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Amin Jalento

Spartakos's page

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Okay, I'm trying to make a guy who fights with a shield (the recent spate of Captain America threads inspired me), but I don't fully understand a few things about magicking up a shield.

Shields can be given both DEFENSIVE enhancements (+1 to +5 to shield bonus, and up to +5 more from the armor chart) and OFFENSIVE enhancements (+1 to +5 to attack/damage, and up to +5 more from weapon chart). That's fairly straightforward.

But how does this interact with the Bashing property, which is a +1 DEFENSIVE enhancement...but which gives a +1 enhancement bonus to attacks!

If I have a +1 Bashing shield (equivalent +2 defensive enhancement), how much would it cost to give it a +2 bonus for offense? Would I need to pay 8000 (and it just overlaps the +1 for bashing) or would it only be 6000 (the difference between bashing's +1 and a +2)?

Because of the 2 sizes of damage, bashing seems like kind of a must (unless I want to go spiked, which I don't really)...but I'm probably going to want the Returning enhancement as well, which requires a +1 enhancement bonus (offensive)...does bashing qualify as that?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Adamantine Dragon wrote:

The lowest of the aristocracy of military and police hierarchies is usually the "corporal". Corporals are generally commissioned officers, in the past that usually means they have a college degree and have received an official career tenure as an officer. The lowliest corporal outranks the highest sergeant.

Hrm...which military structure are you referring to? Because in the American military (for instance), corporal is a non-commissioned rank, below sergeant and above private. Corporals never outrank sergeants.

Classic American Army ranks:

PFC (Private First Class)
(various ranks of Sergeant)
2nd Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel

Terronus: along with the ranks you listed, I believe I've seen the rank Decurio (something along the lines of a sergeant or file leader).

Leon Cross wrote:
I remember once Coreue saying they are martial which puts them in "common place" but for most of Cygnus to have at least a revolver they'd have to be "everywhere" right?

Well...he said this:

Ever citizen of Cygnus is reputed to own at least a pistol if not a rifle and are required to serve for five years in the military starting at the age of fifteen.

1.) It did say "reputed", so I wasn't for sure if that was fact or propaganda (much like how the streets in America were supposed to be paved with gold).

2.) It said "pistol", not "revolver" I was thinking single-shot muzzleloaders.

I don't care either way...but I'd like to be on the same page. My current build has Donovan carrying a pepperbox in his pocket, but if guns are 10% cost I'd just as soon have a revolver (maybe something like a Tranter or a Webley...).

For 9th, maybe Combat Reflexes or Crane Riposte?

I'm going to be revising a few minor things (I think I'll swap Enforcer for Power Attack, and I want to have 3 ranks of Acrobatics).

And if I got everything right, we're looking at...

2 Ninjas, correct? :)
Time Thief
Lore Warden fighter

So yeah...fairly sneaky.

How do our characters know each other? Do they even? Should we have some sort of relationship or affiliation prior to the beginning of the campaign, or will we meet in media res?

I'd assume myself, Cassian, and Diyeana might possibly know each other, since we're all ex-military from Cygnus (although my service branch does not match as well as theirs; I suppose I could have traveled aboard one of their ships, though). Likewise, it looks like Aelessaer might have a connection, as she traveled on a Cygnaran ship. Aelessaer, being from Cryx, might know the Crosses as well (I'm presuming you guys have some Cryxian connection?). Finally, after reading Cassian's backstory it seems he and I might have known each other from our 'troubled youth' days. :)

I am up for any connection that anyone would care to expand on with my character.

Questions for the DM:

1.) Should we repost character sheets, either here or in another thread?

2.) Is there any particular starting location I should be prepared for, or do I have a free hand as far as that?

3.) I assume I'm permitted to invent people/places as necessary for my backstory?

Jabborwacky wrote:
I've been trying to find game stats for cannabis and peyote, but I have been unable to find anything.

If they're non-harmful and recreational, why do you need stats?

Set a price per dose (1-20 gp or whatever), you take it, you get high for 10d6 minutes (or whatever). What's the big deal?

On a side note, what should a bong cost?

According to Ultimate Combat, a Dan Bong is 1 sp. :)

I suggest allowing ammunition to have special qualities (holy, flaming, etc) without needing the enhancement bonus. That might make them worthwhile.

Raje wrote:

Ah, crap, I screwed up the order. Correct one:

1 Monk, charfeat Crane Style, bonus feat Crane Wing
2 Monk, bonus feat Snake Style
3 Unarmed Fighter, bonus feat Snake Fang

There we go, fixed.

And it's pretty obvious you can take any Style Feat as they are all Style Feats (as long as you have the starting feat in the chain). Just because it has "Style" in its name doesn't really qualify them, because then Scorpion Style would be applicable too - and that's not a Style Feat.

While I can see where you're coming from, many disagree. See here:

Youngest Crane Style Disciple Ever

Unarmed Fighter Master of Many Styles and Style

I don't believe it's actually been settled, but the other side has a point. Particularly, the specific wording in MoMS (which implies that UF, without this wording, cannot do it) and the fact that if you look at the feat descriptions, the "base style" feats have the tags (Combat, Style) while the later 2 feats in the chain just have the (Combat) tag and not the (Style) tag.

Even with my interpretation, though, you could do the same thing by 3rd:

1 Monk, charfeat Crane Style, bonus feat Crane Wing
2 Unarmed Fighter, bonus feat Snake Style
3 Monk, bonus feat Snake Fang

I do not have a problem with it being worse in combat than a size Large eidolon...because that costs points. I do have a bit of an issue with it being worse (much worse) than a size Medium one, because those cost the same. Especially when

a.) It does not (in my opinion) get enough compensatory advantages to make up for the loss of combat efficiency.


b.) physical combat is the primary purpose of an eidolon, especially at low level.

How exactly does it perform 'any non-combat role' better? Unless it involves a Stealth check (where they get +5) or a Dex-based check (where they get +1), a medium eidolon can do everything just as well as a small one (and some things better; anything that involves a Str- or Con-based check, for instance, or carrying something heavy).

As for the disadvantages of a size L eidolon...

1.) I'm not comparing to size L, but to size M (which don't have most of the disadvantages you list)


2.) You do realize that the summoner can simply dismiss his eidolon any time it would be awkward? Like boat crossings, or squeezing into buildings, or when the bard is trying his diplomacy? Unless I'm missing something, he can summon it again when he needs it (or just when he's gone through the tight door or crossed the river).

Familiars make superior scouts and messengers (for one thing, they don't lose most of their HP if they move very far from their master), and they come with the full spell power of a wizard. An eidolon is first and foremost a combat machine. It should be capable of carrying out that task matter what size it is.

Leon Cross wrote:

Wasn't it down last time too?

I'll have my history up later Cyra and me saw Avengers last night and didn't get a chance to start. :)

Ha! Same wife and I caught it last night. Superbly done, in my opinion.

Raje wrote:

Finally a piece of advice on the builds: Start with 1 level in Unarmed Fighter (fighter archetype) and take Crane Style as your character feat, and Crane Wing with your free Style Bonus Feat, then move into monk and take two other Style Feats. That way you get Crane Wing like 5 lvls earlier than in your builds (and 1 bab from fighter doesn't hurt either).

Doesn't work for a couple of reasons.

1.) You can't take Crane Style as your character feat at 1st, unless you're a monk (it requires BAB +2 or Mnk1). You could take it as your bonus style for Unarmed Fighter, though...but that doesn't help you a ton.

2.) Based on the wording of Master of Many Styles, it's implied that Unarmed Fighter only let's you take the initial style feat, not the rest of the chain. This is debatable, though, since they're all part of a category called "style feats". I think the differing wording is what causes people to debate it...why did they feel the need to call out (in MoMS) that you can take the later feats, but not do that in Unarmed Fighter?

I totally agree with the OP regarding unnecessary feats. In later books it's gotten so bad that they're literally inventing feats that provide a benefit that everyone already has (Prone Shooter).

I think a lot of feats would also be more useful if the circumstances in which you could use them were not so limited. I read the Jawbreaker feat and thought "awesome!". Then I looked closer and saw that it only worked on Stunned, Grappled, or Helpless opponents, and thought " it mainly works when you already have a significant advantage, and thus don't need it as much?". Lame. Same with Choke Hold..."hey, I can strangle a dude? Neat! Oh will take 10-20 rounds? Uh, a lot less neat".

The main thing that is necessary, really, is to have a reasonable balance point for what a feat is worth. Does anyone seriously believe that (for example) Expert Driver is really worth the same as Crane Style?

Okay, I'm not sure why you would ever choose a size small eidolon. Especially at low levels, when your pet beasty is mostly a melee combat machine (maybe scout sometimes)...well, just compare.

Adding up bonuses and penalties, here is what you get net for a small eidolon:

+2 AC (1 from dex increase, 1 size)
+1 init (from dex)
+4 stealth (size)

-1 attack (+1 size, but -2 str loss; if you spend the feat for finesse, this becomes +2 though)
-3 damage (-2 str loss, -1 avg from smaller die size)
-1 HP per level (con loss)
-3 CMB (-2 str loss, -1 size)
-2 CMD (+1 dex gain, -2 str loss, -1 size)

Now: do those advantages really equal those losses? Because I'm not thinking so, personally.

What do people think of simply saying size small gives +2 Dex, and -2 Str? That would serve to equalize things considerably, in my view. If that's too much, I'd even take the -2 Con.

For the record, all of this is simply so that my Summoner can have a pikachu. :) Although I wish giving it Iron Tail was not so sub-optimal.

StreamOfTheSky wrote:

I see MoMS + Unarmed Fighter as being for the purpose of jumping past awful pre-req feats to skip to only the good stuff.

Yeah, pretty much this. Getting the best parts of Crane and Snake styles by 3rd level is pretty boss...not to mention getting to use them together. :)

I don't consider Crane style overpowered by any means, but the fact that you can use it's best benefits with weapons makes it a VERY attractive dip (MoMS Mnk) for any sort of finesse melee fighter.

Okay...Unarmed Fighter Archetype gives you Improved Unarmed Strike, but if you multiclass as a Monk you get it from that as well. Can you take a different feat for one of these, or do you simply lose the benefit of one of them?

Okay, I think I'm about done...say hello to Mr. Donovan Lynch.

character sheet:

Donovan Lynch
human Rogue 1 (thug) / Monk 1 (martial artist) / Fighter 2 (Brawler)
Favored class = Fighter

Lawful Neutral

Str 18 (15, +2 human, +1 lv4)
Int 14
Wis 12 (10, +2 human)
Dex 18
Con 12
Cha 13

BAB +2
Fists are +6 for 1d6+4/20x2
Pepperbox is +6 for 1d8/20x4
Guisarme is +6 for 2d4+6/20x3
Knife is +6 for 1d4+4/19x2
Sling is +6 for 1d4+4/20x2

CMB +6
Grapple +8 (+10 with Dan Bong)
Trip +8
Drag/Reposition/Bull Rush +7
CMD 20
21 vs. Drag/Reposition/Bull Rush
22 vs. Trip/Grapple

AC: 10 + 5 (armor) + 4 (dex) = 19
touch = 14
flatfooted = 15
(unarmored AC is 15, 15 touch, 11 flatfooted)

Fort = +5 (base) +1 (con) = +6
Ref = +4 (base) +4 (dex) = +8
Will = +2 (base) +1 (wis) = +3

Skills: Acrobatics 2 (+8), Bluff 4 (+8), Climb 2 (+8), Disable Device 1 (+7), Heal 4 (+5), Intimidate 4 (+8), Knowledge: Local 1 (+6), Perception 4 (+8), Sense Motive 1 (+5), Sleight of Hand 1 (+7), Stealth 4 (+15), Survival 1 (+5), Swim 1 (+7)


--Human Feat: Combat Expertise
--swap 2 traits: Combat Reflexes
--1st lvl: Improved Trip
--Bonus (Ftr1): Enforcer: whenever dealing nonlethal damage, free attempt to Demoralize; shaken for 1 round per point of damage
--Bonus (Mnk1): Improved Unarmed Strike
--Bonus (Mnk1): Stunning Fist
--Bonus (Mnk1): Improved Grapple
--3rd lvl: Strangler
--Bonus (Ftr2): Vicious Stomp

Special Abilities:

--Sneak Attack +1d6 (Rog1)
--Frightening (thug Rog1): whenever demoralizing foe, increase duration by 1 round; if 4+ rounds, instead Frightened for 1 round
--Flurry of Blows (Mnk1)
--Zen Defense (Mnk1): +Wis to AC if unarmored
--Close Control (brawler Ftr2):

Gear (6000 gp)

--Clothes (trousers, tall boots, shirt, waistcoat, leather coat, gloves, hat; 15 gp)
--Chain Shirt +1 (1100 gp)
--Cloak of Elvenkind (2500 gp)
--Potions (1 of Cure Light Wounds, 1 of Enlarge Person, 1 of Magic Fang; 150 gp)
--Pepperbox Pistol (750 gp)
--16 loads, powder and bullet (44 gp)
(6 in pistol, 10 in pouch and powder horn)
--Powder horn (3 gp)
--2 special bullets (1 adamantine and 1 silver; 85 gp)
--Guisarme (9 gp)
--Switchblade (5 gp)
--Dan Bong (1 sp)
--Sling (1 sp)
--10 lead balls (1 sp)
--Backpack (2 gp)
=Bedroll (1 sp)
=Canvas tarp (9'x9', waterproofed, 9 gp)
=50' silk rope (10 gp)
=Tinderbox (1 gp)
(5 tindertwigs, inside; 5 gp)
=2 Torches
=2 Candles
=Manacles (15 gp)
=10' chain with an average padlock (70 gp)
=Mess kit (tin plate, knife, fork, bowl, cup; 1 gp)
=Sewing kit (5 needles, spools of thread and wire; 5 gp)
=Canteen (1 gp)
=5 days trail rations (2.5 gp)
=Shaving kit (small steel mirror, razor, soap; 11 gp)
=Burglar's kit (masterwork thieves tools, flask of acid; 110 gp)
=Healer's kit (50 gp)
=1 Smokestick (20 gp)
=1 Sunrod (2 gp)
=Spare clothes (explorer's outfit; 10 gp)
--Packet of quality cigars (5 gp)
--2 Thunderstones (60 gp)
--Dress uniform (not carried; 30 gp)
--2 chests (not carried; one has average lock, the other good lock; 124 gp)
--various personal effects, stored in chest (not valued)
--Light warhorse (roan gelding; 110 gp)
--Military saddle, bridle, and saddlebags (26 gp)
--Ring (silver & onyx, 85 gp value)

Weight: 35 lb worn; 12 lb in hand; 43 lb. in pack (90 lb total; light load)

(has a month paid up at a good rooming house, with stabling; 45 gp)
(528 gp remaining; some locked up in a chest in his lodgings, normally carries a handful of platinum and gold on him)

Description: Donovan is a lean but broad-shouldered man with steely gray eyes and close-cropped reddish-blond hair. He typically wears a long leather coat (over his mail shirt, if expecting combat), fine leather gloves, and a tricorn hat. He only carries his polearm if anticipating combat; most of the time he appears relatively unarmed (all his weapons are in pockets or under his coat, though he may sometimes have a short wooden truncheon hanging from his wrist by a sturdy cord). He looks to be in his late thirties.

History: A child of the streets, Donovan grew up cutting purses; he got his growth early and was one of the best bare-knuckle boxers in the dockyard circuit, until he got pinched by the Cygnus Press Crew, who forced him into the military to serve his five years. Surprisingly, he took well to the military, soon becoming a skilled and disciplined soldier. His talents with his fists were not overlooked by the army, who trained him as a commando...later, he served as an unarmed combat instructor and (ironically enough) military policeman. He had a knack for dealing with hardcases, having been a part of that society himself once.

After ten years in service, he mustered out, and now works as a private troubleshooter and bodyguard, though he still has a good deal of loyalty to the military.


Here's my character; crunch is still a little loose, but I'm probably looking at Rog1/Mnk1/Ftr2. Cygnaran human, ex-military, troubleshooter for hire.

Now for some stats...

4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 4, 3) = 17 14
4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 6, 1) = 11 10
4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 5, 4) = 19 15
4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 6, 2) = 14 12
4d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 1, 1) = 7 6 (will reroll)
1d3 + 15 ⇒ (3) + 15 = 18 18
1d10 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14 14

rerolling 6...4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 1, 4) = 14 13 I'll go...

Str 15, +2 human, +1 lv4 = 18
Int 14
Wis 13, +2 human = 15
Dex 18
Con 12
Cha 10

I'll edit once I have some things ironed out.

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