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encorus's page

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Good sturdy screen with somewhat questionable choice of tables

****( )

I like the fact that the screen is sturdy and high. The D&D 4E screen was also sturdy, but unfortunately it was too low. I guess some DMs liked that as it allowed them to actually see the players, but I always felt a bit "unprotected" suspecting that the tall player to my left is peeking over the screen. No such problem with the Pathfinder screen!

The art of the screen is also beautiful, although it's nothing new: we've been seeing these iconic characters for several years now.

Now what I don't like about the screen is the choice of some of the tables included. Why do I really need the following two tables during a game session:

Experience Point Awards
Treasure Values per Encounter

These tables are useful before a session, when planning the encounters. I've never in my life used these tables during a game session.

I would rather have more vital tables to the actual gameplay included. I'm missing, for example, the very important table that shows which actions provoke Attack of Opportunity and which do not. Also more conditions could have been included. These were the 2 things that I felt missing after 1 game session with the screen; I'm sure there are more.

As a side note the D&D 4E screen also included the above useless tables. Pathfinder might have taken the idea from there... pity.

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No map of Cheliax and inconsistencies in an otherwise good supplement

***( )( )

A book about the Empire of Cheliax that doesn't contain a map of the place? Yes, there are maps of the 2 main cities (quite inconsistent in their presentation) but what about the land itself? It's as if owning the Pathfinder Campaign Setting is a prerequisite to actually making sense of this book, something which is not really written in the product's description. The other problem I had is that while it presents things in Pathfinder RPG compatible format largely, there are some inconsistencies, for example a feat that still refers to the old grappling rules. Otherwise this is a good book with some interesting bits and a very nice presentation.

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Pretty good but rife with errors

***( )( )

Pretty good adventure, although it might be a bit tough for inexperienced GMs to run. But what's up with the proofreading? "See also heard the jabs and mockery the house staff heaped daily on her brother. Fiercely defensive, the noble girl once cut one of her first handmaids wirh a broken wine bottle". See instead of she? Wirh instead of with? And that's just one example in one paragraph. The adventure is full of such typos and mistake. Paizo, you could do better!

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