The group will need to plan and execute a prison break to get this contact out.

    Can anyone point me towards a good adventure or module that would have the bones of this that I could flesh out?


    I know this has been discussed below, but I figure the only way for it to actually happen is for a slavering horde of gamers to wave dollars in the air. Virtually of course :) So, a petition for you all to sign!

    Remember the great rpg games of the past like Icewind Dale, Planescape and Baldurs Gate? How cool would it be to bring those golden RPG days back with a Pathfinder video game?

    This petition is an attempt to see how many gamers want a computer/ console rpg that:

    * Uses the Pathfinder ruleset created by Paizo
    * Is set in Golarion / Inner Sea region
    * Has a compelling story penned by Paizo with the great quality they are known for

    If you'd buy something like that, clickity and sign!.

    Hey all.

    I started this campaign with two PCs, and I had them roll 2nd lvl characters so they wouldn't get slaughtered out the gate. Then, we grew to four characters, but I didn't slow the leveling down as much as I should have. So now, I have four 5th level characters entering the Battle Market for the first time, and I am worried that they will trounce Kardswann and his goons easily.

    From those who have been through, what is the best way to add some challenge to this portion (and to Xulthos?). Add a lvl to Kardswann and his goons? Add more goons? Gnoll Snipers on the upper stories? Rogue Jedi roaming the halls? Help!

    For those interested, the party is:
    lvl 5 Halfling Fighter
    lvl 5 Halfling Ranger
    lvl 5 Gnome Sorceror
    lvl 5 Dwarf Cleric

    (Yes, all short. Hilarious!)

    Hey folks!

    We had to break right in the middle of the Refuge of Nethys, which is handy because they haven't reached Haidar yet, and I have questions about how others have handled his lycanthropy. I'm a fairly new GM, and all I've seen so far with regards to lycanthropy cures is Belladonna.

    I'd like to be prepared in case someone fails their fort save, which may just happen with my all miniatures group ;) Halflings, gnome, one dwarf. I'll probably give the Moldspeaker a big boost to his throw, but all the rest may be in trouble.

    Has anyone had a PC infected by Haidar? How have you handled this? I'm assuming Zastoran might be able to whip something up, but I made the river crossing from the monastery to Nethys somewhat difficult and they'll need to cart the infected party back over the river.

    Alternatively, I could make finding a cure a longer quest for that character. Are there other options for cures that folks have used in other campaigns?

    Hey all, relatively new GM, trying to keep the many pages in the core book and bestiary straight in my head :)

    Quick question that probably has a simple answer:

    What kind of action is shape change (IE for a were-whatever). I saw in the bestiary that this is a supernatural ability, but was unsure about how long it would take to complete a shape change in combat.


    Looking around, and "Animate object" would seem to be geared more towards creating something for attack purposes and not communication...

    Hey all, I'm gearing up to run Pathfinder this summer after our other campaign has ended.

    I'm busy now building an iTunes playlist for background flavor and am wondering what others might have used to add some spice? Currently in the list: Secret Chiefs, Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard, Kronos Quartet / Mogwai...

    Would love your thoughts.