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Shadeworld's page

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Dear James,

You mention that should Nocticula shift from CE to CN, she'd become a Demigod. Any hints as to what she'd become the patron off, is there any rules one could use to represent this kind of creature stats-wise? I mean since she's not a demon lord any longer, she must becomes something new and exciting? And possibly would this be something you'd ever explore in books or later releases? Non-subtyped Demigod creatures, and the shift of Nocticula entirely.

And on another note, I've always wondered about Hermea and its ruler.
Is there any statistics one could use to represent a hermean native? And what would Mengkare be classified as? A simple golde dragon, well simple as can be, or is there more to him?

If these a questions you've previously answered, I am very sorry for restating, but I didn't quite have the time to go over 1222 pages worth of content. :/

I created a version of Varian that I thought would fit well with who he was, and his training and all that.
So to me he was 10th level Arcanist, given his wizard-y education and his sorcerous inclination. As well as I'd add in 5 or 6 levels of Kensai Magus, given his proclivity for swords and specifically that 'one' sword he loves so much. I chose the Kensai because of his Tian Xia education as well as the focus.Also the Kensai gains a lot out of his intelligence, which just seem to fit in well with how Varian goes about his business. Working smarter, not harder.

How I'd love a write up of Abrogail and her Devil allies.

Chess Pwn wrote:

1) what is the Illusionist?

2)you can't chose MT as the +1 spellcasting class. since it's not, it just increases other spellcasting classes.

1) Illusionist, was thinking the school specialization of the Wizard. Force of habit to write it as the base class.

2) How is it not? I mean, where does it say that?

I'm sure this question has been asked before, and I'm sorry but I couldn't find any further reference.
Here I go.

Should I take 3 levels of Illusionist, then 3 levels of Cleric, one level of Mystic Theurge and then level the rest of the way as Veiled Illusionist, could I chose Mystic Theurge as the "+1 Existing spell casting class" spell progression. Thus advancing both my Arcane and Divine spellcasting abilities?

I'm quite certain the designer intended for "useful" information, also counts their creature type since it's pretty much one of the most important factors to know.

So I'd go with the type being part of the information gained by the first check.

I'm having an issue here, I've just read through the Forest of Spirits AP.
At one point the players are attacked by Five Storms Ninja, but here's the issue they seem to be using weapon finesse for Katanas. How's that do-able?

P.s I hope this is the right section to pose this question, if not I am sorry.

In the core rule book damage reduction rules says that different kinds of enchantment bonuses can pass for different kinds of materials.

Here's the issue; When you then go to look up damage reduction in the bestiary is specifically states that you need the specific material to overcome certain damage reductions.

Here's the question: Which book am I to follow?

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Hey guys,

I've recently been playing out a Mythic campaign, which revolves around the Relics of Kazavon. Here's the pickle, in the end Kazavon will rise for the heroes to ultimately put him down for good.

Here's my question, what'd his statistics be like? We we merely looking at a Great Wyrm Blue dragon? A Ravener? Or is this a Mythic rank 10 Great wyrm?

What kind of special abilities could he possess?

So far I've thought about him having the Simple-Divine spellcasting, to represent his bond with Zon-Kuthon, thoughts?

I've come seeking the omniscient wisdom of the Paizo boards, grant me your blessing.

- Shadeworld

That seems likely, I got nervous there for a second. Been craving this book for a while now, especially since the campaign I run right now is dependant on it.

Another question I need to get straight, this divine source ability. It effectively turns your character into a Demi-god?

I just saw this as PDF available tomorrow, but when i logged in it changed to PDF available today... How come?

There's brilliant arguments for both sides; On one hand you could say that each Gorgon is slightly unique, and thus their breath weapons don't over lap. On the other you can argue that why should there be a difference, that it's the same creature and the attack is identical.

I suggest you do as Orfamay suggest, think of your players or the campaign. If the campaign is supposed to be dangerous and a top teir challenge, go with stacking breaths, if it's more low key uniqu-ify their breaths.

This seems like a tricky question, I guess it comes down to the individual Games master. RAW I'd say no, since i have yet to find an ability that lets you share feats. Unless the mount has something that allows it to share this, only it gets this special bonus.

I can't see why not, a Hex is 12-miles in diameter or some such which is rather large. I don't see any rule that forbids it.

I am pretty sure they do not intend to gimp the Paladin via his Capstone ability, my group has always counted it as "If the Banishment takes effect, the smite ends." Otherwise you'd see most paladins go level 19 and then the last level in fighter.

It says " After the banishment effect", which i take to mean after it's failed the save. Since there's practically no effect if it saves.

1: If some one looks into the square that some one is stealthing in, he gets to roll perception as normal. I'm quite sure RAW doesn't pay heed to whether or not you look into a square or not.

2: If they spot creature A only creature B gets the surprise round, A goes into the iniitiative order as always. So the player wont even get a chance to move into B's square since B gets the surprise round.

In the event some one enters a square with the stealther, treat it as AoO since he moves first into a threatend square and then attempts to move on. Thus allowing the monster to emerge from hiding and attack.

Remember RAW can't account for everything, so some common sense is needed.
Obviously a Large Ogre wont get to be all Ninja, while some one looks straight at it, unless the grass is REALLY tall or it has some special equipment.

Thanks a lot, i'll remember to post there. To be quite honest i didn't see the rules forums, i am a new member to this community even though i've played pathfinder for many years, and 3.5 and so forth.

Again thanks a lot!

Best regards
- Shadeworld

Though my issue is, i cannot find the rules anywhere in the books... As i've mentioned in previous posts, my GM is a rules lawyer and he needs convincing. If you could please tell me where to find such rules, i'd be much obliged.

Best Regards
- Shadeworld

Okay, this might just be me... But i'be been cycling through the book and i can't find anywhere whether enhancement bonuses stack or not, can some one enlighten me?

I am not very inclined to Multi-classing, i would like to see 9th level spells in the distance. We run a very unorthodox stat system our GM calls equalized where all out stats are at 14 and we then move them around up to max 18 and least 8. So it's possible to have three 18's and three 10's if that's the case. All books made by Paizo are allowed, he's running an evil campaign, the only god not allowed is Asmodeus as there's two Anti-paladins of Lamashtu in the party, the last member is a Rogue.

I have 62.000 gold to buy items from, no item is prohibited.

Best regards
- Shadeworld

Edit: P.S We start at level 10.

I see my one simple question amounted to a larger discussion, i thank you all for the VERY prudent advice. I guess that deep down all i wished for is to make characters who doesn't waste time, at the moment i am as said struggling with a Cleric. Many might say clerics are easy to optimize to proper game play, but i find not.

The reason for this being i wish to see a plate bearing spellcaster with a proper weapon and a medium to good melee damage supported by his spells... Yes many will say Magus, but somehow he just doesn't fit my taste.

IF you've got ideas/suggestions/guides/topics, be a darling and PM me or write it here.

Best Regards
- Shadeworld

P.S. I hope you all know i was by no means trying to belittle the creators of other guides, i might've come off a little harsh and blunt and it wasn't my intention. They should all know i admire their tenacity and envy them their time to spend on such projects. If you've felt offense i offer you my heartfelt apology.

The reasons that i wont find another GM is simple... I'm from a little town in denmark, the only other GM around is me and i'd very much like to be a player every now and then. :)

So finding another GM is ipso facto not an option.

I will check up on your guide as soon as i get the chance, and get right back to you :) As i have not played a Sorcerer for a long time.

As for specifics i'd like to see a functional cleric, i'd like to know more about his strengths and weaknesses and if he can be made into a functional melee character and a functional main caster... Not at the same time. And the two builds you suggested intrigue me as well.. .But this thread was more made to try and weave out those people interested in optimization cause it seems to be a lost cause lately on these forums. But it might just be me.

I am perfectly fine with people bashing me for liking optimization, though let me defend myself... The reason i ask for this is because i have one of the most malign GMs in history, he tend to make us(his players) seem very weak at every turn.
He's the tye of guy who populates his worlds with several level 18+ characters, of ancient and unimaginable power.
He's the type of guy who sees a part of 1 Wizard, 1 fighter and 1 rogue, and thinks: "How do i counter them, of course i throw one mob at each of their heads". So as a wizard you have a hard time to stand alone.

What i'd like to see is a few concept guides, i would do these my self but my time is sorely limited.

I personally do alot of Roleplay choices once i know my character can handle himself, i wont make a Fighter whom specializes in Broom combat. But i might make a fighter with a flair for less used weapons like the spiked chain or the club.

There's no reason to bash people for wanting to preform.

I am open for any comments and/or thoughts on this, lets discuss!

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Treantmonk, where are you?

Yes it seems like an adoration thread, however it isn't. I have decided to come here and ask one simple question. . .
Since when is optimization falvor based?
Elaboration: I've been a big "fan" of treantmonks guides and since his disappearance i've been looking through several other guides, but all i see is people trying to do "his" work and sadly failing. Most guides out there call them selves "Optimization" but all i see is "This is what i like the best" - choices. . .

This is not a flamer check, it's a desperate attempt to revive a proper optimization culture and maybe give the community a chance to explain if it is simply me failing on all accounts.

Best Regards
- Shadeworld

P.S: If any one knows how to contact Treantmonk, could you ask him if he'd allow me to take contact to him and how? I have a few things i'd like to take up with his particular genius.

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