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grodog wrote:
grodog wrote:
I'll see if Rob can stop by and chime in here with some more-authoritative input...

Rob's pretty swamped (getting ready to move), but asked me to pass this along:

Rob Kuntz via email to grodog wrote:

EGG and I surmised a location of ERK synonymous with the location of Maure Castle on the GH outdoor map. I switched the two when coming to
creating Maure Castle, however, for IP reasons--didn't need WotC owning yet the third castle/namesake from the 1972-1973 triumvirate. WG5 does indeed equate to the outer precincts of ERK that EGG's PCs discovered. There is no cross-over in the primary sense when you strip away all else for IP reasons. WG5 remained in place, but the Castles switched. I really miss doing Maure, btw, as it was a great story line. Perhaps I shall finish it as a novel, as my proclivities these days are running more and more towards writing fiction than doing loads of design work.--RJK

So, that's the word, straight from the source :D


Thanks for the information about the Maure/ERK connection, though I'm still unsure about the exact meaning of his answer... I'm pretty sure we all just want to know if the upcoming ERK can be unofficially but neatly used as the upper works of Maure?

I have to agree with the last 2 posters opinions, the idea of a Maure-themed novel leaves me cold. It the actual adventure were finished, I'm sure I'd feel differently. I just wish Rob would finish the Maure adventure, or at least release enough information to make it actually playable in the context of a campaign. Even if we never see the completed work published, all DMs need for a sound starting point to actually play the dungeon is:
1. an in-depth description of what the actual above-ground castle ruin.
2. a simple cross-section diagram of the dungeon.
3. a brief description/summary of each of the dungeon levels.
Such information would be a huge help toward his fans who want to actually play it. As it stands now, even with 3 Dungeon Magazines and Wizard's Walk, I'll probably never play these. There is just not enough there to feel comfortable trying to complete it, even for my own group. So come on, Rob, give us the keys to the castle so we can go in and play! :)

I wish Rob all the best - I've even purchased his recent other adventures so show my support of his endeavors. It is just frustrating to hear plans heading in odd directions, rather than wrapping up a his most popular and acclaimed series.

I miss Zogonia too, and especially Mt. Zogon. I would love another book.

Jeremy Mac Donald wrote:
Vongoosewink wrote:
Jeremy Mac Donald wrote:
Pat Payne wrote:

And yeah, I'm looking forward to see how the original Maure Castle stacks up :)
I always thought that Castle Maure and El Raja Key were essentially one and the same with Castle Maure being the published snippets.
Can anyone confirm if this is true?

OK, From the "Bibliography of the Works of Robert J. Kuntz":

"Ostensibly the castle was located at a geographical area equating to the current Maure Castle location on the WoG map; WG5 (see below) was a nearby area related to Maure Castle/El Raja Key in some way which was only slightly hinted at (though the idea of entering Maure Castle equated with entering El Raja Key, which was less a name then than a signature denoting my castle, since my real initials occur within it)."

So that's a yes then, that Maure and El Raja Key are basically the same dungeon?

Jeremy Mac Donald wrote:
Pat Payne wrote:

And yeah, I'm looking forward to see how the original Maure Castle stacks up :)
I always thought that Castle Maure and El Raja Key were essentially one and the same with Castle Maure being the published snippets.

Can anyone confirm if this is true?

Alagard wrote:
is the metal minis line dead? some have been for preorder for a long time and it has alwas have those kind of problems, and now this looks like the official line of minis for pathfinder so I wonder.

Nope, Crocodile Games is set to release the next batch (with the rest of the Iconics) this summer.

Just a heads-up for gamers who will be attending the Salute show in London this weekend. Crocodile Games will have a booth there (#TK23), and we'll be bringing along a limited number of Pathfinder Minis. Since we're coming a loooong way to the show, we won't be bringing a lot -- but we will have limited numbers of the entire range. If you are coming, please stop by and say hi!

--Chris FitzPatrick
Crocodile Games

Black Dow wrote:
Vongoosewink wrote:

After that we're focusing on the Iconics, and we're going to wrap up all that still remain.

Crocodile Games

Fitz - does that mean that Croc are only doing the iconics - and then that's it - finito... or are we likely to see more "generic" characters/creatures etc from the world of Golarion tied in with the PFRPG launch being released?

[would love to see a Shoanti barbarian in the style of CotCT's Krojun Eats-What-He-Kills or some Ulfen]


We're wrapping up the 12 Iconics first, then we'll proceed with the Iconic villains from the covers of the new adventure paths. Generic characters and creatures are a possibility, depending on how sales go. Any miniature we choose to make needs to be something that will have a high demand, in that: A) everybody wants one (like Seoni), or B) DM's want to buy a bunch (like the Goblins).

The next release is already finished and includes the following:

P-018 The Scribbler
P-019 Karzoug, Runelord of Pain
P-020 Seelah (Iconic Human Paladin)
P-021 Ezren (Iconic Human Wizard)

After that we're focusing on the Iconics, and we're going to wrap up all that still remain.

Crocodile Games

Here is the first of the Goblins "Gobdolf the Green" -- sorcerer and leader of the misfits.

On a balmy summer afternoon, the local wizard's dirty laundry was being washed by his lowly apprentice. While the wizard's star and moon hat was left to dry, the wandering goblin called "Gobdolf" spied it hanging on the line and thought "I'll ave me sum of dat!", hopping over the fence and stole the hat! Convinced now that the hat is a powerful magic artifact, Gobdolf has manifested sorcerous powers... And has renamed himself "Gobdolf the Green"!

He has since convinced a band of goblin rogues that he is infact a powerful wizard and together they are roaming the hills outside of Sandpoint causing mischief. He is pursued by the wizard's apprentice, who seeks to retrieve his master's hat at all costs...

Gobdolf is my conversion and paint job. His body is a GW gnoblar plastic body, with a Crocodile Games Pathfinder goblin head. The hat and wand are both free-sculpted out of green putty. He took about 4 hours to convert and paint.



Hi everybody

Sandpoint is in trouble! A nefarious band of Goblin misfits, led by the mysterious Gobdolf the Green, is on its way to sack the town!

Men, sharpen your swords! Women, lock up your children and dogs! The goblins are on the move!

Dis Way Boyz!

Goblins Gone Wild Pic

Hope you guys like the photo, here's a bit of information about it -- It all started with a wacky idea...a local band of gamers and miniature painters decided it would be fun to play some goblin roleplay. Naturally we love the Pathfinder goblin miniatures, and so armed with a sharp knife and glue we decided to "improve them". All of these goblin miniatures are what we call conversions, we cut off parts from pathfinder goblins, Crocodile Games weapons and bits, and a few Games Workshop plastic gnoblar bodies -- We blended them together in the mixer and glued them back together randomly, and viola! Instant Goblin PCs! (just kidding, it took a lot more planning than that and two blenders were involved.:-) )

Each figure was a conversion by a different member of our gaming group in Staffordshire, UK. We will post close ups of each of the figures as well as a few interesting tit-bits about them.

We've updated the Croc site with an image of the Merisiel sculpture -- she's being molded now, and Croc Games hopes to ship this wave by the end of the month.

Vic Wertz wrote:
We haven't heard a date from Crocodile yet.

The second wave should be shipping this month.

All of the Pathfinder miniatures so far are single-piece castings, except the Goblin on the dog (the goblin is a separate piece from the dog).

The only assembly required for the rest is to glue the figure to the plastic base.

Hope this helps.

--Chris FitzPatrick
Crocodile Games

I’ve Got Reach wrote:
Money speaks louder than words. I would buy the back issues and be done with it.

I've already got all the back issues, but I'd still buy a hardcover. I was merely suggesting that those who would like to see a hardcover happen make their voices heard. Paizo cas slearly stated that the ball is in WotC's court, and WotC will only produce or approve the production of something they think there is a real demand for.

MaxSlasher26 wrote:

I'm just gonna chime in and note that I love the add for this book:

It was in the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk where a lesser warrior would've said, "Pee, meet Pants."

But not I. I led my party to victory.

Pants unsoiled.

Yeah, it was great -- and I loved the use of the Erol Otus art! Is it just me, or does no other artist capture the 'spirit' of old-school D&D as well as Erol Otus?

I can't wait for the Expedition to Castle Greyhawk!

There is a thread on the Wizards board about this right now. Basically, some folks are politely trying to let WotC know that they want an AoW hardcover.

If you want one too, it couldn't hurt to say so on the WotC forums.

Erol Otus, David Trampier, Jeff Dee, and Bill Willingham -- in that order.

I'm a newcomer to the messageboards, could someone tell me where this Greyhawk folder is?

Sorry for the trouble!

Sorry if this question has been asked already, but here goes...

I know Pathfinder has been described as 'greyhawkish' in tone, but I was wondering if there were any plans to actually post conversion material for running Pathfinder in Greyhawk (or Forgotten Realms or Ebberon. But I'm really just interested in GH, though I thought I'd mention the other 2 as some subscribers would no doubt be interested.)

It seems from what I've seen so far, the 2 worlds are actually quite different (different gods, even). So, if I was going to run it, I'd obviously want to make the conversion as simple as possible, and especially keeping it in tune with what the designers intended. My gaming group are too old and set in their ways to switch to a new game world after 20 years!

Simple notes for this published online would suffice to get me to subscribe -- like what was done with Age of Worms "Overload" (Manzorian is Tenser, the Free City is Greyhawk, etc.) Even if this was done in an 'unofficial' capacity, it would be a huge help, as Eric Mona & company know both Greyhawk & Pathfinder much better than I do, and we could certainly use some advice on this come August.

Thanks for your consideration.


James Jacobs wrote:
jokamachi wrote:
That is, other than the Savage Tide. What will will see on Greyhawk in the last couple issues?

Issue #148 has "In the Shadow of Spinecastle" which is an adventure plus an extensive appendix about the city of Spinecastle.

Issue #149 has a whole lot of Iggwilv in it.

Issue #150 will have a Critical Threat from Greyhawk, if all goes well.

No more Maure? You guys are breaking my heart!

I'd love to see a new installment before Wizards closes the doors to the Dungeon forever. Rob or Eric, any chance we'll see another before the last issue?

I have to chime in on this one -- I'd LOVE to see some new work from Erol Otus for Paizo. He is one of the founding fathers of the D&D look, and it would be a real achievement to get him to do some stuff for Paizo.

Sad news indeed. I think the last couple years have been both magazines best, in a loooong time. The adventure paths have been great, something no one has come close to. And Dungeon's publishing of the Maure Castle material? They must have read my mind, because that's has been exactly the sort of suff I've always wanted from them. Paizo -- thanks for the great stuff -- and I'll be one of the first to sign up for your new periodical, and commit my $$$ to your success. As for Wizards and the new online content, I wish them the best, but I'm not one of those gamers who gets their material on the net. Niether are the other 12 or so people in our extended gaming group. One wonders where they get this information?