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I've said this elsewhere, but I just love the whole philosophy of the school with an emphasis being on as much what you do with the magic as being as important as the magic itself.

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As long as we don't have a sudden reveal where Iomedae finds Aroden in the shower only to learn it was all a horrible dream and he's alive after all!!


More seriously, I have to wonder if Aroden somehow failed to take Groetus into account and this lead him vulnerable. Maybe Aroden died willingly at the last moment, a suicide when he saw what would come AFTER his golden Age?

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The Shining Kingdoms has one of my favorite setting countries, Andoran which I admit I kind of NEED to see a positive take on democracy in these times... consortium troubles aside :) However, I see a war brewing for them eventually... Cheliax seems weaker than it was (key word seems) and that might be tempting for a young republic that has lived in fear of a devil plagued country that still considers them a wayward province.

It could get ugly.

And it looks like Kyonin and the Five Kings Mountains are opening up... and I always thought they really needed more development and definitely more interaction/influence with other countries around them. Honestly, these two non human ruled nations getting a breath of fresh air intrigues me. The Elves are rightly spooked by the return of the Whispering Tyrant, and about tired of Treerazor. Former knights of Mendev have come to help with the latter, while the Kyonin elves go out beyond their borders to play diplomat and seek alliances because of the former could be great stuff. Heck, I'm half way through playing in Second Darkness and boy do the elves need a redemption angle ;)

I see loads of potential here, and while I'm as rar rar 'human potential' as the next fantasy lover, the idea of the elves and dwarves taking the lead on some things intrigues me.

Runner up for me meta region wise would have to be the Mwangi expanse.
A new nation breaking the chains of it's former oppressive colonial identity and seeking to forge a new identity? Go Vidrian! This could be a homeland worth fighting for!

Nantambu I knew little of, but the short blurbs I have read recently make me love the place. The Magaambya Academy teaching wizards with an emphasis not just on the magic, but "Who can I aid with this magic?" is wonderful. I'm a sucker for knights of the round table stuff at times, and this might just be the arcane version of that but wrapped in its own rich culture. So that's two nations in one meta region that hook me.

The Child God of Mzali freaks me out, but that's a GOOD thing.

After that, it fragments even more in preferences.

Poor Nirmathus in the "Eye of Dread" Meta region WAS one of my favorite settings for a group but I'm going to have to drop back and think on what to do there. Poor place is now getting it from ALL sides.

Out of the Shining Road countries, I am intrigued most by Qadira and more specifically the empire east of it... but that's leaving the regions listed.
Odd. I don't like deserts but I love the old 1001 tales stuff

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I want to see the Kelishite Empire have a few satrapies/Nations to show the variety that can exist within it even if it's all more or less under the same Emperor.

I mean, sure, everyone pays tribute, and there are threads of common culture laced through said empire, but we could have things like:

A Demihuman majority nation/Satrapy that fears losing it's identity to "human ways" but it is thriving so so be it.

A Satrapy where a god/goddess is seen as Sarenrae's consort and equal (And is certainly popular with the locals), thus threatening to cause religious turmoil and accusations of heresy.

A Satrapy ruled or at least heavily influenced by a family with Blue Dragon heritage who either serve their draconic great grandsire, or are the best defense against him, or both!

A frontier area where the Empire is expanding, with in addition to the regular great armies, some criminals are allowed a second chance at life and reform by taming it and thus finding redemption in Sarenrae (And some Kelish Prince's) eyes.

And, of course, that obligatory Satrapy that's THIS close to rebelling/breaking away :)

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Male(HP:(164/168; DR 2(3 when raging);AC:22/12/22;F+16,R+7,W+6;Init +0;Per +13) Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 11

Lefrik will take any shift they like, but when they are not looking...

he prays
Desna, I beg of you... show mercy to the faithful servant you have filled with her power. Help us find a way to restore her mind soon. She has endured much for us before. Kept us alive again and again, and always been a light in the dark. Help her be restored, renewed. I value all my friends, but none have been such a fine example of the hope and comfort you bring as Kelendra Shae. If you do this, i will try to cut down on chasing women for three.. err twoo.. weeks.. days... and I mean when there's .oh goodness.. just please help her. She's worthy of it even if the source of his prayer is sometimes a bit of a a thickhead. Mote it be, great lady

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Male Human Cleric 4 (HP 36/36;AC16,T11,FF15; F+5,R+2,W+7; Init +1; Perc +4){Effects:none}
Vera Ravenholdt wrote:

As the caravan proceeds, Vera comments to Bydar, "Just so we're on the same page -- if anything bursts out of the brush at us, I'm planning to let you stand in front of me! Unless that armor and glaive are just for show, it's a safe bet you can handle a charge. My style of fight is more about clouding their minds and then hitting them while they're weak." She smiles, "I've stayed alive out here for enough years, there's no reason to change a winning formula now, right?"

"Oh it's quite real, most of the church decided long ago that staying alive was a beautiful thing usually, so basic militant training became mandatory for most clergy," He pats the glaive's haft, "Rest assured, it will cut, it will keel."

Couldn't help the Forged in Fire shout out, sorry :)

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Male(HP:(164/168; DR 2(3 when raging);AC:22/12/22;F+16,R+7,W+6;Init +0;Per +13) Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 11
"Lefrik is so big and strong, he can fight off anything."

At last, some appreciation around here! He thinks and puffs up a little

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Male(HP:(164/168; DR 2(3 when raging);AC:22/12/22;F+16,R+7,W+6;Init +0;Per +13) Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 11

"Why Calla. I didn't know my opinion meant so much to you? thank you too then. I'm touched." a smirk, "Aye, thannks to all ...tough fight."

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Male(HP:(164/168; DR 2(3 when raging);AC:22/12/22;F+16,R+7,W+6;Init +0;Per +13) Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 11

"MY thanks... noble deva..." Lefrik says, "You have been a boon in many ways. I am also grateful to the rock man. Though I do not speak a common tongue with him." A sigh "I am alive, and while not at my best better than I thought possible after such a beating." he chuckles at the blood which sticks to even now healed flesh, "Let me wipe some of this off."

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Male Dwarf Inquistor -1

When they found the bodies, he gave a soft prayer to Torag, and seemed quite somber for a time. The others appeared to be tracking well, and news of Yeti? Well..blast.. He tended to have doubts into running into any gentle ones after what they saw.

"I care not what watch I take though. It seems many are blessed with good eyes in the dark." A surprised look at the witch. He had not expected that she could.

Ingrid's comment about being alone has him frown. The Smithy to Torag is supposed to be open to all until they prove unworthy of it... yet she is part orc ..have my father and other kin, have I, made her feel she could not partake of the heat there on the coldest times? Ineed, he eyes some of the less than popular members among them Gold is valued, yet in hard times, an iron axe is worth more than even a chest of gold. Perhaps there is a lesson here in treating others like scraps. They each rally to our village's aid, they protect and avenge if need be, as Torag would wish. Have we.. I? not reached out enough?

Dyrm looks troubled as he lets the others talk. Bragi has seen him like this, moments when Dyrm grows introspective and a bit closed off.

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Male Halfling (HP: 9/9; AC: 13,t13,ff11; F +1, R +3, W+ 6(+8 vs fear)

"mmm?" Randu hears Sweatpe and since he was already on the way to do the same, takes a look

Heal: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

He makes sure they're healing STRAIGHT but mutters to Sweat Pea, "Good eye, this is is as if weeks of healing have occured over night for some."

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Male Halfling (HP: 9/9; AC: 13,t13,ff11; F +1, R +3, W+ 6(+8 vs fear)

Randu frees the mouth of that one.

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Male Halfling (HP: 9/9; AC: 13,t13,ff11; F +1, R +3, W+ 6(+8 vs fear)

Well, since stealth is no longer an option, let's just go nuts. Eagle Knight Kreed, and now ...

Another target is created, a faintly glowing humanoid shape, about fifteen feet away from the fellow who fired at the illusion. If the man doesn't know spells, who knows what he'll make of it.

Dancing lights!

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Male Halfling (HP: 9/9; AC: 13,t13,ff11; F +1, R +3, W+ 6(+8 vs fear)

At the hollaring, Randu winces and changes tactics. With focus, he constructs a figure on the ledge where those coming out can see. A figure wearing the arms and armor of an Eagle Knight, sword in the right hand, shield in the other.

At least it will give them a target... Striving for go for realism, and ain a fit of whimsy or perhaps just because he's seen the face of the fellow, he puts Kreed's face on the Eagle Knight! Kreed the Eagle Knight. Well, fortunately his OWN disbelief won't pop it like a bubble.

Silent image spell, otherside of the gate up on the wall where all can see :O if we're going to raise some havoc let's go bananas.

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Male Halfling (HP: 9/9; AC: 13,t13,ff11; F +1, R +3, W+ 6(+8 vs fear)

I think it's safe to say I've destroyed anything resembling a plan. HE makes a move, stealthlily along the wall trying to find where that halfling (maybe a halfling) was.

The red circle I'm assuming?

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After fighting your way through challenges that would make an arch devil blanch, and possibly lay low a dragon, and getting past tricks and traps that defy the very laws of nature and mystify the wisest men, finally you approach the Starstone and a voice rips through your soul and demands....

"What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

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Male(HP:(164/168; DR 2(3 when raging);AC:22/12/22;F+16,R+7,W+6;Init +0;Per +13) Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 11
Anklebiter the Insane wrote:
Feel free to check out my spellbooks...

*Munch* "Page five needs salt"

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Male Halfling (HP: 9/9; AC: 13,t13,ff11; F +1, R +3, W+ 6(+8 vs fear)

RL more htan anything else gets in my way. If it will help to have Randu open up more about his witch craft btw, I will. Probably will happen anyway :)

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Male(HP:(164/168; DR 2(3 when raging);AC:22/12/22;F+16,R+7,W+6;Init +0;Per +13) Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 11
Anklebiter the Insane wrote:
"If we make it through this and the Elves don't put up those statues, I'll sculpt them," Anklebiter promises. "Better yet, get me the money and I'll make stone golems of them, with orders to march around and around the Elven kingdom for as long as they exist. Less pigeon-poop that way, too!"

"Ha! Can you have them speak as they march about, and say things like 'Your ancestors nearly killed the people trying to rescue them?'" A grin.

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Male(HP:(164/168; DR 2(3 when raging);AC:22/12/22;F+16,R+7,W+6;Init +0;Per +13) Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 11

Lefrik was quiet during the visit with the Queen. His thoughts raced, but truly what could he say that he had not say already, and much that was being said to her majesty was being said more eloquently than he would manage. He is no skald. He was not sure he'd ever fully trust the elves after this. For all their presumed loftiness and claims to antiquity, they proved themselves to run by the same code as warbands at best, and crimebosses at worse.

Later, as plans were unfolded, and needs made, he wants arms and armor sharpened and restored. He also mutters to the others "You know, the more this goes on, the more I'm going to insist on that statuework of us. Not just for the glory, because that's nice, but so the next generation of elves have less chance of ending up intolerent like their hidebound and self endangering sires. They treat the world as if they are at war with it, and if you treat every stranger as the enemy, you are likely to make it so." A shake of his head, "I will follow your lead in this , my friends. But I am not sure the elves DESERVE some secrets safe. They have done nothing to ensure my trust that they act on those secrets with wisdom. I'll take the elves help, but they have lost the right to dictate ANYTHING to us...if they ever had it."

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Male Italian (Toreador)
Storyteller Shadow wrote:

Venice by Night – Saturday March 29, 1309

La Serenata Notturna - Ranerius Bernerius

Violetta smiles at your suggestion, "You are quite right, it is never not the right time to discuss the Arts. Tell us your suggestion Ranerius. We must ever be mindful of the Kine as if we do not shepherd them, who among us will?"

Francois nods at Violetta, "I am glad my dear that you can still keep your perspective in the face of the politics of our kind.

I agree Ranerius, tell us of this idea and if you've no idea, suggest one. I should like to hear it. If it is sound or we can elaborate upon it, the idea could be passed to Narses..."

He does not hide his surprise, and a pleasant surprise it is. True, they might take credit for his ideas, but then, if they can help him implement them, it might be worth the risk, "Songs about Jesus' forgiveness should be constructed, not challenging the pope's decree directly, but strongly hinting that the only thing that can truly sever a mortal from God's love is that mortal himself. It maybe low key hersey mind you, but what would the pope do about it? excomunmicate Venitians again? On a more blatant stand, what we need is a monument, and within that monument, a saint's bones or ashes. Something the common man, in his ignorance, might gain comfort from just brushing his hand against. We should make both of these works of art, the song should be uplifting, soul stirring, and the monument or art where the ashes or bone with in were closed? Oh it should bespeak of a humble majesty. I think I know who might aid us in this latter- the Cappadocians. Lord Benne is a brillaint man and from what I have been told, the contemplation of death and the here after is quite profoundly in thier clan's interests. Well, everyone now fears damnation, a state of after. So perhaps, not so much as a ruse, but a gentle guide to contemplating that thin but strong strand of hope for it is possible and they would be interested in the same. It may help curb the despair that fuels riots so dangerous to us all"

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Male(HP:(164/168; DR 2(3 when raging);AC:22/12/22;F+16,R+7,W+6;Init +0;Per +13) Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 11

The giant of a man stops and looks at the goblin on his back, "Anklebiter is right. We are heroes not because others are kind to us, but because it is the right thing to be. In the legends, the sagas of MY heroes, they did not know if sagas would be written about them. They were not always praised until during their life times. But they helped others anyway. THe Winter Council maybe selfish, but as far as we know they're not out to destroy the world and over run it as demons are."

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Male Halfling (HP: 9/9; AC: 13,t13,ff11; F +1, R +3, W+ 6(+8 vs fear)
DM Vayelan wrote:

The combination of Rrruh's appeal and Krogge's bellow seems to cow the Iomedeans. While they do not disperse, they also do not cast stones and shuffle nervously as they are confronted.

"Aye, we are followers of the Inheritor!" their leader roars defiantly. "And we will see justice done! In the sheriff's hands, the law is inept. In the Gavel's hands, it is perverted. Justice must be vigilant and assertive, and we will reclaim it!"

** spoiler omitted **

Randu stiffens, "You think I do not know frustration? AN urge for revenge? Ask me of fallen family some time. But you good folk seem more assertive than vigilant. Vigilant means watchful does it not? to learn and see before acting? Only once you know all the facts and reasons should you then assert justice. Justice enacted without the truth is not justice, it is at best revenge, and at worst, it becomes an injustice itself. How dare you.. how dare you think your loss is so special that you act on it, while ignoring the injustice others have endured. the losses they have endured? Shall this Pulk wear the goat skin then? So he might die for all the wrongs we as a village have failed to work against? Iomedae looks on what you're doing and weeps, I think. How dare you think your loss is greater. This is not justice, it is selfishness. I am selfish, and vengeful, but at least I don't blind myself to the truth of it. Be Vigilant first! Assert after! And be vigilant for all for justice exists for all men, or it exists for none" Oh how he wishes he had the gift for speeches of others.

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Male Halfling (HP: 9/9; AC: 13,t13,ff11; F +1, R +3, W+ 6(+8 vs fear)

Perception 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5
Untrained Sense Motive: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18

He pushes ahead at all this

"Let me have a look and see what I can do about that," Radu nods to Krogge and sees what he can do

Healing 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12 to at least ease the pain even if he's not sure he can cure it.

If it helps, Herbalism 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7

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Male Halfling (HP: 9/9; AC: 13,t13,ff11; F +1, R +3, W+ 6(+8 vs fear)
Flint Rustboro wrote:

Flint will have quietly abstained from ordering any food.

"If that's all, I suppose Randu and I will be headed back to our quarters. You can follow the road to the main logging camp tomorrow, and we'll meet you there after sun up. I'll ask around about Ben's condition tonight."

"Sleep well, all, you'll need energy." He pays his coin, and heads out.

That night,he studies his notes, and then... in the morning...

when Morning arrives...

"Folks ? I've done a bit of research, wouldn't be right not to share it with you." He paces, taking an almost professorial air

" Tatzlwyrms are very rare, normally dwelling in the oldest and more remote locales in the wilds. I would guess this particular batch of Darkwood trees where it lairs is very old and only recently exposed," he continues, "They're crude kinfolk of true dragons, having but a sliver of true draconic power and cunning. However, they aren't just beasts. Serpentine, about 14 feet long, and over 380 pounds in weiht. They've got rows of spines along the back.They have two clawed arms and are exceptional tree climbers because of it." He wipeshis brow, "As for how they attack? They like to get the drop on you from surprise, coil about you and you are theirs.But they do have a breath that can be lethal."

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Derry L. Zimeye wrote:
I think a lot of people are looking too much into the specifics of what's being said within the context of Golarion rather than of TTRPGs as a whole. What I was trying to say with this thread was "I'd like to see more APs which aren't medieval European fantasy-themed." Taldor only had a few places in APs beforehand (Snows of Summer/Dreams of the Yellow King), yes, but the setting of Taldor -albeit with some very interesting differences, of course!- is still similar enough to, say, Varisia, Cheliax, Belkzen, etc. That's not to say these countries are ANYWHERE at all similar to each other in the context of Golarion- they have vastly different cultures, bestiaries and playtypes- but to an outsider passing by these books in a store, there's more of a difference between Realm of the Mammoth Lords, the land of megafauna-riding sorcerers, and Varisia/Cheliax/etc- in that the settings like Orision, Numeria or the Shackles have themes which are INSTANTLY recognizable as "not your usual TTRPG setting." Does that make more sense? What I'm saying is I'd like to get back to experimenting more with that kind of AP!

Frankly, while War for the Crown might be heading this way anyway, what I'd like to see is an AP with a kind of serving King Arthur/Round Table feel to it. The one where you work for The good ruler guy (Gal) who is actually decent enough to make you think this Monarchy stuff is going to work this century. Heck, they could rip whole cloth from some elements and give the heroes a chance to keep that kingdom safe from what destroyed Arthur.

Maybe the heroes get a chance to stop a love triangle from forming.
Maybe they stand against the ruler's bastard son.
Maybe the ruler gets ill and only a holy object can heal him/her?

i'd like an Arthurian kind of setting, not just a chance to defend the Good Kingdom, but a great one with a ruler that comes around maybe once in a thousand years tops.

But the 'Arthur' kingdom doesn't need to be in Astivan. Adapt the above, and put it in the so far unknown Southern Parts of Garund below the Mwangi Expanse! Magical Wakanda forever! And I would be down with that.

Or put it in Tian Xia, and the fact that title might be Khan or Emperor or something is fine!

And as I loved a lot of Sinbad and such, and it's been awhile since Legacy of Fire, I would love to see a Solomon like Satrap of a yet unrevealed area of Casmaron, in need of the adventurers to join his elite forces

Take the vanilla concept, remold to fit the culture (I trust whoever develops to be better educated in the area than I will ever be), and draw inspiration not just from Arthurian stuff but said part of the world and what it homages and give me a 'too good to be true but he/she is true and worth serving' kind of lord and i would give it a chance. i want a Camelot area, and I'm not too fussy about where they put it or what style it comes in. :)

Heck, better, since Paizo could put their own touches on it. So you don't all have to be shiny armor wearers. etc.


But War for the Crown may turn into that anyway so we'll see.

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You gain the ability to understand chickens, or, at least you think you do, you hear voices from them about egg laying and how that other chicken is greedy and took the best feed. If you talk to the chickens they don't seem to understand you.

With the exception of magical casting, all those in a 10 foot radius about you for the next hour must make Will saves at DC 11 or everytime they say a word that starts with B, they must follow it it up immediately with 'Bwkak' (Ala a chicken noise). Such as "I was checking near the Border *bkwak!* . There's no sign of any further bandit *bkwak!* activity."

All Dogs get the urge to chase you that day.

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Male(HP:(164/168; DR 2(3 when raging);AC:22/12/22;F+16,R+7,W+6;Init +0;Per +13) Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 11

I believe it's not my turn yet, but to show I'm alive ;)

Lefrik reaches for his weapon, "Death to all who oppose the Winter Council? Are you mad? We've done no crime."

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Male(HP:(164/168; DR 2(3 when raging);AC:22/12/22;F+16,R+7,W+6;Init +0;Per +13) Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 11

Lefrik's teeth grind, but he defers to his more level headed comrades. Though he does mutter in the tongue of his own people

"The beams of this house are rotted and you do not hear the chewing all around you. May you find more mercy than you deserve when your lodge falls from your neglect."

When dismissed, he gathers his weapons, his pale skin almost flush with contained insult.


"At least these Elves know to insult us handsomely," Anklebiter says. "Let's not waste time fuming; we have to prepare for our trip into Orv.

"It is worse than that," He says "These elves do not think. If our story is so obviously false to them, then the question should be why we would bother using it? Surely one of us would have warned the others it could not work. No, we are either the worst liars in the world, unlikely, or we are ourselves tricked. But who would trick us in their name? WE know we were honest, we know what is real, but these arrogant daisy suckers presume and dismiss when it is obvious someone has infiltrated their ranks at either crying leaf or here. I think here. The surface elves sent us as spies on the dark. Well, who is to say the dark can not send their own agents? Either in disguise or traitors lured?"


Lefrik; I can enchant a new javelin for you so it hurts demons, or maybe so it returns to you. Bruendor, Kelendra, we should probably get you a good ranged weapon each, on the level of Calla's or close.
Everyone, that giant spider-thing was a wakeup call. We need better protection against element-based attacks. When we shop, we need to look for rings of energy resistance.
I also want to see which spell scrolls these Elves have available that I can scribe to make our lives easier.

"Maybe I should just switch to a magic bow, my friend. Something that can at least nick demons and still use my strength. But I will gratefully take whatever you like."

"May I recommend we stay as much on guard here, as ready here, as we did below? If I am right, and there are spies, they will seek to undo us in one way or another. Routinely check your persons and things and make sure nothing that would mark us as enemies has been planted. Be wary of high shadowy places where an 'accidental fall' might happen, and so on. Best we travel in twos or threes I think."

Another mutter, "I must remind myself there are good elves. Good people, who are not so rude under the guise 'civilized' behavior."

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Male(HP:(164/168; DR 2(3 when raging);AC:22/12/22;F+16,R+7,W+6;Init +0;Per +13) Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 11

If I had known it was a retriever I would have kept the javelin a bit longer, thrown it far as possible and yelled at it to "go fetch"

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Nosferatu (Blood Pool 8/14; Willpower 6/6)

I think Shane has decided he ain't going back to Gary. They got guys what think destroying an elder equals a freaking boat ride. That's nuts, and the dude wasn't even Malkavian.

Let's hope Old Milwaukee tastes as great as its name ;)

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Damien Talbot- Night 3! The Nightly Grind


"You made excellent time, sir."Damien says to Gaetano, greeting him at the door. The gentleman in question the rather out of place fellow at the bar."he says walking along over to the bar.

"Yes, traffic is only half the problem, I fear cousin. I'll update you later if you like." A low mutter.


Talking to the anxious mortal, Damien says, "I promised you I would contact someone who could help."

"Here he is." Damien says with a smile gesturing toward Gaetano.

Standing by, Damien watches as the Lasombra works his magic.

"You're going to help me?" The man blinks.

"I'm certainly going to sympathize," Gaetano sighs,"The world is a morbid, twisted place."

"No, no kidding," The guy says.

"I swear when it happened to me, I was stunned!" The Lasombra Antitribu shakes his head.

"What you saw something like that?"

"Well, probably not the exact same thing, but tell me what you saw," Gaetano inquires.

Most of what comes after is a repeat of what Damien already learned. A few more details perhaps as Gaetano presses here and there.

Then, looking into the man's eyes, he says "Exactly, the same thing happened to me too. Only yours really went all out with the blood capsule stuff... in the forehead no less. But still, they should have to get a permit, shouldn't they?"

"A..p-permit to..."

"Cosplay and fan films," Gaetano slams his fist on the counter light enough not ot hurt anything but heavy enough for a dramatic point as he holds the mans' eyes, "These Walking Dead fans are a menace to unsuspecting citizens like you and I. There you were walking down the street when these that guy in a realistic costume of a guard turns after the prop glass is broken and apparently shoots a woman. It's a good thing you don't have a bad heart! I mean, you know now the color was too dark for real blood. And you remember the model of the gun was off from standard issue, but it looked so real no wonder you were shaken."

"I was terrified," the man agrees, "And anyone would have thought it was real."

"Yes, I imagine you won't be going in that part of town for at least a week. These damn flash mobs and amateur fan film makers maybe creative sometimes but they've no consideration for working joes such as we. I'm impressed you're rising above their nonsense and putting it behind you." Gaetano pats the fellow on the shoulder.

"Well, you know, life's too short...." The man says, "I mean, the hue of the blood , I didn't even think about that until a few minutes ago. Sorry for all the trouble. Are you a counselor?"

"I'm a consultant," Gaetano smiles, "Here, let me buy you one more drink than get you a cab. You'll want a long night's rest and when you wake it'll just be a half remembered film stunt by some inconsiderate people."

"Yeah," He nods slowly, one can almost see his memories changing already.

And it's done. Gaetano buys another drink for the man, and gets him a cab home.

The Lasombra heads towards the private members only area and motions Damien to please follow.

Should he, he says "Well well done, Mr. Talbot. I admit this is not the first time I've had to help with erasure. The Ventrue are I'm told in a scramble doing much the same, but this is the easiest one I've had thanks to your preparation and alertness. I will mention it to the Prince."

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Nosferatu (Blood Pool 8/14; Willpower 6/6)

"You could always consider the bonus of having six fewer mouths in town , more for you right?" Shane says from the shadows. It's not entirely a jest. Gary isn't exactly busting at the seams anymore, and fewer predators in the area means more blood for those that are here.

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Male Human Monk-6 (HP: 49/56; AC 19, 18t, 16ff; F+7,R+7,W+8)

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

"With respect, however unpleasant it maybe, we need the whole story. You're leaving something out." Ekan speaks up softly

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15th of August, 2017, a Tuesday - Alyson - A memorable performance -

Actually, it's "fifths of the audience per success", so if it was 4 successes and, say, 50 people, then 40 of them will stay and party quite a bit's meant as a friendly nod to Justina, to 'help' her business a bit for letting her do an ad-hoc performance and having her audio-tech guy record it.

Ack my apologies. Please assume far more then and ignore what I wrote before. Yes, JJ will be quite pleased.


Viviennes approval fills Alyson with happiness, her tension visible falling off from her...she knew, of course, that she did well...but it was a whole different world to hear it from her Sire.
"Thank you...I greatly appreciate your kind words - whenever you would hear me perform, I will.", Alyson responds, then turns towards the approaching widow, thereby also indicating her to Vivienne if she had not yet been aware.

"Of course you will dear, but you must also love the music itself, not just me. Your inner song cries to be released."


Remembering her manners, she does a small curtsy to the Malkavian primogen:"Mylady, did you enjoy it?" - not that her opinion really mattered after Vivienne had approved, but it seemed the most appropriate small-talk option in the current situation.

The widow walks to her and tilts her head, "You appeased my never ending sorrow, for a time. I have born it so long I almost lose myself without it. yet, I will not be enraged, it is good to... to remember joy. I will advise you...dark tides of the earth break, and what they wash up will come tonight. It is in you to save one who is not dear to you but often near to you. She waits, for glory's smile, and she waits now for death. Call now, or lose her." A shudder, [B]"Better the black than the red.."[B] and she slips away without so much as a by you leave.

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Male(HP:(164/168; DR 2(3 when raging);AC:22/12/22;F+16,R+7,W+6;Init +0;Per +13) Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 11

Lefrik frowns, "All I want is out of this place. Might as well leave a souvenir for them."
He lobs his javelin at one of the drow that wounded Calla

to hit: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (15) + 8 = 23

Dmg if it somehow hits 1d6 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

there, it's gone forever! We're free of the Javelin! FREEE!

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Nosferatu (Blood Pool 8/14; Willpower 6/6)

A glance to Iron John, "About that earlier offer, I may take you up on it for a short time. Real requirement for me will make sure no one stumbles in on the butt ugly nosferatu and bust the Masquerade wide open. Not good for any of us."

Randolph wrote:
"This plan just keeps getting better all the time," says Randolph with a chuckle.

"No $h*t.Thank God there's no such thing as Were sharks." A roll of his eyes.

Shh, no one tell him! ;)

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Okay. Ranerius' player here

ST Shadow has been nice enough to allow me to check for interest and see if any of you guys would want to take part in a V20 modern game.... a cam game where you Do NOT get to play one of the main seven clans... if that doesn't drive you off? read the spoiler

Chronicle: Bloody Snowflakes


The Camarilla, that greatest and most venerable of sects. It claims under its umbrella, all Kindred as its charges. Claims aside, most who know it, know better. Seven great clans (Six if you believe that the Gangrel Egress is going anywhere) make up the power structure and majority of their membership. Other Clans are either Independent or have, mostly, allied with the Sabbat! Mere Bloodlines struggle for acceptance, notice, and sometimes even permission to claim a haven in a city.

You ought to know, you're one of the atypical ones. Your blood is different from the 'Big Seven'. To paraphrase an old saying, you had to work twice as hard to get half as much. So much for the "Camarillan Dream".

And then, it happened, a Camarilla City, had not only its kine population depleted by flood and fire, but also faced the loss of over fifty percent of its kindred! Out of the wet ashes, a Malkavian Prince rose to power, and now, a decade later, the humans are back in the numbers they were before. Where there are humans, Kindred may feed and thrive!

Only the Prince has decided to embrace (no pun intended) what she calls "Cainite Diversity"! She has denied members of the seven Clans the right to settle in her domain directing them elsewhere! She has refused to let those few in the city sire. Instead, she has put out word that bloodlines and children of the rarer bloodlines will be not only tolerated but welcome and encouraged to thrive!
Of course, she's out of her damned mind! She's got to be making enemies right and left! But then, this is your chance. Whether you simply hope for a home, wish to try to gain influence in some aspect of the city before some Ventrue or Toreador can claim it instead, or hope to earn an embrace and increase your bloodline; this is likely your best bet. For once, your rarity helps get your foot in the door.
You are a Bloody Snowflake…

As you can tell, I'm embracing the weird for this one. It may turn out to be more of a world of shadow than flat out darkness. The Fictional City means I get to wing it a bit more, and frankly steal from any players who want to contribute what this setting has. Think New Orleans' less loved cousin and we work from there.

The PCs would start as Neonates in current times in the Fictional City of Perle Perdu, Louisiana. Most likely as new arrivals, but I might allow one or two to have always been there but now showing themselves.
Clans & Bloodlines allowed: the whole 'gimmick' is you get to play something odd, or at least rare, a non cam clan in a Camarilla setting.
Here is what is allowed

Blood lines and Clan offshoots allowed: Daughters of Cacophony (Who can be male as well), Gargoyle, Kiasyd, Lasombra Antitribu, Assamite (Yes, they're trying to join the Cam as is a setting option) Vizier or Sorcerer, Old Clan Tzimsce (Who have Animalism, Auspex, and Dominate), Salubri, Samedi, True Brujah

Starting Generation 13th
Attributes - 7/5/3
Abilities - 13/9/5
Backgrounds – 6*
Virtues - 7
Disciplines - 4 (Rare out of Clan disciplines will need a reason)
Freebies - 21
Merits & Flaws - 7 & 7 max

*- Obviously some Backgrounds won't make sense if you arrive in a new city, but you can sort of 'pre purchase' and have things kind of fall in your lap in play, within reason. You probably won't have more than one dot in Influence at the start period.

I'll be trying to use the V20 rules. I don't have the new bloodlines book, but I'm open to merits or flaws from it if if you give me the details on game effect.

While some of you maybe off on 'solo moments' quite often, it's my hope that the 'we freaks are in this together ' factor will encourage a coterie or sorts… or at least reduce the chances war between PCs .
I'm going for a post rate of one every 3 days for me, and you guys responding within a day or two after that if possible. In solo moments it may matter less.

In addition to the stats, I would like to know the following things.
1) How old is your character and when was he/she embraced?
2) Why is your character in Perle Perdu? Obviously for a home, but did his or her sire send her, is her bloodline encouraging him her to establish room for growth for them all? Etc. Are they on a diplomatic mission, or on the run etc?
3) Related: What are your character's long term goals and dreams?
4) Does your character have mortal friends or family in the setting? Do they know of you even if (hopefully) they don't know you are a vampire?

Downside is I'm not as good an ST as Shadow there ;) And I tend to be rules light

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Nosferatu (Blood Pool 8/14; Willpower 6/6)

Shane is off to Milwuakee! Let's drink the blood of brewski bingers!

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Male Italian (Toreador)

Venice by Night – Thursday March 27, 1309

La Serenata Notturna – Ranerius Banerius

Storyteller Shadow wrote:

Your wife shakes you gently wakening you, ”Husband. I waited as long as I could to wake you. The city it is in panic in a way I have never seen. The Pope has taken action and the people will now suffer for the Doge’s folly…”

The news hits Ranerius hard. Irony of Ironies, I struggle with questions of damnation because of my Cainite condition, only to find it is politics that has truly condemned me to hell. There's a lesson in this, or worse, an omen, While he fears for his soul more than ever, fear is not what his wife needs.

Not what any here relying on him need, "The city will be in a panic, crimes may rise, there may even be a revolt and who knows how that will go. We must make preparations to steel this place against the worst. We must see to our food stores and water supply, we should see to security, not just our usual. And we must keep the peace locally and calm all we can."

"Have the usual flower beds dispense with the flowers and use them for small crops instead that go a long way for their limited quantity. Let us take stock of which of our staff are fleeing the city, and which ones wish to stay here no matter what. Is Sirus Terzago below? he's a guardsman, and I consider him an ally. He can update us as to the situation, and perhaps I can arrange for extra security through him" And it maybe I shall have to take on another ghoul. "Perhaps we can offer sanctuary to some of his own family or the like."

"Tonight, I was supposed to have guests. For a poetry reading. Clearly, they may have changed their minds. I had also hoped to seek someone out...complexities abound, but first things first, my wife. I will see to your safety and the safety of La Serenata Notturna. Your beauty intoxicates me, but I love for more than that. Advise, as a wife should, and I will consider your wisdoms." While he is the head of the household, Ranerius is truly fond of his wife and young while she might be, she has insights into the crowds of day.

After she answers, he considers her words as he said he would, but for now he still wishes his orders about gardening, well water being protected, and more to be heeded.
Intelligence plus Senscheal to consider how best to weather this in case he's forgotten anything?

If so, 6d10 ⇒ (10, 1, 1, 3, 1, 1) = 17

Yuck. I'll just have to hope what he's already thought of is enough.

Ranerius later goes down into the main room attempts to access those crowds, ready if need be, to give a calming speech.

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I'll have to think on who my least favorite ones varies upon my mood, but in defense of Cayden....

Source material sometimes seem to conflict itself, but I know faiths of purity says of Cayden Cailean "He’s legendarily fond of drink, but he’s not a drunk—his libations are those of the merry and brave, not those who drink to forget or as an excuse to abuse others."

So he's the positive side of the "If then by whisky" speech in my games, and oddly has a message of taking responsibility for your own actions.

I tend to play up his Freedom and Bravery before even those though.

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Male Human Monk-6 (HP: 49/56; AC 19, 18t, 16ff; F+7,R+7,W+8)

I think I'm the boring one in this group, He thinks with a quiet mix of amusement and alarm.

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Male Human Monk-6 (HP: 49/56; AC 19, 18t, 16ff; F+7,R+7,W+8)

Ekan looks ashamed, and then moves quickly to try to calm Eostre down, a gentle hand on her shoulder... restraining her might make it worse, "Eostre... you're safe. Conner didn't do anything. Thoughts are not words, words are not actions. One may push towards the other, but you should not punish Conner or yourself. Please." He is alarmed at the wounds that have broken open here.

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Male Half Elf (AC: 22,t12,ff20;HP 30*/48; Fort+6,Ref+5, Will+9*; Perc +6; Init +2) Cleric 7

"Hang on you lot," A familiar burst, not unlike sea spray and light, erupts from Adular healing the recently wounded.

Mythic Selective channeling should keep any guards or foes from getting the benefits.
Channeling: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 1, 1) = 8
Any party member brought up to full, or already at it gets the Overflowing Grace bonus, a +1 Sacred bonus to attack, Skill, ability checks, and saving throws for one minute

Okay, another #### healing roll. Clearly, Besmara wants us to die.

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Hell's Rebels: "If you would be free men, join Robi..err the pcs!"

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Legacy of Fire: "Kapatesh Nights! During adventuring days, it could go quite awry, as wishes are tried... in a lot of foul ways! Kapatesh Knights, under Kapatesh moons, a player with bad luck, could die from Pugawumpus run amok... before he hits level two..."

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Council of Thieves: *Sings* It's here! An adventure with an OPERAAAA!!!

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Kingmaker: Okay you like game of thrones? Yes? Well... imagine a land ripe to be torn by war, rife with political intrigues and power plays among noble families, each with its own agenda!

Got that in your head? good...
because you bums are getting your butts exiled to the wilderness outside of it. ;)

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Male Halfling (HP: 9/9; AC: 13,t13,ff11; F +1, R +3, W+ 6(+8 vs fear)

Randu moves forward and slashes at the dog Seledion is facing even as he snorts at Luthor Creighton, "You're a slave to a lust for power that will damn your soul inch by inch even as you blindly plunge deeper into mystical offal and call it advancement. By Mitra, you die today even if we have to hack through dozens to get to you."

To hit: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8
If that hits:1d8 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

I've got to stop speechifying. It just makes the dice decide to make a liar out of my characters :o

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Male Half Elf (AC: 22,t12,ff20;HP 30*/48; Fort+6,Ref+5, Will+9*; Perc +6; Init +2) Cleric 7
"Shakka" wrote:
Picture of Shakka (Nosio Psychopomp Familiar)

"when the walls fell"

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