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tayloritos's page

5 posts. Alias of Neil Taylor.


Eric Tillemans wrote:


Big thanks to Kikai13, Tambryn, Epic Meepo, Jeremy Walker, Julian Neale, and whoever that guy was who started the night off playing Errigal. That was a great way to end PaizoCon!

From 2pm until 10:30ish and we finished it.


I'm the guy who started of playing Errigal. I had a great time, thanks for running it.

Benchak the Nightstalker wrote:

I have marked your name down upon the character sheet.

So are you familiar at all with the comic, or just interested in the game?

I have the hard cover fall and winter books. My kids like the comics and I want to give the game a try to see if they could play.

I would like to try Thort the halfling ranger. Will Thort need a multipurpose lead sheet?

See you this weekend.

I would like to play Wayne.

I guess I'll have to teach these young whipper snappers a thing or two.

See you this weekend.

I was excited to get in your game. I have heard a lot of good things about Mouse Guard.

Thanks for setting it up.

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