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nlw.cs's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 21 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 11 Pathfinder Society characters.


The Exchange *

As someone one who used a camel as an animal companion (RIP-Water) of a retired Dwarven Druid- I think grappling for a camel would be to simply to sit on the enemy compatant. Having it do all that other silly stuff is well just plain silly.

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I have a tiefling ranger for society play, only second level but he does have a twin who's a ninja

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I have played a total of 3 Clerics. 2 of which have died, a Tiefling follower of Desna at the hands of troll during Carrior Crown. The other, a proud Dwarven son Torag, who died during Rise of the Runelords. My third cleric, twin to the tiefling (a human) has since picked up his brother's torch for Carrion Crown. He is a follower of Erastil and has a +19 fly- when he cast's the spell.

However I have one cleric for Society- have not played Carlos the Jackal of Love, follower of Shelyn.

Forgot I had another Cleric with a bow, died by goblin rage during Rise of the Runelords.

I enjoy the class.

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Good choices, another good one is Master of the Fallen Fortress. Like your choices before you, this one does not have faction missions as you are getting to know the world.

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One upon a time there used to be a comic store in Riverton, Wy called Dragon's Tail, they were around when 3rd edition first came. In fact that is where I bought my first player's handbook for 3rd.

But I will tell you this Eelario, if I was up in Lander I would gladly play, since that is were most of my family lives. So good luck. Maybe the next time I come up and visit, I might be able to play some PFS.

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From Silent Tide to Eyes of the Ten, I watched a lot of characters grow from their first inkling to the final stride they would take on the pages of adventure. I started my pathfinder Career with Silent Tide and I remember how much fun I had with that first initial game. It is so different looking back on the past 3 and half years and wished I would have had the oppurtunity to do a campaign with the same character in the Shadow Lodge. Regardless, the story being played out with multiple characters is a lot of fun.

To hear how much fun your players had this past weekend is fantastic. I wouldn't mind running something like that in the future or even having a chance to partake in one myself as a player.

Thanks Drogon for the many years of adventures and many more to come. You are great DM and I hope that this endeavor is a worthwhile adventure for both you and your players.

The Exchange *

Thefurmonger wrote:

Hi all,

I am sorry for the title, but it's an honest question.

I have been playing TT for a LONG time, Red Box FTW!

Anyway I love pathfinder and play in a twice monthly group in the Detroit, MI area and love it.

I really like a game around 50/50 combat/RP, with good character depth, you know the kind (I hope).

So I wanted to add a tad more gaming to my life so I thought PFS might be a good anwser.

Sadly in coming to the boards to see what I might have in store, I am a tad, well disapointed.

It seems that every character is a MIN/Maxed combat monster with all the depth of your average puddle.

The Fighter/Barb/Othermeatsocks are all 7 Int/Cha Imbeciles

And all casters are Genuis level thinkers but borderline cripples. Str 5-7 (Mind you they are all healthy as hell, high Con)

Most character build advice threads seem to reinforce this "Screw Cha, your a fighter"

And it seems that if you dont start with a 20 you somehow suck.

Also it seems that there is about as much RP as in your average boxing match.

Does it just seem this way?

Or do I need to make a combat monster and just get my RP fix in my normal group?

Mr. Furmonger,

As a player and one that has been playing in Society since 2009 I want to say this, YES. Come play.

Dispite all the crazy antics and min-max characters read on the message board. The game in itself is very fun. The adventures are worth while- but most of all it's the table itself that determines the game. You can have six min-maxers at the table and still have one hell of an adventure.

I just recently retired my first characters- he's not your average character. I had had a Druid named Stork who happens to be a Dwarf that worked as a Gardner and grew up in a desert. Never once enjoyed going underground nor did he like being on boats. Dog Sleds yes, boats definately not.

But other characters I have been using are:

Luke- an eighth level monk with who looks like and acts like Luke Skywalker did in the original movie. He has grown into his own since creation- but still fun. Wears a old rusty scroll tube on his belt and no one has any clue why he does (including him)

Aiden- 3/1 Oracle of the Waves/Fighter- An attempt to create Aquaman, however he has dumb as a box of rocks and his profession is that of a male model. Doesn't under the concept of what Ferry is, even though he has ridden one. He still be belives a "Ferry" to be a small creature with wings.

Jack: 4 Urban Ranger: Created to be a mix of John Steed from the Avengers and the Scarlet Pimpernale, even carries a cane sword. Absolutely useless in game play. But fun for roleplaying.

Thorn: A straight foreward half-orc fighter 3/1 Fighter/Barbarian. However he comes from a long line of brothers that rangers from Half-elves, humans, half-orcs and tieflings.

Saryn Zott: 2 Ranger and Thorn's youngest brother a tiefling who grew up in the Tian Xia region of the world.

I am not a min-maxer. I create my characters with flavor so that they make good when it comes to both role-playing and combat.

A table full of balanced characters is ideal, but ultimately it is the convergance of unique and outragious characters that makes a pathfinder society game worth sitting down.

The Exchange *

Michael Brock wrote:
Revamping GM rewards is certainly on my list. One of the things on that list is a unique boon or Chronicle sheet for each star level that will be automatically placed in the GMs downloads once they hit each new star. However, races aren't going to be a part of them. Races will remain in the realm of convention boons.

What about rewards to the GM's at their current Star level? Will we get those as well?

The Exchange

Since this is set up for free RPG day, is this going to allowed for all players to be able to play. Or will it only be for those players that have a specific fifth level character? If so that might make a few issues for players.

The Exchange *

Theconiel wrote:
That is, can I own something but not carry it all the time?

All of my characters have rooms in the same inn- one that is run by another character. It gives me a bit of consistancy.

The Exchange *

ElyasRavenwood wrote:

Im just curious

Do you have a 12 level character? And how long did it take you to get from 1st to 12 level? did it take six months? 1 year? 2 years?

What Is your characters Race, gender, Character class and Faction?

Did your character have to be raised from the dead? what killed him or her?

Im just curious,


Hit 12th level on September 26, 2011. Took 2 years, almost to the date. Have to run the 12th level modules still.

Male Dwarven Druid, Qadira. named Stork.

The Exchange

Blueluck wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Must we deal in hearsay? :)

I read that as, "Must we deal in heresy?" the first time. It made the whole conversation much funnier!

I've stuck with a number of games through multiple editions, and am rarely reluctant to upgrade with the times. As someone who had high hopes for D&D 4th edition, I was disappointed by the final publication. I t switched systems because Pathfinder is the superior product.

I sincerely hope that Paizo does well enough financially with the Pathfinder line that they make another version, with as much careful attention as they gave their first. I'm curious to see where D&D goes next, but I'm excited to see where Pathfinder goes next!

--- got t say, I don't think I want to see Paizo doing another edition of pathfinder or whatever you said. I'll stick to the current version. It's well thought out and world is fantastic. Don't screw with that- at least not for another ten years- if needed.

The Exchange

Question here.

With the addition of Beastery 2 and the adding 4 new elementals, is there a way to be able to transform into the ice elemental, lightning, magma or mud as a Druid in Pathfinder.

The Exchange

Great character, too expensive though. However it does remind me of Neil Gaimen's recent parody of Labrynth with sock puppets. I highly recommend it.

The Exchange

Utgardloki wrote:

I currently have a character with 1 level of Sorcerer, 5 levels of Bard, and just picked up a 3rd level of Druid. Having just reached 9th level, she gets another feat. Currently she has:

* Dodge
* Mobility
* Practiced Spellcaster (Druid)
* Great Fortitude

My question: Is Spell Focus a feat worth taking? Having multiclassed this way, one of her weakness is that she does not have powerful spells to throw at her enemies. She has a Wisdom of 16 (a +3 bonus) and a Charisma of 18 (a +4 bonus), so the saving throw DCs vs her spells are currently DC 13, 14, and 15 for her 0th, 1st, and 2nd level Druidic spells, and 14, 15, and 16 for her arcane spells. Spell Focus would increase each of these DCs by +1 for a given school of magic, probably Enchantment would be the best option.

"If you are playing a multi-classed druid, spell focus: conjuration is a good idea, because it is a prereq for Augment Summoning which allows for your summoned creature to gain +4 Str and Con."

Alternatives to Spell Focus that I am considering:

* Lightning Reflexes. Making Reflex saves is good.
* Skill Focus. Making skill checks is good.
* Weapon Finesse. I'm considering multiclassing into Duelist when her BAB gets up to +6, but Weapon Finesse is a prerequisite. But I think I'm probably better off putting off getting this until 11th level, and taking something that will be more useful right now.

The Exchange

Triga wrote:

I am trying to decide between 4E and pathfinder. i can only invest time and money into one game.

I just want to know why you chose Pathfinder. Not necessarily over 4E but maybe just in general, but you could include reason why you chose PFRPG instead of 4E if you like.

I am not trying to start a 4E vs PFRPG thread. I just want to here some thoughts on PFRPG.

I started playing due to an interest with the world itself. The owner of the gaming store I go too was really thrilled about the world and explained it in a way that made it sound worth investing in. I have now been playing for over a year now, and I am very happy with my choice.

The Exchange

As someone who plays a druid regularly, I would recommend counting the animal companion and any summoned creatures as an extension of the druid itself. Also the animal companion should always move on the druid's turn.

On a sidenote, if you create a druid's animal companion give it some substance. Don't make it a generic animal, give it some background and jazz up the abilities, make it a challange for the players. And use Camels they rock for animal companions.

The Exchange *

Is this all coming from a Pathfinder Society standpoint or for home games?

Because if players were required to have to buy the Seekers of Secrets just to play society games, that will turn away players left and right. Because when you have society games the first book you need to look at is the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play and then make sure its legal. Looks like I need to pick this book up myself.

And if this thread isn't for society games, but a home campaign. The GM should lay the ground work, if a player does not want to abide by that, kick him or her out of the game. Don't try to mold that person, because they are just going to be disruptive from that point on.

As for the langauge thing. Common is Common. I get annoyed when I play a society game and there is someone who speaks a different langauge other than common, elven, dwarven, orc or whatever. I want to punch them, yes they took the language for creative reasons, I commend that, but they are also making it hard for everyone else.

The Exchange *

lrichter wrote:

I heard today that PFS no longer allows players to play the same module with different faction chacters. Is that true?

If it's true that rule will really hurt the game we hold at the local gaming store.

Since it is a gaming store I don't believe in turning anyone away, well I just don't believe in turning people away. This means that walk-ins are encourage to show up, pick up a character, and try PFS out. And since it is a gaming store game, those who do shows up from week to week is not super predictable. The result is a sort of chaos because we can't always predict who will be able to play what so we can't always be sure what adventures to prep (we usually prep a low and an high.) But usually we always have to run a low tier adventure... so sometimes a player with a higher level character will have to suck it up and play a lower tier adventure and sometimes it will be a repeat with a different faction PC.

And thus the problem becomes evident - if this new rule is true, then players with higher level characters, who consistently show up to game may have to walk away from game because they won't be allowed to play the adventure and receive credit for it... which goes against my biggest rule (you show up, we'll get you a seat at the table).

I'm open to suggestions but I really don't want to see a table and a group I helped organize and create dissolve a bit over this. In the past I also organized a game store Living Greyhawk table, but it was not this successful and I have to think that Paizo's flexibility is the difference.

Thanks ahead of time

Here's the deal, from a player's standpoint. It kind of blows when the same adventure is offered time and time again. I understand it being offered if Paizo's retiring it, but to replay just for the sake of replaying it, that's pretty boring and people are going to walk away. And the high level players know that as well. They're more likely dissapointed with the fact that their are no new adventures being offered, because from what I have read in your post that you are offering the same ones time and time again.

LFR has this problem. I watched for the last couple years, the same players playing the same adventure over and over again. No new players were able to get into the game, because the group would be full nearly 2 months in advance. This problem also led to the growth of pathfinder in our area.

I know that you don't like turning people away, and we hate to have to do it as well. But it does happen.

I have a few recommendations for you, if you have not done it yet. The first would be to set up a yahoo group were people can log into and a sign up for games. And post each game a week to two weeks out, that way you get people to sign up. And when you start getting to the point of having to turn people away, it's time to up the ante and start offering two games on the same night. But don't run 2 or 3 games in one week. It will lead to bigger problems. To keep it fresh, run the adventures twice a month, or even 3 times.

At any given time our game nights consist of 18 players and 3 dms and that's a weeknight. And we have over 6 different locations in the denver-metro area alone that runs adventures, and they get full every night that they are run.

The Exchange *

6th Level Camel with a Druid Companion
3rd Level Monk
1st Level Half-Orc Fighter
1st Level 302 pound Rogue.

The Exchange

you know I was really excited with the concept of this character class and was going to use come monday for Pathfinder Society. The idea of adding extra damage from let's say flare or ray of frost to my sword attack sounded pretty cool. But when I started to look through the spell list I found "1" spell that I can use. Shocking Grasp. What the heck is the point to the magus, if we can't use touch spells. Even magic missile used to be ranged touch (but that's not in the description anymore.) I'm pretty sure this class needs a complete overhaul or allow for the spells on its spell list to be used for channeling through the sword regardless of what the range of them is. To have one spell being useful and the rest being cast at a distance, you guys at Paizo have pretty much handicapped the magus. Yeah I turned him into a great fighter lite (but was looking forward to being able to use flare and ray of frost).

Let me know when this gets fixed, cause my magus is going to be sitting on the sidelines watching the world go by.

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