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Gelatinous Cube

Ridge's page

577 posts (14,104 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 20 aliases.

Current Campaigns

Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Ranerius Bernerius

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

DM Bigrin's Second Darkness

Lefrik OlegsonStaryth

A foul omen looms in the sky over the scoundrel city of Riddleport, an ominous shadow that defies the light. Is it a curse laid millennia ago by forgotten mages? Does it forewarn against the return of some terrible foe? Or does it portend a terrible

DM Immortal's Blood Red Roses: A Skull & Shackles Campaign


DM Variel's WotR Kingdom Building Thread


Once and Future King


A reboot, where heroes who valiantly needed a new DM come together to tackle the Stolen Lands.

Oleg's Trading Post

The Thorn River Camp

Initial recon route

Antique map

Hex map for exploration

Temple of the Elk

Variel's WotR


From Level 1 to Level 20. Good luck heroes you might need it.

loot list

marchlands exploration map

Way of the Righteous (WOTW Alternate History)


In ages past the forces of Mitra let by the Paladin Markadian marched his armies to battle against the foul Asmodians and their champion King Jaraad of Barca. It seemed that Goodness would once again defeat a great evil and bring prosperity to the land. Such was not to be for with an act of dishonor Markadian was slain and his armies fell in battle. Since then Talingarde has lived under the iron grip of the Barcan regime and the church of Asmodeus. Now the forces of light must rise again and this time bring an end to the evil that rules Talingarde. To save Talongarde, great heroes must be born. Will you be among them?

Where It All Began: Dragoncat's Rise of the Runelords

Ekan Waterfield

Current Date: Sunday, 1st of Lamashan, 4710 AR

Current Battle Map
Thistletop Goblin Tunnels!

Thistletop, Surface Level!

Thistletop, Level One!

Previous Campaigns

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