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Amin Jalento

Tobias Marshalsea's page

180 posts. Alias of Davi The Eccentric.




Sorcerer 5







Special Abilities

Spells, Corrupting Touch, Resist Fire 5


Chaotic Neutral


Desna, and most others


Common, Infernal, Salt

Strength 8
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 19

About Tobias Marshalsea

HP: 36
AC: 12(16), Flatfooted 10(14), Touch 12(12)
Fort: +4 (+6 versus poison, +5 versus Divine spells)
Reflex: +4 (+5 versus Divine spells)
Will: +6 (+7 versus Divine spells)

Light Mace: +1, 1d6-1
Masterwork Heavy Crossbow: +5, 1d8
Ranged Touch: +4
Melee Touch: +1

Corrupting Touch:

Melee touch attack, shaken for 2 rounds and radiates evil as if evil outsider, usable 7 times per day.

Spells Known:
Detect Magic
Mage Hand
Disrupt Undead
Ghost Sound(DC 14)
Magic Missile
Mage Armor
Charm Person (DC 18)
Protection From Good*
Grease(DC 15)
2: 5(4)
Tasha's Hideous Laughter(DC 17)
Scorching Ray(35ft, 4d6 Fire damage)*
Web(DC 16)

Feats: Spell Focus(Enchantment)
Spell Penetration
Eschew Materials
Point Blank Shot

Skills:Acrobatics +2
Appraise +6
Bluff +14*
Climb -1
Diplomacy +11*
Disguise +6
Escape Artist +2
Heal +1
Imtimidate +4
Knowledge(Arcana) +9*
Perception +1
Perform +4
Profession(Sailor) +5
Ride +2
Sense Motive +1
Spellcraft +10*
Stealth +2
Survival +1
Swim -1
Use Magic Device +10*

Traits:Fast Talker (+1 Bluff)
History of Heresy (+1 on saves vs divine spells)

Starting Gold: 3000
Light Mace, -5g
Masterwork Heavy Crossbow, -350g
30 Bolts, -3g
Wand of Ray Of Enfeeblement(50 charges), -750g
Backpack, -2g
Bedroll, -1 sp
Belt Pouch, -1g
12 Days Trail Rations, -1g
Water-skin, -1g
Cloak of Resistance +1, -1000g
Scroll of Sleep, -25g
Potion of Eagle's Splendor, -225g
Potion of Cure Light Wounds, -37.5g
Scroll of Disguise Self, -25g
2 Alchemist's Fire
50 ft Hemp Rope
521gp, 4sp

Appearance: Tall and thin, with short red hair and brown eyes. Under proper conditions, he could be called "devilishly handsome"[Pun intended]

Personality: A proud man, Tobias has a severe dislike of authority figures. He is otherwise a charming speaker who would rather not get invoved in any fights.


Tobias's parents seemed so normal. Of course, it always is the normal ones you have to watch out for, isn't it? Anyways, his father is a reasonably successful merchant in Opal, and Tobias grew up well. If nothing happened, he'd probably still be there, preparing to take over his father's business.

Of course, something did. One night, Tobias snuck into the basement to see what it is that his parents did down there every month. Knitting circle? Turns out they skin a hobo and raise his body as a zombie in service to their dark lord Xipe Totec. So, Tobias did the only sensible thing to do in this situation. He took everything he could carry, including some magic items his father had planned to sell, and ran off into the night.

Cut to a few months later(aka now). Tobias tried working as a fisherman, but he was fired from the ship the week before. Something about 'red hair is bad luck', or something. So, he now has to either return to his parents, or find adventure

One Eyed Isaac: A sailor Tobias befreinded during his breif stint as a sailor. Your standard crusty old pirate

Sword Circle: Circle of the Raptor
After he left his parents, Tobias realized he really should find a circle to join, find a few people he could count on for some support. So, he joined this bunch of rebels against their parents.

Loot: Scroll of Bull's Strength, Color Spray
Wand of Invisibility (15 charges)
Wand of Magic Missile (50?-6 charges)

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