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Cale the Calistrian

Seldriss's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,621 posts. 1 review. No lists. 2 wishlists. 1 alias.

Hello Paizonians,

Is there anybody playing Conan Exiles around here?
On which server are you?

Hello all!

I made some research but so far I couldn't find character sheets for the Pathfinder Beginner Box without the reference markers (like B Ability scores, C traits, D skills etc).
Personally I would prefer them without these markers.

Did Paizo make "clean" versions of these? Or any third party?

Thank you.

Hello folks,

In the always moving market of video games, and precisely MMORPGs, it is difficult to try everything. It takes too much time and money.
Currently I am committed to Star Wars The Old Republic, that I played since the beta.
I used to be a lot into World of Warcraft, and from time to time I go back, but honestly its magic doesn't really work anymore for me.
Occasionally I go casual on Guild Wars 2 or Lord of the Rings Online, as these two don't require a monthly fee, but I am not hooked.
I tried many others, like Archeage, but I didn't go far with them.

So I would be interested to know what MMORPGs you folks are playing.

For example, I tried the beta of The Elder Scrolls Online and wasn't impressed. But now that the game is free to play as ESO Tamriel Unlimited (after you buy the game), I would be interested to know if the game got any better, how is the RP community and all.

Thank you for your insight.

My 8 years old son is going to have a Halloween party in school, under the theme of Percy Jackson, the Lightning Thief. Yeah, I know...
So he has to come with a costume related to the book. Or by default, the movie.

For those not really familiar with either, it is a transposition of the myth of Perseus in modern times. Sort of.

Unfortunately, there are no official Percy Jackson costumes to be found in specialized stores, even online (ie Party City).
I found a Perseus costume (inspired by Clash of the Titans), but it is ancient Greece looking, so it doesn't really fit, even if it might be my only option so far.
I also searched for costumes of greek gods or minotaur, but nothing good came out.
And of course, I don't have the time or skill to craft him a costume by myself.

Do you guys have any ideas or links where to find something good?
Thank you.

- Seldriss (and his son)


A friend of mine is willing to start a campaign with his group.
He is an experienced game master, but to put the priority on storytelling and roleplaying he wants a light rules system.
He is thinking about D6 Fantasy, from West End Games, but I am not sure that's really what he needs.

I know a few others, like Castles and Crusades, which goes back to the roots of OD&D, or even the more recent Dragon Age which might reach the limit of the rules he is looking for.
Legend might already be too complex, and Pathfinder is certainly out of consideration for him.

Do you folks have any suggestions for fantasy light rules systems?

Thanks in advance.

Hello folks,
Is there any official dog or canine race in Pathfinder?
I know there is the kitsune, but is there anything more doglike or wolflike?
And was there ever a conversion of the gnoll as a PC race?

Okay, I saw that there are two paizonian guilds on World of Warcraft on Borean Tundra (see the relevant thread).

These days I am more playing Star Wars The Old Republic, so I am wondering if there are also some paizonian guilds in that game, and if so, on what server.
I am personally playing on Ebon Hawk and I saw a Pathfinder guild on the Republic side. Is that a coincidence or are these actual Pathfinders/Paizonians?


Some of my players sometimes have some trouble to create their characters, by lack of knowledge of the Pathfinder system or time.

What resources would you fellows advise for pregenerated characters?
The best would be a development along levels, like 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th...

Of course I already have the Pathfinder Society pregens, but they are only on four classes (Cleric, Fighter, Rogue and Wizard) and for 1st, 4th and 7th level.
More classes would be good, like Druid, Ranger, Paladin, Sorcerer...

I don't mind if it is official or third party, paper or pdf.

Thank you in advance.

- Seldriss -

Hello folks,

I am running a Pathfinder campaign (not in Pathfinder Society as I am using many houserules).
I am curious about a few things in other GMs games...

1. What amount of character points do you allow at creation for abilities? [10, 15, 20, 25]
2. What rate of experience do you use? [Slow, Medium, Fast]
3. What supplements do you usually allow?

Thank you for your responses, that might help me to adjust my own game to fit better the expectations of players.

As the tile says, is there anybody into Guild Wars 2?
Anybody from the beta or waiting for the release date?
If so, do you have some comments on that game?

I want this.
Although the nostalgia would have been even greater with the Basic game...

Hello folks,

I love Pathfinder, since the Beta.
However, until now I was running a D&D campaign, modified with many houserules, to the point it was quite another d20 system.
The reason I didn't make the switch to Pathfinder was probably that a conversion of my stuff would be too much work.

But recently I decided to make the jump, for various reasons:
It has several common changes in rules with my houserules.
As an official system, it will be more accessible to my players, as more transparent.
As a current system in print, it is more open to new players.

Now, Pathfinder or not, I still want to keep some of my houserules for thematic or mechanical reasons.
Overall, I want to recenter around a core system, while still keeping some houserules, but reduced to the ones really useful. So I would like some opinion about my main houserules:

Races: The campaign setting I run has specific races, including human subraces. I don't think I will really change much, but I might trim them down, and retailor them to the Pathfinder format.
I must admit I am not always convinced by the concept of +2 to a physical stat, +2 to a mental one and -2 to a third one. Some races don't feel like having mental bonuses to me.

Classes: I made my own versions of the base classes, as well as additional classes and class variants.
I might turn them into archetypes. No real question here, but still wondering. As DMs do you use core classes or do you change them? I am talking about important changes of course, not minor addons.

Skills: I abolished the barrier of class skills vs. non-class skills many years ago, to give more freedom in customization of characters.
Now, even if I admit the Pathfinder skills system is nice, I am not sure I will go back to class skills/non-class skills.
And I think I would miss the multiplier from 1st level, which translated the background of the character before he was an adventurer.

Feats: I reviewed some, created others and give some to everyone for free, like Power Attack and Weapon Finesse.
I also use weapon groups instead of simple/martial/exotic weapons and am wondering how they would work in Pathfinder.

Combat: I roll for initiative on every round, to avoid the routine.
I also use hit locations and armor damage reduction, not really for "realism" but to make combat grittier.
I also used advanced crits and fumbles but I might drop these.

Magic: I use Spell Points, not vancian magic (spells per day). This is one of the main houserules I intend to keep.
I give some of the metamagic feats as "innate" enabling spellcasters to modify their spells, but at higher cost in spell points and extending their casting time.

There are some other things, about combat and other things, but these are my main houserules.

So I would appreciate some comments or suggestions from DMs or players with similar houserules or just an opinion about that stuff.
I know I am not giving much details about these houserules, I just mention them as general ideas, not on a technical level.
Please try to be constructive and not just abrasive against one houserule or another, or houserules in general.

Thank you in advance.

- Seldriss -

Greetings, folks,

I recently stopped my subscription to World of Warcraft and I am considering to switch to another MMORPG.
Preferably one with no monthly fee.

In the past I played Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies and Lord of the Rings Online.
I usually prefer heroic & fantasy to sci-fi and I am more interested by roleplaying and the community than grinding, überness or the special effects.

What are your favorite MMORPGs of the moment?

One of my players is interested in the Orbs spells from the Spell Compendium and asked if she could get some of them.

My first response was to mention the changes I made on them a while ago:
- Evocation instead of Conjuration
- d6s damage instead of d8s, for the lesser versions
- Subject to spell resistance

But as my player was quite disappointed and reconsidered them, I am wondering if these changes are not too drastic and if they are not making the spells worthless.

I would like to know what you folks are thinking, how you are handling these spells, if you accept them or alter them...

Nice people.
Enjoy your time out together, folks, you deserve it...

Each Adventure Path presents new monsters, often original.
But some gamers don't buy Adventure Path, either because they run their own adventures, or because as players they are not supposed to read what their GM are going to run one day.

I think the question has been asked before, but why not publishing a compendium of these monsters, in an Adventure Path Bestiary?

That would be convenient to have the beasties gathered in one single book, even for those who already have them in their respective Adventure Paths.
The size of the book could be big, gathering several Adventure Path creatures, or smaller, gathering only one Adventure Path monsters.
And along time, when more AP would be published, their monsters would be compiled in another compendium.

Is it already planned?

Are they going to be included in the Bestiary II?

Thinking about it, maybe i saw that in a Dragon magazine...

Anybody has this book, to give some comments?

I just noticed there are some icons to link some products and message boards to Facebook and Twitter.
When was this implemented ?

Is there a PDF version of that book ? Can't find it...


Recently i saw a third party supplement for d20 or Pathfinder (don't remember) about anthropomorphic races.
Basically a book with animal races. If i recall correctly, it also had some rules to create your own anthropomorphic races.
I think it was quite recent. And no, it wasn't Savage Species.

Does anybody know which supplement it would be ?
Thanks in advance.

I posted this on the wrong thread so i repost it on its own thread...

A friend of mine just traded with me my own Pathfinder Corebook for the one he brought back from GenCon, signed by many good people of Paizo such as Erik Mona, F. Wesley Schneider, James Jacobs, James Sutter, Jason Bulmahn, Sean K. Reynolds, Wayne Reynolds and two other i cannot identify (i need to boost my Decipher skill), as well as a cool picture...
This is my own Collector Edition :)

Thanks a lot to him and to you guys !

(I am not sure if this should belong in the Pathfinder or Off Topic category ? Feel free to move it, friendly moderators...)

As some of you might know it already, Wizards of the Coast launched a shoe design contest with a sneakers company, RYZ.
OK, that's not really relevant here, BUT in the contestants there is actually a Pathfinder version.
Check it out :

At this stage of the submissions i don't know what are the copyrights/IP restrictions, but i am pretty sure it doesn't really qualify as a D&D submission.

I guess only the Paizo staff or the lucky bastards who already have the book can answer this :
In the final Pathfinder RPG book, will there be a page, a list of the alpha and beta testers ? Or a generic thankyou ?

A while ago, someone made a Pathfinder video/clip/teaser, whatever you want to call it, which was quite popular.
For some reason i cannot find it anymore anywhere.
Was it removed due to copyright or something ?
If not, does anyone still have the link for it ?

Thank you.

I don't know if this is possible, but could my thread Seldriss Play by Post (3.X) be moved from the Play by Post category to the Play by Post Discussions ? Please ?

The thread is about a PbP which didn't start yet, so its place should be in the 2nd category.



I can't open my Race Creation Cookbook PDF after i downloaded it.
It seems there is something wrong with the zip file...
I tried to re-personalize the file and download it again, but not better.
Heeeeelp :(

Male Elf Rogue


I am considering starting a Play by Post game here.

To make is short (i tend to be too talkative sometimes), here would be the basics :

The setting would be my own homebrew world, which i am running since the early eighties.
The world is ancient and vast, composed of several kingdoms, each profoundly marked by a distinct civilization, which have a deep impact on every aspect of life and adventuring. Some of these civilizations are inspired by Earth history (celts, egyptians, greco-roman, indian, vikings...), some others are specific.

The rules would be D&D 3.5, modified by a bunch of houserules, affecting many aspects of the game.
Many character races are specific to the world, such as human races.
Most of the classes receive modifications, especially the core ones. Many other classes and variants are used.
Combat is modified by initiative adjustments for weapon speed factors and casting time, hit locations, crtics and fumbles and other stuff.
Magic is using Spell Points system (UA), and many variants and options.
Psionic are used, using a mix of 1st, 3.0 and 3.5 editions.

For the PbP specifics, i don't intend to use any dice roller.
I would rather trust players, who would roll their dice and announce the results.
In mundane situations, average results would be used on base 10 (take 10), to save time.

As i said, these are just basics, despite these technical details, my campaigns rely more on roleplaying than rules or dice rolls.

To be honest, this PbP would also be a playtesting ground for me, as i am constantly working on my system and my world.

Let me know if anybody would be interested...



This is something i posted on another thread, but it didn't get any reaction...

On WotC D&D webpage, the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide and Monster Manual are still announced for next month !?!.
Obviously this is a mistake, which contradicts the countdown for June 7, when the books will be officially available, as everybody knows.
Isn't someone paid to update their frontpage, at least once a month ?
Hey, D&D webmaster, we ARE in june. Your books are out ! Some of us actually have them already !
Talk about communication.
Talk about advertising.
Talk about a Digital Initiative.


Nobody else noticed ?
(shameless bump)

Welmet all,

By any chance, did Dragon ever dedicate a Silicon Sorcery article to the MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot ?
As a fan of D&D and celtic and nordic legends, I already adapted a while ago many things from this excelent MMORPG, but I wonder if something was ever made in an official way...

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