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Treshiell's page

908 posts. Alias of Patrik Ström.

About Treshiell

Treshiell dresses in torn clothes which vary in colour. Most garments are either black or a dark blue. The original colour is for the most part hard to determine on account of several layers of dirt, some months or possibly even years old, covering the fabric.

The dirt and muck is not exclusive to just her clothes. Several mud stains and layers of soot cover her fair skin. Leaves and weeds are interwoven with her long matted hair. In the mishmash of hair and grime lie two intense green eyes which observe the world with a piercing stare. But perhaps her most eerie feature is who unaffected she is by the green viper that slithers up and down her arm to rest on her shoulder.

She speaks in a calm and dreamy tone of voice, often with sweeping gestures. Treshiell does oddly enough not reek of the foul odour her appearance suggests. Instead she smells like a mixture of leaves and fresh soil.

You would never guess by looking at her that she has blue blood running through her veins.

Treshiell was born Elise Tellenja. Her father was a Restov noble named Robbering Stahlshild. He had an unqucnchable thirst for women and lived a carefree life among the various brothels. After many years of indulging in the company of prostitutes his lifestyle caught up with him as he sired a child out of wedlock. Terrified of the potential scandal should the news be made public Robbering visited the mother of his bastard daughter and beat her within an inch of her life. He threatened that he would come back to finish the job should it ever be know that he was the father.

While Robbering continued his life in luxury Treshiell and her mother lived a life of poverty. The young girl grew up as a street urchin with begging as the only means to survive. Blessed with her mother's beauty and her timid image she was always able to warm enough hearts to gain her daily bread.

The years passed and eventually so did her mother. On her deathbed she eventually told her daughter of her father. Treshiell, now in her late teens, was shocked to learn that she had a noble man for a father. A combination of naivety and the shock of losing her mother she decided to seek him out. Finally the days of hardship were over. But the reunion with her father did not go as she expected.

Robbering, now a family man, was not pleased to see her daughter. Panicked and infuriated with the nerve of his bastard daughter he threw her out to the street. As the shock of her father's actions settled it was replaced by stubborn determination to be accepted into the family. She returned the next day and the day after that, but the result was always the same. After the fourth day it became apparent to her father that his daughter would not disappear on her own accord. He would have to make it happen.

He hired a thug to dress up as a coachman pick her up in the morning with a message that he had business to attend to in a nearby village and promised that he would meet her there. Relieved with her father's change of heart Treshiell naively agreed to follow the coachman.

But as the cart reached the outskirts of Restov the thug suddenly stopped the coach. He drew a dagger and thrust it at Treshiell. The dagger left a vicious cut on her shoulder but if the thug had not lost his footing it would no doubt have been driven straight through her heart. With a shriek Treshiell tried to kick the man then jumped off the cart and ran screaming into the forest. The thug regained his footing and rushed after her. It did not take long for the hunt to end. Not far from the road Treshiell tripped on a root and fell flat on her stomach. As she turned to face her attacker she saw him standing no more than a few feet away with his dagger in his hand. With a sickly grin on his face he advanced.

At that moment Treshiell felt something slither up her arm and a faint hiss beside her ear. The thug halted his next step just enough to bring it down on some loose mud which caused him to fall backwards, his head giving up a wet thud as it cracked against the stone which it landed. As she watched the warm blood pour to the ground a strange calm washed over her. Slowly she turned her head and came eye to eye with the intense gaze of a green viper staring back at her. The gaze wasn't threatening. It instilled her with peace as it spoke with a lazy swooping voice that seemed to come from inside her head.

"I've been watching you", it said and slithered down to the ground, her knife wound on her shoulder closing up only leaving a thin white line as the viper passed. "Follow me. I shall call you Treshiell and you shall call me Thaal".

Treshiell spent the next nine months wandering around the River kingdoms with Thaal as her guide. Rumours backed by stories of the pale maiden that lived in the mists emerged among the people. Some claimed to have met her but none could remember how she looked or what she had said to them. One common element of all stories was the serenity she had instilled in them.

Her life took its latest unexpected turn while travelling down a road near Restov. As she wandered by the side of the road she was passed by a group of five men on horseback flying past her and almost knocking her off her feet. As she regained her balance and turned to look down the road they were heading a piece of paper fluttered in the wind and landed at her feet. She bent down to pick it up. The note read:

Greetings adventurers,

The Lords of Restov are looking for a few adventurers to explore, map and tame the Greenbelt area of the Stolen Lands. Apply at the Lord Mayor's Palace by Calistril 22nd, 4710. Those selected will be given charter and directed to Oleg's Trading Post to begin their exploration.

<signed> Lord Mayor of Restov

With a smile she folded the note. "Very well, Thaal. It seems that we are not done with father", she said and started walking back towards Restov.

Treshiell is in a sense no more than a year old. Her father's reaction to her return, the attempt on her life and closing a bond with her viper familiar Thaal has changed her to the core. The timid street urchin Elise Tellenja has been replaced by the otherworldly Treshiell.

She is prone to speak her mind in her calm and tranquil voice, but the words seldom conveys what she's really thinking. She is also unknown to show emotion, be it anger, sorrow or joy, keeping her serene guise up at all times.

In her new life Treshiell care little about politics and the scheming of others and is unimpressed by gold and jewelry. She can be intrigued by magic and arcane arts but the only thing she truly values is her viper familiar Thaal and their journey set up by her patron. A being that Thaal refers to as Me'comarin.

Treshiell still remembers her earlier life but considers it a closed chapter whose events were lived through by somebody else. As such, she holds no grudge against her father for his treatment of her and feels no need for revenge. She would on the other hand not pass up an opportunity to shame her father.

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