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joeyfixit's page

1,129 posts. Alias of Peter Heleva.


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roll4initiative wrote:

Klaus & Inga were a young couple in love living a simple life as farming folk in Ustalav. The night before their wedding, Klaus was killed by a werewolf when he was out hunting. He now manifests as a hybrid werewolf phantom within his one true love.

Human female Spiritualist 1
Initiative +2, Perception +4
AC 15, touch 12, ff 13 (+3 armor, +2 Dex)
Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +3
Spd 30'
Melee: morningstar +0 (1d8/x2)
Ranged: Lt. crossbow +2
Skills: Know(local) +6, Know(nobility) +6, Know(planes) +6,
Linguistics +6
Feats: Combat Casting, Point Blank Shot

Str 10, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 14 Wis 16 (+2 human), Chr 10

That's what I have so far. Suggestions & comments would be greatly appreciated.

You'll probably get more feedback starting a new thread for builds.

Anyway, what does the Phantom look like, statwise?

RJGrady wrote:

the medium does not have his own spell list, he can never
use his medium spells to craft spell trigger items, spell
completion items, potions, or oils, although he can use such
items depending on his current spirit.
Why? How does this work? Isn't this different than every other method of gaining access to a spell?

Yup. It's something new. Which is what we - and I - asked for.

Why no social skill for the (unCharismatic) Psychic? If there's one thing a telepath should be able to do, it's lie to you.

LazarX wrote:

AOOs and Spellcraft are two very different things. AOO's aren't "oh, so you're casting as spell! I attack!" they arise from the dropping of defenses that spellcasting entails unless you cast defensively. Spellcraft analysis is a different kettle of fish than AOO issues. The Occult mysteries book needs text explaining the impact on spellcraft observation due to the modes it uses for casting.

If that's true (it's not about them realizing that you're casting a spell), then that changes the ball game with regards to social encounters and spells.

In other words, if you can get away with detecting thoughts by simply staring at someone and fondling a copper piece in your pocket, or Charm someone just by, you know, being near them and staring off into space for three seconds, and the target is none the wiser upon a failed save and if he doesn't automatically realize it was you who tried to charm him on a successful save...

... yeah, I'd say that's pretty much worth not being able to cast spells with somatic components when you're shaken.

Lemmy wrote:
Create Mr. Pitt wrote:
The emotional component isn't so bad. It's definitely a bit trickier than the verbal component (though it has the advantage of already being an optimal social caster), but to think it cripples the class assumes a lot of metagaming. It's very unlikely every enemy you face is going to assume that in the world of magic you are the specific type of caster that is vulnerable to emotional effects. By the time things like scrying come online there are some options to deal with these sorts of effects. Maybe shaken could have 50% failure chance instead, but I still don't think it's all that bad and it's nice flavor.
I don't think it "cripples" the class... Just that it's excessively harsh. There are lots of feats and spells that cause fear effects. Many of them make your character Shaken on a successful save.

Cast a spell without Emotional components? Plan ahead and make sure to have one that's useful? Bring a weapon?

Q: Wands require "a single word that must be spoken".

Do Psychic magicians speak the word or do they... emote?

Ellias Aubec wrote:
Uh, with regard to DR, the fact that the blast is Sp means that it ignores all DR anyway - only energy resistance/immunity would cause issues. Kinda makes the Rare Earth form useless, but meh.

My understanding was that the ranged attack blasts functioned more like a magic weapon and as such explicitly aren't blocked by SR, whereas the ranged touch attacks, which tend to do direct energy damage, function more like spells and as such are explicitly blocked by SR. And also are subject to energy resistance, but get around all other DR.

In the case of a tk/aether blast, I'm scratching my head because the spell that this SLA is most like (Telekinesis) does offer Spell Resistance and allows weapon damage.

Clearly we're into new territory here. I'd like some clarification from the dev as to why Carrieta's desk automatically bypasses all DR when she chucks it at a bearded devil with her mind.

To elaborate, my understanding was that when a kineticist hits for

Typical Kinetic Blast Damage wrote:

1d6+1 + your Constitution modifier. This
damage increases by 1d6+1 for every 2 kineticist levels you
possess beyond 1st.

That those bolded +1's are the effective enhancement bonus, which would max out at +10 at level 19, which coincidentally (or not?) happens to be the cap on enhancement bonuses. Is this not the case?

stoolpigeon87 wrote:
Silver Surfer wrote:
These classes are geared to be viewed differently from the divine and arcane.... theyre psychic classes.... and as such you need to keep in mind theyre coming from a completely different direction

Even if these are coming from a very different power source, they still need to fill a role in a party.

I came to the same conclusion as the OP when first reading the Kineticist: they are absolutely HOSED by DR. Not just elemental immunities, but also any sort of DR/Good/Evil/Lawful/Silver/Whatever.


Kinetic Blast wrote:

All damage from a kinetic blast is treated as magic for the

purpose of bypassing damage reduction.

chbgraphicarts wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
@chb--I think you missed a factor of 1/2. A 12th level medium with 14 starting Charisma would only have 8 spirits.

Ah, yes, I did - for some reason I was doubling this.

I'm still not a fan of that, however.

8 spirits and 16 possible abilities is still quite a lot for lv12; at lv13 it jumps to 24 possible abilities.

This is also assuming you have only a 14 Cha, as well, meaning that you start with Cha 10 at lv1 before Racial bonuses, and increase Cha at lv4 and lv8.

Realistically, NO ONE is going to do that.

It's more likely that players will have a 14-20 Cha at lv1 (12-18 + 2 racial) and up to 16-22 at lv12.

That means that, in the real world, you're looking at (min-maxing, but still) up to 11 spirits at lv12 with 22 abilities, and 33 abilities at lv13.

To put this into perspective, the Barbarian has 6 Rage Powers, the Fighter has 13 Feats, and the Rogue has 4 Rogue Talents + 2 Advanced Talents.

Some serious trimming needs to happen.

Real.... world?

Anyway, permanent effects can be dispelled.

Khevtol wrote:
for the phantom, with the ability "Shared Consciousness (Su):" it states that once per day the spirtualist can shunt a mind effecting effect to the phantom instead. This lasts for the duration of that effect. If you decide to shunt a permanent effect, do you lose this class feature forever with no way to return it?

What mind-affecting effects are permanent?

Logan Bonner wrote:
Lord Twitchiopolis wrote:

A few things about psychic spells, just to clarify. Please correct me if I am wrong in this;

1. Psychic spells are not in any way influenced by armor (similar to divine spells).

2. While psychic spells are purely mental and can be performed in a pin, the caster would still need to make a concentration check in order to cast. The same goes for any other casting that requires a concentration check (such as mounted casting and violent motion).

3. Psychic spells still provoke attacks of opportunity unless cast defensively.

Are these correct?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Sorry, why would a spell with no verbal or somatic components provoke an attack of opportunity? How would your opponent even know that you're casting a spell?

Logan Bonner wrote:

Hey, folks, I dove right into answering questions without introducing myself!

I'm Logan, the design lead for the psychic. I'll be keeping the closest watch on your questions and comments about this class.

One thing I'm seeing repeatedly here are requests for more spells on the psychic's spell list. I think we're going to expand it a fair amount, both with new spells for this book and with some categories that a pretty light right now (such as summoning spells). Unlike the mesmerist, this class should be able to cast plenty of spells that have physical effects rather than just mental ones. The spell list isn't reflecting that as much as it will need to.

I'd also like to see more options for spells peculiar to the psychic at lower levels. And maybe a cantri... er, knack or two that's just for Psychics (or Psychic spellcasters).

Aratrok wrote:

I didn't suggest you could overflow your pool. But you can refill it as much as you like and not worry about running out beyond using all of them in a single encounter.

So, the fighter has to keep burning his standard actions to hurt you? And a dedicated healer has to keep healing you? This sounds a lot more niche than anything I'm talking about.

Aratrok wrote:

Those are all fairly niche situations.

Even combined? I disagree. Those were all from my career as a Pathfinding adventurer. And I'm sure the creative Psychic can come up with more uses for it.

Aratrok wrote:

The hostile barkeep is gonna be a lot more hostile when the spell ends and he still remembers how you cast a spell that messed with his head.

Who's casting spells? I'm a Psychic. I can stand with my arms crossed and Calm your Emotions with the flick of an eyebrow.

Am I nuts or are there no resonant powers for the Transmuter's Vest?

Aratrok wrote:

It seems like Discipline of Pain is just straight up superior to the other options.

- Cha/rds a day get +1 to spell DCs and +2 morale on Will saves, plus immunity to Fear. Hard to control usage at low levels due to Concentration to turn it off.
- Get DR 5 of a random easily penetrated type.
- Weak constant SR that gets much stronger (for good or ill) while in Dark Half.

- Gain phrenic points back when you cast divinations to get answers to questions.
- Be able to memorize a specific amount of information (which is super weird; there aren't any rules for this kind of thing, your character can remember pretty much anything you want), disable written (explosive runes) magical traps with your brain.
- 1/day mage's mansion and moderate bonuses to knowledge skills.

- Wis/day burn an immediate action for +2 on a Will save (+4 vs Enchantment), get a phrenic point back if it succeeds.
- Calm emotions Wis/day. Calm emotions is an extremely niche spell and requires concentration, you will probably never use all of your uses/day, and rarely use it at all.
- Immune to fear and confusion. Suppress fear or confusion on one person (and one person only) as a standard action for 1 round/level.

- +1 phrenic point per 10 points of damage taken (once per minute). This lets you get pretty much infinite phrenic points at the cost of 30 gp each (from wand of cure light wounds), or for free if you were going to be healed anyway by asking your martial buddy to slap you in the face for 10 nonlethal damage.
- Cha/day inflict very minor damage on someone you hurt with a spell last round.
- Gain Lay On Hands that's almost as good as a straight-classed paladin's, including mercies. Get a free breath of life on yourself 1/day to save your bacon if you do somehow die.
- 3+Cha/day force a will save versus being dazed for a number of rounds equal to your Cha mod when you cast a damage spell at someone. Dazing...

I think you're reading Painful Resurgence wrong. The key word is regain.

I'm not seeing anything that indicates you can overflow your pool. So, not 60 points/hour.

Also, Calm Emotions a niche spell? Strongly disagree. It's terrific at ending encounters with animal monsters who are protecting their nest/cubs, deactivating enemy bards and barbarians, and curing allies from being frightened or shaken or confused.

In addition, it's useful in social encounters against the hostile barkeep or whatever.

donato wrote:

Would perhaps granting the ability to trance at will be too much? I know there may be some balance concerns, especially without knowing the remaining spirits and their abilities. However, I feel that the spirit influence is already a good limiting factor for overuse of any one spirit.

If I were to want the Bear's claws, I can only safely trance them twice a day. Anything beyond that will push me towards using a different spirit lest I lose control to the spirit. This would encourage varied play styles throughout an adventuring day. If trancing was at will, an option to reduce a spirit's influence on a character might even be introduced to allow for additional uses of the same spirit.

The more stuff you add via trance, the more likely you'll lose control of your character. This, to me, seems like the proper throttle for overuse of the ability, not a static X/day.

Stephen Radney-MacFarland wrote:
joeyfixit wrote:
Does an ectoplasmic Phantom have feet? Does it care about gravity and difficult terrain?
Well it is humanoid in you want. Regardless to whether or not your ectoplasmic phantom has feet, it does care about gravity and difficult terrain.

My confusion stems from the fact that the Phantom's state (while Ectoplasmic) doesn't seem to be incorporeal or corporeal, and while some qualities of the Ectoplasmic template are present (the Phase Lurch, the DR), others aren't. Constant air walk, specifically.

Also, "Humanoid shape" is open to interpretation. "Humanoid" critters in PF have arms and legs, but the Phantom isn't a humanoid. One could argue that the Library Ghost has a humanoid shape, but she certainly doesn't have feet and I can't imagine that she'd have much trouble floating over quicksand.

'Course, one could also argue that, as pictured, she's in an incorporeal state, and our heroes are powerless to fight her without their wands of magic missile/ghost touch lassoes. Certainly she's left a lot of ectoplasmic residue around, though.

RainyDayNinja wrote:
joeyfixit wrote:
Artanthos wrote:

You are correct, I will have to make an adjustment to gain Arcane Strike.

It can be picked up by using traits to qualify. I may also drop the weapon and go strictly natural attacks using a tiefling, which would qualify for arcane strike.

Uhhhh... why is that?
It's been clarified in an FAQ that an SLA counts as a spell for the purpose of prerequisites.

Huh. That's a new one. Looks like my Sorcerer/Rogue Drow should have made it to Arcane Trickster back on 2011 after all.

Artanthos wrote:

You are correct, I will have to make an adjustment to gain Arcane Strike.

It can be picked up by using traits to qualify. I may also drop the weapon and go strictly natural attacks using a tiefling, which would qualify for arcane strike.

If you're thinking that the Darkness SLA will qualify, try again.

Errata wrote:

Does a creature with a spell-like ability count as having that spell on its spell list for the purpose of activating spell completion or spell trigger items?

No. A spell-like ability is not a spell, having a spell-like ability is not part of a class's spell list, and therefore doesn't give the creature the ability to activate spell completion or spell trigger items.

Emphasis mine.

Having an SLA is not the same being able to cast arcane spells.

Artanthos wrote:

You are correct, I will have to make an adjustment to gain Arcane Strike.

It can be picked up by using traits to qualify. I may also drop the weapon and go strictly natural attacks using a tiefling, which would qualify for arcane strike.

Uhhhh... why is that?

First off, I love it more than most stuff in this book. Seems like this class and Discipline is as close as PF comes to a Scanner.

Survival: I love it. Even fits with how the guy in the above clip starts as a hobo.

Mental Placidity: I'm a big fan of immediate actions. One that buffs your will against an incoming mental attack and can provide a buff to fellow party members affected is gravy.

Sleep bonus spell: Sure, sounds good.

Detect Thoughts bonus spell: Errrrn. This is where I'm raising an eyebrow. Every other Discipline gets a second level spell at four, but not Tranquility.

Detect Thoughts is a natch first level spell for a Scanner. Add to this the fact that the only Psychic Spell offered at first is a mind thrust, which is a divination that offers HP damage and a Will save, and is also extremely Scannerific . Spell Focus: Divination seem like a good first level feat, maybe? Considering that Detect Thoughts looks like the only other divination with a Will save at first level, and the two work extremely well together, flavor-wise.

Sure, you can use your fourth level free swap to change it, but that means that your so-called second level bonus spell just became Your Choice of first level spell. You get two of those when you build your character and one at level three.

In another thread I suggested Calm Emotions, but I see that the Discipline gets that as a free SLA at 5th anyway, so may I suggest Silence? What's more tranquil?

Hypnotic Pattern would also fit the theme.

Can we do better than Detect Thoughts for a Tranquil Discipline's level four bonus spell? Looks like every other discipline gets a second level spell at that level - Alter Self, Fox's Cunning, False Life.

Furthermore, the only Psychic Spell offered at level one is Mind thrust. I can't think of another divination that does HP damage, and few offer a will save. Naturally this makes me look at what other divinations are available at first level and which offer a will save. Detect Thoughts naturally jumps out at you - what's more Psychic?

Therefore Spell Focus: Divination seems like a reasonable first level feat, given that it will stay relevant if you stick with the Mind Thrust chain.

In other words, why would I wait til fourth level for Detect Thoughts?

Might I suggest Calm Emotions as a reasonable substitute for the 2nd level bonus spell offered by (ahem) the Discipline of Tranquility?

Is there maybe a reluctance to offer three Enchantments as consecutive bonus spells?

Dragon78 wrote:
I find it strange that this class only has 3 disciplines. It's like getting only three sorcerer bloodlines to choose from. Interesting class, it's an int based spontaneous full caster.

Abomination, Pain, Lore, and Tranquility. I count four.

Artanthos wrote:

Are the spirit bonuses typed?

Does the AC bonus from dexterity spirits add to CMD? Does it apply when flat footed?

Currently working on Drek the Destroyer just to get a feel for a melee focused medium.

Took a peek at your build. Arcane Strike won't work.

Arcane Strike wrote:

You draw upon your arcane power to enhance your weapons with magical energy.

Prerequisite: Ability to cast arcane spells.

Benefit: As a swift action, you can imbue your weapons with a fraction of your power. For 1 round, your weapons deal +1 damage and are treated as magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. For every five caster levels you possess, this bonus increases by +1, to a maximum of +5 at 20th level.

Psychic Magic wrote:

Psychic spellcasters aren’t affected by effects that target only arcane
or divine spellcasters, nor can they use arcane or divine
scrolls or other items or feats that say they can be utilized
by only arcane or divine spellcasters

medium wrote:

Beginning at 4th level, a medium gains the ability
to cast a small number of psychic spells.

Emphasis mine.

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Orthos wrote:
Read the beginning paragraph of the section on spirits. It explains that only a bare minimum have been provided for the playtest. There are 54 spirits in the full array, each of which will have two alignment components, like any other creature in the game. So all the spirits currently in the playtest will gain their L/N/C as well as having more spirits filling in the gaps in the full version.

Seems like this is on its way to being the grandaddy of text-heavy classes. It already taking up eleven pages. A wizard only takes six pages to give you a basic rundown on eight and a half magical schools, plus familiars. Heck, a cleric only takes up ten pages and gives you a selection of thirty-three domains, which double dips with Druids.

Reading 54 spirit entries sounds like homework. Ya gotta do something to make this class easier to swallow.

That said, bravo for bookmarking each separate implement group by school.

Nitpicky editing note:

The basic description of Focus Powers is on page 33 and the selection of Focus Powers begins on page 35. We don't get to a power that requires a save until page 36. I suspect many people will be skipping ahead to the implements that the class description dances around for three and a half pages. Once I see saving throw, I'm hunting around for where to find its value.

I would suggest either moving the descriptor for a Focus power's DC to the start of the Implements section, or copying it in brief there. Or creating a sidebar for the basics of Focus Powers.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Orthos wrote:
Joey, what's the type in parenthesis by Trance? Should be (SP) (SU) or (EX). (If it's not there at all, that's a typo, and the confusion much more understandable.) I'm AFB at the moment so I can't look myself.

.... oh.

(I just learned a thing.)

To be fair, whether or not something provokes a standard action is usually bluntly stated in the text for most Supernatural abilities. At a glance, this includes the CRB listings for both Channel and Wild Shape.

First glance:

Good on you for dividing up the spell list by class. Makes it a lot easier to throw a build together.

Quickened Trance - move trance down one step, time wise.

So, standard at one, move at sixth, swift at tenth, free (but limit one free one per round?) at 14th.

Increased Phrenic Pool - natch.

Extra Phrenic Power - natch.

Extra Spirit bonus - at least +1.

Stark_ wrote:
joeyfixit wrote:
Discipline of Abomination wrote:

While she’s her dark half, a psychic can’t use any Charisma-,
Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except Acrobatics,
Fly, Intimidate, and Ride) or any ability that requires patience
or concentration other than casting psychic spells.

The instinctively cruel alter ego can't use Intimidate? The class skill provided by the discipline?

Uh, you might want to re-read that quote.

At first glance, the class looks fun. Int based spontaneous caster is something I've wanted to see for a while.

Yup, I see it now. Except transmogrified into Including in my brain. That's what happens when a new playtest comes out just before game night.

Aratrok wrote:
Trance is a supernatural ability. Supernatural abilities don't provoke unless otherwise noted in the specific ability.
Trance wrote:

A medium can enter a trance state, beseeching
an additional spirit for aid or becoming more in tune with
his channeled spirit, in exchange for granting the spirit
increased influence over him. Entering a trance requires
1 full round of concentration. At the end of that round, the
medium can choose to channel one of his known spirits
that matches the alignment or ability score of one of his
channeled spirits and gain its lesser power. Alternatively,
he can select a spirit he is currently channeling and gain
that channeled spirit’s weakest spirit power that he does
not currently possess. Either way, the effect lasts 1 minute.
Any ongoing benefits from a gained power also end after
the minute is up. A medium cannot enter a trance when he
is already in a trance. Entering a trance increases the chosen
spirit’s influence upon the medium by 1 step.

I see an effective casting time, an effect, a limitation, and a duration. Where do you see Supernatural Ability?

If it's somewhere else in the class, then it should be here first.

Discipline of Abomination wrote:

While she’s her dark half, a psychic can’t use any Charisma-,
Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except Acrobatics,
Fly, Intimidate, and Ride) or any ability that requires patience
or concentration other than casting psychic spells.

The instinctively cruel alter ego can't use Intimidate? The class skill provided by the discipline?

Mnemonic cache wrote:

You can memorize a piece of
information and later recall it perfectly. Your mnemonic
cache can hold roughly 10 pages of written information or
30 minutes worth of speech or music. (Memorizing music
doesn’t confer the ability to perform it properly.) You can
hold only one piece of information in your mnemonic
cache at a time. The information doesn’t go away when you
recall it, but when you put a new piece of information in
the cache, the old piece becomes like any other memory. If
you’re in telepathic contact with another creature (through
telepathic bond, for example), you can transfer the information
directly into its mind as a free action. For this creature, the
information functions like a normal memory, not one with
perfect clarity.

So, like a photographic memory, with 10 pages worth of hard drive? And you can share the thumbnail with a friend, but they can't read code. Got it.

Mnemonic cache wrote:

You can attempt to sequester a written magical trap (such

as explosive runes or sepia snake sigil) in your mnemonic cache
and destroy it. Treat this as making a Disable Device check
to disarm a magical trap (as though you had the trapfinding
class feature). You use the higher of your Disable Device
modifier or 5 + your psychic level + your Wisdom modifier,
whichever is higher. If you succeed, instead of being disabled
the trap is erased and destroyed. This ability can’t destroy
symbol traps; it functions only if written text is involved.

Um, what?

Are you taking a physical magical trap and putting it in your brain and then disabling it? Or are you keeping a trap from going off inside your brain? I'm not clear on what's happening here.

Still wanting to know if a trance provokes.

Here's a suggestion: more Spirit bonus. Either add one to it or scale it off of Charisma somehow. Or maybe have some kind of temporary effect where you get to add your Charisma bonus to it.

My first impression is that the transmutation spells on the Psychic's list seem out of place, flavor-wise. Puffing up a Barbarian to giant size or shrinking a rogue down to cat size seems very Magicky to me. Creating an illusion like Silent Image and things like Detect Spells seem more on the money.

blahpers wrote:
Stephen Radney-MacFarland wrote:

Awesome, Angry Wiggles. I look forward to your playtest notes.

The answers to your questions about armor and other itemization can be found on page 54 of the document, in the Phantoms sections with the relevant information being in the Armor subsection and the link ability.

I would say that yes, the shadow dancers summoned shadow would also prevent a phantom from manifesting or cause it to retreat back into the summoner's consciousness, and I will make a note to add that later drafts.

While the subject is still fresh: The summoner's summon monster class ability draws from the same power as their eidolon, preventing the use of both simultaneously. Would the summon monster class ability also prevent a phantom from manifesting?

I think this deserves a clarification. "if it is manifested

when such a creature is summoned, it immediately retreats
into its spiritualist’s consciousness" says to that any summon spell chases the Phantom away. When it comes to creatures that have already been summoned when the Spiritualist is trying to manifest the Phantom, only the Eidolon is named. Probably it applies to any summoned critter.

Note that the "Call Spirit" spell is conjuration, but the subschool is "Calling", which I don't recall having seen before. So even though this is a kind of summoning, it shouldn't chase your Phantom away.

Does an ectoplasmic Phantom have feet? Does it care about gravity and difficult terrain?

Great job on the spell list, btw.

Light weapons was wrong? Dang, I was already building one with an Aklys.

Lemmy wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
I'm worried about its saves... As with all Cha-based classes, having only Will as a good save comes dangerously close to having no good save, since Cha doesn't boost Will and can't be used as a dump stat.
As it works out, your spirit bonuses can help a lot in that regard. For instance, a level 9 medium with Big Sky/Cricket has the same Reflex saving throw bonus as if she had a strong Reflex save. That said, as always, I'm open to considering other options. I would say that Fort is the more likely to add than Ref, for the reasons mentioned by rainzax upthread

A good Fort could solve the problem, as that would save up resources for the character to invest in their Will save.

(And a feat allowing the character to replace Wisdom with Cha for Will saves would be greatly appreciated... But I think the ACG made that impossible by introducing 3~4 overly situational ways of adding Cha to Will... -.-')

+1. It kind of fits thematically, I think. Being possessed by spirits should toughen you up to corporal threats, don't ya think?

Since this is an awfully combat-focused class, I think full BAB is called for. Trade the Seance boon for it; these strike me as awfully circumstantial. I don't think this breaks the class; an Oracle has 3/4 BAB but access to all cleric spells at first level. And I can't think of another class with Paladin/Ranger spell progression that doesn't have full BAB.


When you channel a secondary spirit via trance, do you get access to it's spell list for the purposes of spell trigger abilities (wands)?

Btw, do you get the spell trigger access pre-4th level? I think this is what's being said under spells, but I want to make sure.

Does a trance provoke Attacks of Opportunity?

Does the Medium benefit from a seance boon?

Dave Justus wrote:
Rikkan wrote:
Wild Shape can't be dispelled though.
It can't be dispelled by dispel magic. Baleful Polymorph will certainly dispel it though.

It does say "effects", not spells. Also, Wild Shape acts as Beast Shape or Elemental Body or Plant Shape, so therefore I would guess could be dispelled. Have to side with Bob on this one.

Nm, I'm reading the Dual Vessel thing and applying it to Trance and also reading it wrong.

My first impression is that this is built around synergizing a party. It seems like the "Seance Boon" is intended to buff up a party, but they seem mostly pretty weak and circumstantial. It's also not clear to me if the Medium gains the Seance Boon himself at first level.

More than that, it seems like an awful lot of paperwork to have to put up with. A lot more than, say, a Druid with an AC or a Master Summoner. Even with only four spirits to choose from, I feel like I would need a flow chart to keep track of how they interact with each other, especially if one is Charisma-oriented. If I read it right, there's no point in adding a like-abilitied spirits as a secondary because you won't get their powers and the bonus will be identical.

The limit on spirits lends itself to a specialized build, which contrasts with the flavor of the fluff text (a new role every day!).

Also, I notice wands will work based on which spirit you have. Unfortunately, the best spirit power for melee (Broken Shackles) means you have Burst Bonds as your low level wand-ready spell. A wand of Burst Bonds is pretty useless (if you need it, you almost certainly can't reach it). A wand of Enlarge Person would be handy, but it's coupled with one of the suboptimal powers - claws. BTW, claws would be a lot better if you could apply that "ignore DR" to them...

C'mon, guys. I'm pushing back my lunch break so that I can look at this before game night tonight. Any progress?

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|dvh| wrote:

It's 0640 here and I'm awake. I want my beta test because entitlement!

(hype train goes choo choo)


Just hit level 4 on my first druid. I'm new to melee-focused characters and to polymorphing/shifting size without Enlarge/Reduce extracts.

Polymorph school says that you get the base speed of your new form, but Beast Shape lists specific base speeds for different movement types, and they're all 30. So, a dolphin swims at 30 but a Cheetah can move at 50?

Does being Beast Shaped render you immune to Baleful Polymorph?

Insain Dragoon wrote:
joeyfixit wrote:

Do they drop these things at midnight or what?

At a random point during the day. earliest I saw was 10AMish.

Where do you live? Longitudinally.

Dragon78 wrote:
I would like to see a psychic rage mechanic similar to a barbarian rage mechanic for psychic powers. It would increase Int/Cha instead of Str/Con, increase damage with psychic attacks, bonus to combat maneuvers, increase number of targets you can effect, etc. Would be good as a archetype for the kineticist or a psychic warrior type class.

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