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Springheeled's page

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I'm surprised nobody mentioned Gunslinger as that is also a martial class, though I guess it is one of the most controversial to add to a game.
As to which class is best its very situational, in a sandbox large opens spaces style game its hard to beat the maneuverability and shear damage output of a cavalier, however once you move into confined spaces he becomes far less useful.

This thread is probably dead but, hey now I'm curious. What did you decide on?

Well the one Oracle I was in a party with started out as a rouge and through a miss step, caught a crit with a great axe swung by a were-bear in the 2nd book of the Jade Regent. Needless to say our rouge got to spend a while in the bone yard as we hauled his corpse back to town to res him. He was never the same after that, apparently while he was there he got to see the ultimate outcome of every bad thing he had ever done, and all the people he hurt as part of his judgement. He came back as an Oracle with a very different life view and the Cloud Vision curse.

From Shore to Sea can be partially underwater, and from what I heard is an excellent adventure and also involves some cult stuff.

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Ydersius would be back to his former power and leading his chosen people to reclaim their empire.

You should check out Qi Zhong. He seems to fit what your after at least personality wise.

MaxAstro wrote:

This makes me think of the homebrew setting I'm working on. The nomadic desert tribes of this setting are heavy into ancestor worship (kinda like the Mud People for anyone who's read Sword of Truth) but the kicker is they believe that giving the spirits of the ancestors new forms with which to defend their descendants is a great honor.

So the leaders of the nomads are all necromancers who raise undead as guardians of their tribes.

Yeah, I don't feel undead should always be evil, either. :)

You should check out the oracles juju mystery. I think it can create no evil undead.

Ya I figured that if I hit close to my word limit the first thing to go would be the village bit , considering it's only function was to be a launching point for the PCs, and a little bit of foreshadowing.

I'm not asking about the grammar or spelling this is a rough draft. I'm more interested in the hook, and the concept. In short the hook is that the higher ups have sent the PCs to investigate the Ziggaurat. If you read the whole thing it has the hook, pretty much right after you stopped actually. Once again sorry about any grammatical errors, I just don't want to invest to heavily into something that is going completely in the wrong direction. As is I've got the lay out pretty much done though not set in stone. Breaks down something like this
1 Begin in a small village PCs gather info and supplies.
2 Journey through the jungle fallowing the map in the journal.
3 Combat outside of the ziggurat with a small group of Charau-Ka.
4 Reach the ziggurat and the goal.
I have fleshed it out quite a bit more but that's the basic break down.

I'm posting this here to see if I'm headed in the right direction with my scenario, any feed back is as always appreciated. My current idea is set in the Mwangi jungle and opens with the Gm reading the fallowing to the players.

“As my end draws near it is one of my few regrets that I was never able to complete my investigation into the ziggurat and its mysterious stone, which I found so many years ago. I endeavored to revisit the site and bask once again its mystery and magnificence, but alas it seemed that every time I started to go back something would come up that would hinder my leaving or otherwise thwart my. So it is one of my dieing wishes that my fellow Pathfinders investigate that site which the locals I discovered have no name for, as there customs prevent them from traveling there. The page regarding my discovery of and map to the site is on page 330 of this journal. I shall rest easier with the knowledge that having mentioned this to you the ziggurats mysteries may yet be unraveled for rare is the Pathfinder who can resist the pull of the unknown for very long My best regards to you my fellow Pathfinders, Cyrus Raulls.” Final entry of Raulls journal.

Naturally the scenario revolves around arriving at the aforementioned ziggurat.
Let me know if I'm on the right track with this.

How useful tactician is seems to me to hinge on which order you are and party composition. I mean things like order of the dragons with it's act as one, and order of the seal sounds like it could benefit from tactics.

The Nightripper, dude is just creepy for a bunch of different reasons.

Thanks for the help guys this is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

So I've been working on an idea for submission to PFS and would like some advice on what's been over done so I don't accidentally work an overused plot or theme. Right now I'm running of the idea of the PC's being ship wrecked on a penal colony. Any advice or pointers would be appreciated.

Put a poltergeist in a room with objects that aren't actually dangerous at all, tar and feather, rotten fruits and veggies, origami animals, soft clothing that sort of thing.

You could go with a few levels in samurai. Also I feel a stylish mustache while not actually providing you with any bonuses goes along way to make a character "classy".

I'm actually about to start this as well, also with an odd party, and I figure if they're smart they should do ok. If not I figure the mad monk haunt the adventure provides fits the theme and could be used as a get out of death patch for a tpk.

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