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FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 252 posts (1,511 including aliases). 9 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 21 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.

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**( )( )( )

The book is ambiguous, sloppy and lacks any kind of balance. It has some cool stuff in it but weeding through the garbage, and having to decipher the code on nearly every page because of unclear wording and punctuation makes this a headache to get through at best. I've never seen anything so bad from Paizo (I skipped mystic) and if this type of unprofessional work is their new direction this will likely be the last purchase I make from them.

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Excellent Aventure


Good RP and fun combats! Had a lot of cool non-combat encounters that were fun to figure out. I liked it!

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*( )( )( )( )

My buddy has the subscription and showed me his. This is probably the worst mini I've ever seen. The white dragon was amazing though.

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*( )( )( )( )

My party and myself completed all the missions and got all the prestige but I found this both boring and tedious. We had a good GM so I don't think it was the GM, but is the scenario itself.

It would've been ok if the "research" was like half the scenario but its was about 90%. It was boring on both combat and RP department. If you like to walk into rooms and roll skill checks and repeat that over and over and over again this may be the scenario for you.

I like the RP scenarios, but this is not one, or at least was not when I played. It is literally skill checks and 2 puzzles. I'm not sure the people who said this is "great" rp, but we had two rp encounters, one lasted 20 seconds and the other was roughly 2 minutes.

There are 2 interesting puzzles, but they weren't interesting enough to redeem the boringness of this scenario.

I'm only giving it one star because there's nothing lower. I won't even run this for credit because its so bad!

Update: And now I eat those words. They had too many people signed up for it at FLGS without a GM so I volunteered to run it tonight. I am still sticking with my 1 star rating, but I do see what the other players are talking about, it does have some fun potential RP that may merit more stars IF those encounters EVER come up, which is unlikely at best.

The problem is, the scenario punishes you by being very boring if you do very well in it. The worse you do the more fun the scenario will be and the more interesting encounters you will have. My party today completed the scenario nearly flawlessly in under 2 hours, and other than one(admittedly rather fun if a little easy) puzzle it is literally nothing more than a series of skill checks, most of which are not even suspenseful. If you do poorly it has some rather interesting potential encounters, otherwise I stick to my story and say this is pretty boring.

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Worst scenario I've ever seen

*( )( )( )( )

Worst scenario I have ever played. I just wrote a giant review and for some reason it didn't go through. I only played the scenario and have not read it. Not going to rewrite it so heres a paraphrase. All in all it comes down to:

A) We failed the mission on skill checks. They can either be Charisma skills (which I had extremely high for the level and still failed) or sleight of hand checks. GM hand Waived it (after a lot of time was wasted) so we could continue the scenario.
B) Sorcerer with 5 color sprays nearly TPK'd the party, but I ran.
C) Had to use survival checks to find a merchant in the market.

It was just a bunch of stuff that didn't make sense with no way to continue after failing. By far the worst scenario I've ever played, with only one coming in a close second.

That said, if it didn't have so many idiotic things (such as a survival check for what is clearly a Gather Information check) it actually had some good RP encounters. If they had changed a few things around it may be enjoyable.

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